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Wall murals are a great way to decorate your home or office and make it more homely. There are many different types of murals but they all have a common goal and that is to decorate the walls and thus the room.

Home should be the most important place in your life and therefore you should feel especially comfortable there. A beautiful mural can create or at least contribute to a relaxing and calm atmosphere. With this guide, we want to help you find the perfect mural for your home or office.


  • Depending on the material used, the print quality can vary. The material chosen also affects the way the mural needs to be mounted. Heavier materials such as metal require different wall mounting than light canvases made of wood.
  • The size of a mural is also very important and can influence the effect of the picture in the room. When choosing the size, you should consider both the motif and the size of the room.
  • Colour-coordinated murals give the room a harmonious and coherent effect. Pay attention to your interior design and coordinate your murals with it to create a harmonious overall picture.

The Best Mural: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for wall pictures

We would now like to inform you about the most important buying criteria for murals in order to prevent you from regretting your purchase later. It is important to consider what kind of mural you want and where it should be placed.

Our criteria, which will help you make the right purchase decision, include


A mural can be made of a wide variety of materials. Very often, canvases stretched over a wooden frame are used. This ensures that the picture is very light overall and does not require any special aids such as dowels in the wall. However, a mural can also be made of metal or poster, which is framed in a picture frame.

The material chosen for the mural should match the rest of the furnishings to create a coherent overall picture. The nature of the wall should also be taken into account when choosing the material, because depending on the material, the mural must be absorbed in a certain way.


The size of a mural plays a very important role for the effect of the picture. The size is not only related to the size of the room, but also to the size of the furniture in the room.

A mural that is to hang above the sofa should be of an appropriate size, because if it is too small, it will lose its effect because of the large sofa. Alternatively, you can arrange several small matching pictures next to each other to create a beautiful overall picture.

Printing method

Another important purchase criterion is the printing process. Wall pictures on canvas or poster paper can be printed in different ways. The most common method is digital printing. The quality of a print also differs according to the material chosen. The same printing process can look and appear different on canvas than on paper or photo paper.


The style of the mural, like the size and material, should also match the room and the interior design. In order to achieve a beautiful overall picture, these three criteria should be coordinated.

Several pictures in different sizes with the same style can also be placed on one wall. This creates a harmonious effect and can thus give a room a coherent overall appearance.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about murals answered in detail

In this section we would like to answer all the important questions that arise in connection with murals in detail so that you are well informed about everything that is important.

What is a mural?

A mural is a decorative picture that is usually used to decorate an interior on the wall. Murals can also be painted pictures on canvas or paper, which are then framed or stretched over a wooden frame.


A mural can decorate a room and add an accent. It should match the style of the interior and be of an appropriate size. (Image source: Olichel)

Murals are used to decorate a room or wall and should therefore match the rest of the furnishing style. It is also important that the size matches the other furnishings. A large picture above a sofa or a bed will look better than one that is much too small.

Who is a mural suitable for?

Murals are suitable for anyone who likes to decorate their walls. They make a room seem less cold and empty and can create a cosy and homely atmosphere. There are murals in all kinds of styles and therefore every taste should be represented, so that everyone gets their money’s worth and finds the right mural for themselves.

What types of murals are there?

Murals can be either normal posters or canvases or made of other materials. In general, pictures that can be attached to the wall are considered murals. A mural can also consist of several smaller murals that, when put together, form a large mural.

What does a mural cost?

The price of a mural depends on its size and materials as well as on the printing process or the artist. In the following table, we have compiled a small overview to give you an idea of the different price categories of a mural.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (15 – 20 €) Mostly posters without frame or canvas, normal print quality
Medium-priced (20 – 30 €) Good print quality, high-quality material
High-priced (30 – 50 €) very good print quality, especially high-quality material such as metal

How do I attach a mural to the wall?

Fixing a mural depends on the nature of the wall and the material of the picture. A heavy picture made of metal cannot simply be hung on the wall with two nails, but needs a stable fastening and possibly also support by dowels in the wall.

Which material is suitable for a mural?

Any material is very suitable for a mural. However, you should pay attention to how heavy the picture is and how resilient the wall is on which you want to hang the picture. Most murals, however, are made of light materials such as canvas stretched on a wooden frame. This material is particularly suitable because it is easy to print on and, as already mentioned, is very light and can therefore be attached to the wall without any special aids.


In conclusion, it can be said that murals can, above all, make the home cosy and harmonious. Murals are great decorative elements that can give the room a certain style. However, care should be taken that the style of the interior does not clash with the style of the mural.

Most murals are printed on non-woven canvas, which is then stretched around a wooden frame. This makes the mural very light and can be attached to almost any wall without hesitation and very easily. However, there are also other types of murals such as posters on art paper or murals made of metal.

(Cover photo: unsplash / Andrea Davis)