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Welcome to our large neck massager test 2023. Here we present all the neck massagers we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best neck massager for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a neck massager.


  • Depending on your preference, you can opt for a neck massager with a shiatsu massage, a vibration massage or a tapping massage.
  • Most neck massagers use the shiatsu type of massage. However, there is also the tapping massage and the vibration massage.
  • Most neck massagers, are simply placed over the neck. These are U-shaped. However, there are also some in the shape of a normal pillow or a neck pillow.

The Best Neck Massager: Our Picks

Guide: Questions to ask yourself before buying a neck massager

What are the benefits of a neck massager?

A neck massager can loosen your muscles and tissues that you get from tension, exercise or bad posture.

Massages in studios or at physiotherapists for acute complaints are often very expensive. To treat yourself to some relaxation, there are various massage devices on the market. From foot to head massage, everything is available.

Massage devices for the neck primarily loosen and relax your neck and shoulder muscles as well as your tissue. The massage can alleviate complaints such as tension and sore muscles. The neck in particular is often strained due to one-sided posture and, not least in this day and age, the famous mobile phone neck.

Constantly looking down at the mobile phone display can result in muscular imbalance. This happens through increased muscular eccentric work of the shoulder and neck muscles. This results in increased tone (tension) and joint dysfunction in the upper thoracic and cervical spine.

What is the function of a massager for the shoulder and neck area?

Depending on the manufacturer and the device, massage devices have different functions. These include the following: Heat function, electrical stimulation and head massage function.

Among the many different functions that a neck massager has to offer, we would like to present only the three most important ones.

  • Heat function: The heat stimulates your blood circulation. This helps to relieve tension in the neck area.
  • Electrostimulation: Stimulates the neuromuscular system. Activates the muscles and strengthens them.
  • Tapping massage function: By gently tapping the device on your neck, tensions are released more easily.


The neck is one of the parts of the body most often affected by tension. A neck massage can work wonders here. We have summarised the three most popular massages for the neck for you above. (Photo: stevepb /

What types of massages are there for the neck in general?

Again, the different types of neck massages depend on the manufacturer and the particular device. Most neck massagers work with the following methods: shiatsu massage, vibration massage and tapping massage.

There are many neck massagers on the market. They all have one thing in common. They are powered by electricity. Some have more special effects than the usual functions. The type of massage also varies from device to device. To give you an overview, we would like to introduce you to the different types.

In addition, you can apply a massage oil or cream before using your chosen neck massager.

The following types are very common:

  • Shiatsu massage
  • Vibration massage
  • Tapping massage

Shiatsu massage

This method of massage originates from Japanese healing methods and means something like fingerprint. Originally, it is applied with the index finger, the thumb, the palm and the elbow.

This is done by rotating massage heads in a technical device. Most shiatsu massagers are very intensive and also work with heat to loosen the muscle and tissue and to circulate blood.

From the original and traditional Shiatsu massage from Japan, there are many different methods today, but they are all based on the original method.

The Shiatsu massage is actually performed on the entire body. Starting with light touches up to strong massage units, it is then performed by the therapist.

Vibration massage

Vibration massage stimulates the skin by shaking the tissue. For this purpose, light current impulses or moving electrodes are delivered to the skin, which soothes and also stimulates the tissue.

Different devices can be used for a vibration massage. These are usually either hand-held massagers or electrically operated devices. Vibration massages are especially good after sports to prevent muscle tension.

Tapping massage

Tapping massage stimulates the tissues. This type of massage can be done by hand or with a technical device.

Devices with a tapping massage function have small massage heads. Depending on the programme, these strike the muscle and the tissue. Through the more or less strong tapping movements, the tissue is briefly shaken, which loosens and loosens it.

In addition, blood circulation and regeneration are stimulated. The programme of most devices with a tapping massage function can be changed. This includes tapping intensity – speed and sequence.

Where can I use such a device?

You can use a neck massager wherever you need it. The prerequisite is either a power socket nearby or a charged battery.

If these conditions are met, the neck pillow can help you in the office at work, for example. Or you can use it at home to relax. You can also use your neck pillow when travelling. For example, when you are sitting in the car. There are also special adapters for connecting your device.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a neck massager?

Neck massagers also have advantages and disadvantages. These are explained in more detail below.

A neck massager has many advantages, including mobility. With the appropriate battery or adapter, you can also use the massager on the go.

  • Can be used on the move
  • Can increase blood circulation
  • Relieves tension and adhesions in the tissue
  • Reduces stress
  • Price-intensive for high-quality devices
  • Power supply,Not individual enough
  • Does not replace professional therapy

An important disadvantage of such a device is that it does not replace the doctor or therapist. It only serves as a help to get rid of pain and tension. However, in case of permanent problems, the use should be accompanied by a professional.

Decision: What types of neck massager are there and which is the right one for you?

Basically, you can distinguish between three types of neck massagers:

  • Neck massager with shiatsu massage
  • Neck massager with vibration massage
  • Neck massager with tapping massage

Many people suffer from tension in the neck because they sit a lot or have poor posture. If a physiotherapist is too expensive for you, neck massagers are a good alternative. They come in three shapes (U-shaped, pillow-shaped and neck-cushion-shaped) and have a tension-relieving, circulation-promoting, relaxing and pain-relieving effect.

In the following section, we would like to help you find out which type of neck massager is best for you. For this purpose, we will introduce you to all of the above-mentioned types and clearly present the advantages and disadvantages of each so that you can get a brief overview.

