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Welcome to the Wellness Guide. Today we are going to talk about the Naked Palette from Urban Decay. The case offers 12 eyeshadow options in neutral and vibrant colours, with metallic and opaque finishes.

Since 2010, the brand launches new sets every year. Are options Naked palette for all tastes and styles. Are you in doubt about which one to buy? Keep reading this article.


  • Besides the traditional Naked 1, 2 and 3 palettes, there are other options: Smoky, Heat, Cherry, Ultimate Basics, Reloaded and Honey.
  • The Naked palette comes with 12 shades with a metallic or matte finish. Inside the case there is a mirror and an application brush.
  • Besides the conventional palettes, you can find smaller versions, with only six shades and opaque finish: Naked Basics and Petite Heat

The best Naked Palette: Our Picks

The Naked Palette is the must have of every makeup lover. But with so many options available, it’s hard to choose just one. With that in mind, we’ve separated some suggestions for purchase:

Buying Guide

Vain women certainly know the Naked Palette from Urban Decay, a cosmetics brand subsidiary of France’s L’Oreal. The 12-shadow set was created in 2010 by the brand’s founder, Wende Zomnir.

The product has been so successful that many other eyeshadow sets have already been launched. Want to know more about the Naked Palette? Read this Buying Guide.

Imagem de uma mulher maquiada.

The Naked palette will revolutionise the way you do your make-up. (Source: Gromovataya /

Why is the Naked Palette so popular?

An eyeshadow palette is an essential item in the necessaire. of women who love to put on makeup. The variety of colours allows you to produce makeup for day and night.

One of the best known and most desired eyeshadow palettes is the Naked Palette from Urban Decay. The exclusive Pigment Infusion System makes the colours have a velvety texture, are pigmented, easy to blend and offer excellent hold.

The Naked Palette includes a mirror and a makeup brush with two ends – one side is for applying and the other is for blending. The case is compact and has magnetic closure.

For these and other reasons, the Naked Palette has become a favorite among makeup artists and digital influencers. Learn more about some of the product’s advantages in the table below:

  • 12 shades, including metallic and opaque shadows
  • Comes with a brush application
  • The case comes with a mirror
  • There are several palette options
  • The packaging is practical
  • There is little variety of shadows with opaque finish
  • The price is relatively high

What are the different models of Naked Palette?

The Naked Palette has twelve shades, from light to dark colours, all neutral and with warm background. The highlight of this line is the metallic shadows – there are only two opaque shadows.

This palette comes with eyeshadow primer. A negative point is that the case is made of cardboard.

Did you know that the original Naked Palette was discontinued by the brand in 2018? The company’s justification is that the product was obsolete

The Naked 2 palette offers shades with a cool background. The variety of colours ranges from beige to black – Blackout is the darkest black eyeshadow on the market – ideal for those who want to make a powerful smokey eye.

This palette has three opaque shadows. The metal packaging is much more resistant and durable. Just like the original version, it comes with a mirror and brush, but no eyeshadow primer.

The Naked 3 Palette is perfect for those who like pink tones. Although the metallic tones are the strong point of this palette, you will find three shadows with opaque finish.

The Naked Smoky palette is ideal for those who like to make a powerful smokey eye. This is one of the most versatile palettes, as it offers shades with cool and warm backgrounds and comes with four opaque shadows.

Both the case and the brush have a smoky effect. To add even more mystery, the shadows are in containers with a transparent smoky base.

The Naked Heat palette is ideal for those who like warm colours.

The Naked Heat palette is ideal for those who like warm colours, there are red, orange, gold and coppery shades. These colours are ideal to use in summer.

There are seven colours with opaque finish and five with metallic finish. You can create combinations for day or night. These colours enhance all skin tones. This palette is also available in a mini version.

Imagem de uma mulher maquiada.

The Naked Heat palette is ideal for those who prefer vibrant shades. (Source: Tamara Bellis /

Another option is the Naked Cherry palette that has pink, coral and purple shades. Of these shadows, seven have opaque finish and five metallic finish.

This year, the brand has already launched two more Naked palettes: Reloaded and Honey. The Naked Reloaded palette has nude shades with different finishes, which is great for creating different styles.

The Naked Honey Palette brings the glamour of the 70s, with shades of gold, orange and brown with metallic effect. There are six colours with matte finish and another six with metallic finish.

Traditional Naked Palette or Basics?

Besides the traditional Naked Palette, you can also find the mini version: Naked Basics Palette. The compact packaging was designed so that the make-up fits in your handbag.

This eyeshadow case has six neutral shades with opaque finish. Despite its size, the Naked Basics contains compartments with the same capacity as the larger palette.

Are you in doubt whether to buy a traditional palette or Naked Basics? Check out a comparison between the two options in the table below:

Naked Palette Naked Basics Palette
Amount of shadows 12 6
Shade finish Matte and metallic Matte

Another option is the Naked Ultimate Basics palette, which includes the six shades from the previous palette, plus shades of grey, wine, pink and orange. This palette has twelve colours, but the arrangement is not the same as the conventional palettes.

Is there a Naked Palette option for facial contour?

Many people do not know, but you can also find Naked Face Contour Palette: Naked Skin Shapeshifter Palette. This case offers everything you need for colour correction, contouring and highlighting.

One side contains powders, while the other side contains creams. You can blend them together for unique colours and an intense effect. Both have an opaque finish.

Buying Criteria: How to compare Naked Palette models

If you’ve made it this far but are still in doubt about which Naked Palette to choose, rest assured. In this last section, we’ll delve into which features you should analyse and compare at the time of purchase:

  • Shades
  • Warm or cool base
  • Amount of opaque shadows
  • Packaging

We’ll detail each of the criteria throughout this section.

Shade of shadows

  • Naked 1 and 2 Palettes offer 12 shades ranging from light to dark colours. They are very versatile and allow you to create numerous looks for day and night, with different finishes.
  • The Naked 3 Palette offers pink shades, ideal for delicate and romantic make-ups.
  • The Naked Smoky Palette is ideal for those who like to do Smokey Eye, so there are many dark shades.
  • Finally, the Naked Heat palette is filled with warm colours, red, orange, yellow, golden and coppery – enhances all skin tones.

Warm or cool base

Also analyse whether the Naked palette offers shades with warm or cool backgrounds. The first Naked Palette, for example, has warm background and is ideal for those who like vibrant makeup.

The Naked 2 Palette, on the contrary, has a cool background, ideal for women who like makeup without many touches of colour, but with lots of glamour and sophistication. The Naked Smoky Palette is balanced, as it offers colours with warm and cold backgrounds.

Amount of opaque shadows

Generally, the Naked Palette offers shadows with metallic effect. This type of finish is ideal to use at night – nothing prevents you from using them during the day, but always in moderation.

However, during the day – or to make the base of the makeup – the ideal is to use opaque shadows, so all cases offer from two to seven shades with this finish, see what they are:

Amount of opaque shadows Cases
Two shadows Naked
Three shadows Naked 2 and 3
Four shadows Smoky
Seven shadows Heat and Cherry


Launched in 2010, the Naked palette came in a suede-lined cardboard case. The packaging bothered some people, because it got dirty very easily.

Imagem de uma paleta de sombras.

The Naked Palette comes with a mirror on the inside. (Source: Pompi /

In the second release, there was an evolution, because the Naked Palette started to come in metallic packaging. Currently, the packaging is acrylic, much more resistant, durable and easy to clean.

(Source of the highlighted image: rawpixel / 123rf)