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Having long, strong and beautiful nails is the dream of many women. However, several problems can damage them and a good solution to solve them is the nail strengthener, a product that we will talk about today.

Developed to make your nails stronger and less likely to break, the nail strengthener exists in several versions. It consists of vitamins and other components that act on the health of nails, and if you are in search of one of these, just continue with us to learn all about this product.


  • There are basically two versions of the nail strengthener: those that are made with natural fibers and those made with formaldehyde.
  • There are options of various brands and many have applicator like a common nail polish, which facilitates its application.
  • The nail strengthener should be used alone or before the enamel and the frequency with which it should be applied varies between the options.

The best Nail Strengtheners: Our Picks

Many brands that manufacture nail products have nail strengtheners in their line. Because of this they are found in dozens of versions and choosing just one is not easy. To assist you in this process, we have separated the top rated options here.

Buying Guide

The nails are an important part in the aesthetics for women and it is no wonder that many seek techniques to leave them more beautiful. For this there are the extensions, gel nails and the nail strengthener, product with high efficiency and that acts in the health of the nails.

The strengthener has the great advantage can be applied at home and not only acts in aesthetics, but treats this region and has long-term effects. However, which one to choose? How does this product work? To answer these and other questions we created this buying guide.

Na foto uma mulher segurando uma xícara.

Having long and full nails is the desire of many women and the strengthener helps them to conquer them. (Source: leticiaalvares10 / Pixabay)

What can make your nails weak?

Before you start talking about the nail strengthener is essential to understand what are the factors that can make the nails become weakened. About this, it is worth knowing that many times the daily habits can be the cause of this problem.

Excessive use of nail polish can weaken your nails.

Some examples are the complete removal of the cuticle, a very common practice in Brazil, and prolonged contact with chemical products and water without using gloves. In addition, even excessive use of nail polish can weaken the nails, and the ideal is to leave them one or two days a week without it.

Other issues related to this problem are using acetone instead of nail polish remover and sanding the surface of the nails. But it is not only external factors that can harm them. A diet poor in nutrients and vitamins also acts negatively on the nails.

Not to mention that there are some diseases such as anemia, hypo and hyperthyroidism, circulatory problems and disorders of the kidney and liver that impair the integrity and growth of the nails.

What are the types of nail strengthener?

Currently on the Brazilian market there are two types of nail strengtheners. The first of them is the one that helps support the nails and it is made with natural fibers. This option also contains various nutrients and vitamins that gradually restore the health of the nail.

The nail strengthener of this type causes these fibres to be incorporated into the nail and form a film on it. Thanks to this, they gain more support and hold.

The other version of the strengthening base has formaldehyde as its main component. The maximum amount of this substance that can be found in the strengthener is up to 5%.

This strengthener acts by promoting a greater connection and cohesion between the keratin lamellae present in the nails and makes them stronger.

However, this type is only indicated for those who have a softer nail and not for cases where it is brittle or flaking. In addition, it is more likely to cause allergies and generate other side effects such as nail detachment, pain or sensitivity and bleeding.

Fibre-based strengthener formaldehyde-based strengthener
Main indications Weak, brittle and flaking nails softened nails
How it works The fibres form a film on the nail giving it greater support The formaldehyde performs a greater connection between the keratin lamellae present on the nail
Disadvantages It does not have such a high potential for action It may cause allergic reactions and other side effects

What are the best components for a nail strengthener?

For a nail strengthener to be considered good, it should be composed of agents that act in favor of the health of your nails. And there are several nutrients that are fundamental for this.

In addition to natural fibers or formaldehyde, other good components for this product are vitamins B5 and D, calcium, panthenol and keratin.

How often should nail strengthener be used?

The frequency with which nail strengthener should be used varies from product to product. This is because some, such as those made with formaldehyde, are stronger and if used in excess can end up damaging instead of improving the nails.

Already the simpler strengtheners, which are those made with natural fibers, can be applied every day or whenever the nails are enameled. In turn, strengtheners that have a stronger action have a variable frequency of use and one should check the manufacturer’s recommendations not to use them incorrectly.

Na foto uma mulher passando esmalte nas unhas de outra.

All nail strengtheners should be applied before the enamel coming into direct contact with the nails. (Source: rido / 123rf)

Buying criteria: Factors to compare nail strengthener options

If you are thinking about buying a nail strengthener, but still don’t know which one to choose, don’t worry. Now the time has come for us to help you with this task and to do so you should take the following factors into consideration:

  • Main Components
  • Value
  • Type of applicator
  • Evaluations from those who have already used the product

Below, we will talk about each of them.

Main components

Each person has a type of need and in the case of weak nails this is no different. Some people need more keratin or calcium, some people have brittle or softened nails, and so on. From these deficiencies one should choose a strengthener that best fits.

The best way to find out which product is ideal is to seek a doctor, because he will know exactly what are the best components to make your nails more beautiful.

However, you can also base yourself on the indications of the product. Every strengthener comes with its indications specified on the packaging and by reading them you can check if it meets your needs.

Na foto as mãos de uma mulher com unhas pintadas.

For your nails to grow beautifully, it is essential that the strengthener has the correct components for your needs. (Source: Valeria Boltneva / Pexels)


Another important point that should be analyzed before buying a nail strengthener is its value. There are options with prices ranging from £ 5 to over £ 60, on average.

With that, analyze which option fits more in your pocket and, as we said, your need. In these cases, it is not because a strengthener is cheaper or more expensive that it will be effectively better. So, check the components that it has and bet on the one that pleases you the most, regardless of the value.

Type of applicator

Regarding the packaging and presentation, the nail strengtheners are found in a few versions. There are those that have a nail polish applicator, others are like oils and some have the appearance of cream.

The options in the format of enamel are easy to apply, do not drip and can still be used easily before enameling. The ones that look like oil can drip and the ones in cream should not be used with nail polish. Therefore, analyze what is more practical and feasible for you on a daily basis.

Evaluations from those who have already used the product

There is no better marketing than consumer reviews. It is capable of praising or sinking a product and with the nail strengthener this also happens. So a good way to choose one is to check what people who have already used them say.

Always check the reviews of the product you are thinking of buying or talk to friends and professionals about it. That way, you have a real vision of the product’s action and you can buy it with more confidence.

(Source of the highlighted image: levstudio / 123rf)