How does a neck massager with Shiatsu massage work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Shiatsu massage originates from Japan, means finger pressure and is one of the most widespread types of massage. In this method, rotating balls built into the devices imitate the finger and palm movements of masseurs. The high intensity of the massage stimulates blood circulation and relieves tension.

  • Often includes additional infrared and heat function
  • Quiet
  • Small and light device
  • Device not equally suitable for every problem area

Most devices contain a heat function that stimulates the metabolism in addition to the massage. In addition, the direction of rotation and the intensity of the balls can be adjusted and shiatsu helps the whole body to regenerate.

How does a neck massager with vibration massage work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

This massager emits light pulses of electricity that stimulate the neuromuscular system, thereby relaxing the muscles and tissues. The vibration creates a muscle tremor that not only activates the muscles but also strengthens them.

  • Works well against muscle tension caused by sports
  • Activates and strengthens the muscles
  • Has an antispasmodic effect
  • Cone-shaped device only slightly flexible or not at all
  • some people find the vibration unpleasant after a while

Most devices are crescent-shaped and the vibration levels are adjustable. In addition, they are good for preventing muscle tension after high intensity exercise. It is an intensive method that treats tension and poorly circulated skin and also has an antispasmodic effect.

How does a neck massager with tapping massage work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

In tapping massage, massage heads tap on the neck to loosen and release tension through pressure stimulation and brief shaking of the tissues. This method also originates from Japan. Most devices also contain a heat function, which is why blood circulation and regeneration are often stimulated in addition.

  • Very intensive loosening
  • When used on the back, a positive effect on the lungs is achieved
  • Fast and effective treatment
  • Louder than the other massagers
  • Buttons are sometimes too large to massage the fine muscles
  • Some find the tapping unpleasant

These devices are also individually adjustable. The different programmes allow you to adjust the tapping intensity, speed and strength. Tapping massage is also very popular in the wellness sector and for stress relief.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate neck massagers

In the following, we would like to show you which factors and criteria you can use to compare and evaluate neck massagers. This will make it easier for you to decide on a massage device and the type of device.

In summary, these are the following criteria:

  • Shape / Size / Weight
  • Material properties
  • Massage type and intensity levels
  • Heat function
  • Further areas of application

You can read about the individual purchase criteria in the following sections.

Shape / size / weight

Neck massagers come in different shapes. And depending on the shape, they vary in size and weight. The shapes mentioned include: the U-shape, the pillow shape and the croissant shape.

Not every neck massager looks the same. Most devices are designed to be placed around the neck.

So they have an elongated U-shape. Cushions that have this shape usually weigh a little more than other massagers and are also larger. Neck massagers in a U-shape are placed around the neck so that the device can work directly on the neck and shoulder area. Your shoulders bear the weight of the device.

There are also neck pillows that look like a real pillow. Instead of a spring or foam core, a functional massager is built into the pillow. This form of massager is one of the most comfortable, because it can be used without much effort.

In terms of weight, they are similar to neck pillows. Only the core – in this case the device – makes the pillow a little heavier. It is available in different sizes depending on the manufacturer.

Neck massagers can also have the shape of a neck pillow. This shape is usually intended for a massage with vibration.

The neck massager is similar in size to the normal neck cushion and is also used in the same way. The weight – which is usually a few kilograms – does not play a particularly important role, as it does not have to be carried by your shoulders.

Frau wird am Rücken massiert

Different neck massagers can perform different types of massage. In the case of tapping massage, the device has buttons that emit shocks and can thus intensively release tension. (Photo: Mariolh /

Material properties

All massagers have technical attributes on the inside. On the outside, however, each device is different depending on its shape and manufacturer.

The covers of massage cushions can be removed, depending on the provider. These are usually made of a soft material that is supposed to feel good on the skin.

Neck massagers in the shape of a croissant also have a soft outer cover. However, this cannot be removed from all products.

Massagers in a U or similar shape often do not have removable elements, but are usually made of one piece.

Some manufacturers design their product so that it can at least be washed off at the loops and in the neck area.

Massage type and intensity levels

Neck massagers come in different massage types. Depending on the manufacturer, the intensity of these can also be adjusted. The types mentioned include the shiatsu massage, the tapping massage and the vibration massage.

Shiatsu massage is the most common type of neck massager. It is often done with rotating massage heads. A Shiatsu massage is very intensive. This stimulates the blood circulation and regenerates the body.

Vibration massagers for the neck often have the shape of a small horn. The vibrations are generated by current impulses and transmitted to your skin. The shape of the massager allows the neck area to relax. This relaxes your muscles and tissues.

The tapping massage actually involves tapping. This is done on a device by massage heads. Depending on the programme selected, these strike your skin and thus your muscles and tissue at different intervals. This form of massage loosens your neck area very intensively.

Heat function

Some manufacturers allow the massager to heat up. This stimulates your blood circulation. This function is often not available on inexpensive devices.

The additional heat function that can be switched on, which some massage cushions for the neck have, is intended to intensify the massage and prolong relaxation.

The warmth of the massage device stimulates the blood circulation in your body.

This is not only good for your body temperature and tension, but also stimulates your metabolism.

In addition, the warmth loosens your muscles, which means that tension can be released more quickly.

Other applications

Many neck massagers are not only beneficial for the neck and shoulder area. They can often be used for massaging other parts of the body as well.

Some massagers are also beneficial for other parts of the body, not least because of the shape of the device.

Massagers with a cushion shape can be used for massaging any other body region. The cushion shape allows for versatile use.

Neck crescents and massagers in a U-shape, on the other hand, are rigid in their shape. With this form of massager, further use for other areas of the body is not possible.

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