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Welcome! This is the ideal article for those who want to know which is the best Motorola mobile phone. Below, you will find all the information about the main models of this well-established brand in the electronics market.

Motorola is one of the brands with more years of experience in manufacturing mobile phones. Its lines have achieved enormous success and, throughout the article, you understand the reasons why and learn how to choose the model that makes more sense in your life!


  • Motorola has lines of entry-level (Moto E), intermediate (Moto G) and advanced (Moto Edge) phones. All take advantage of the competition in their categories.
  • The pioneering spirit has always been an important feature of Motorola. So even today you can notice several innovations in aspects such as screen and camera on the brand’s smartphones.
  • There are Motorola smartphones in various colours and designs, especially in the Moto G Play line.

The Best Motorola Phone: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about the best Motorola phones

If you’ve reached this article, you probably want to know more about Motorola and its mobile phones. In our buying guide, all the main questions about the brand’s models are answered!

Imagem mostra um celular Motorola antigo.

Motorola has always been a pioneer in the mobile phone business. (Source: Thai Nguyen /

Is Motorola a good mobile phone brand?

The first call made with a mobile phone in the world was with a Motorola device. The first mobile phone sold in Brazil was from Motorola. The first smartphone sold in Brazil was Motorola. It’s easy to see how Motorola has experience in the field of mobile phones.

It has always been pioneer and has endured for decades as a company that innovates, creates new technologies and produces models that are ahead of time. So, you need have no doubts: Motorola is an excellent mobile phone brand. It’s many years of experience at the top of the market. Nobody gets so many innovations for nothing.

Did you know that Motorola was born in 1928 in the United States when two brothers bought a failed battery factory? When the types of batteries they manufactured became obsolete, the company shifted its focus to car radios. The name “Motorola” comes from a mix between “motor” and “record player”.

What are Motorola’s mobile phone lines?

Motorola has four mobile phone lines in Brazil. One is basic, one is intermediate, one is advanced and one is experimental. Below, you can find details about each one:

  • Moto E Line: It is the entry-level line of Motorola, with basic models. The phones are cheap and durable, but without many features.
  • Moto G Line: The most famous and best-selling brand, the Moto G is an intermediate line. Their models have good performance and modern technologies, but not top of the line, with excellent prices.
  • MotoOne Line: Experimental line of Motorola. It has models that test new technologies and ideas, mainly related to camera and design issues.
  • Moto Edge Line: Responsible for the most advanced phones from Motorola. It’s where the top of the technology lives, also with higher prices.

Almost all lines have annual releases and three versions: “Plus”, more advanced, normal, with traditional configurations, and “play”, which aims at better performance for games.

What are Motorola’s best sellers?

Motorola’s best-selling phones are Moto G9 Power, Moto G100, Moto Edge Plus, Motorola One Fusion and Moto E7 Plus. As we already mentioned, they come in different capacities and price ranges. So that you can compare each of the models and understand which one makes more sense for you, we have prepared a table:

Moto G9 Power Moto G100 Moto Edge Plus Moto One Fusion Moto E7 Plus
Processor Snapdragon 662 octacore Snapdragon 870 octacore Snapdragon 865 octacore Snapdragon 730 octacore Snapdragon 460 octacore
RAM 4 GB 12 GB 12 GB 6 GB 4 GB
Camera 16 MP (front), 64 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP (rear) 16 MP + 2 MP (front), 64 MP + 16 MP + 2 MP (rear) 25 MP (front), 108 MP + 8 MP + 16 MP (rear) 16 MP (front), 64 MP + 8 MP + 5 MP + 2 MP (rear) 8 MP (front), 48 MP + 2 MP (rear)
Storage 128 GB 256 GB 256 GB 128 GB 64 GB
Price range Medium High High Medium Low

How is the relationship with the customer of Motorola?

Motorola’s relationship with its customers is excellent. The company has open channels to deal with possible problems and is always willing to act to solve any solution that appears. On the Reclame Aqui (complain here) platform, the company has a great average score of 8.7. 80.7% of customers say they would do business again, while 88.2% of the problems presented are solved. Motorola has an above-average customer relationship when compared to most mobile companies.

Imagem mostra dois celulares Motorola de diferentes tamanhos sobre uma mesa.

Motorola mobile phones come in different designs and sizes. (Source: StockSnap /

How does Motorola’s technical support work?

Motorola’s technical support network is quite extensive. There are authorized repair shops all over Brazil.

You can schedule an appointment already on the Motorola website

When your smartphone presents a problem, you should access the official site and observe the possible solutions presented. There is a series of categories such as “screen”, “camera” and “WiFi”. If your problem is not resolved by the site, you will need to click on “my problem was not resolved”. A screen will appear asking for the IMEI number of the device and your CPF.

Then, the site will show you which is the nearest technical assistance to your home and help you to schedule an appointment.

Buying Criteria: Factors for choosing the best Motorola phone

If you are already decided to buy a Motorola mobile phone, you need to know more about some important technical criteria. Below, we’ll discuss the main ones:


Dual band routers, with the 5Ghz frequency, are already dominant in the market. Smartphones that have the ability to connect to it can offer much higher speeds and more reliable internet. When off WiFi, you can also look at what connectivity possibilities the mobile phone offers. The compatibility with 5G (which is not the same thing we mentioned in the paragraph above) is also very interesting and is present in Motorola’s Edge line.

Imagem mostra um celular Motorola sobre uma mesa.

Check if the chosen smartphone has compatibility with the 5 Ghz frequency. (Source: John Tekeridis /

Battery and charger input

If you use your smartphone a lot when away from the mains, it is important that the battery autonomy is satisfactory. You can observe if the amount of hours of use that the device endures after a full charge is mentioned in the technical specifications.

Modern mobile phones from Motorola feature TurboPower technology

Another possibility is to look at the amperage. Entry-level and mid-range models from Motorola have batteries with 5000 mAh, while others reach 6000 mAh. Be sure to keep an eye on the device’s inputs. The most modern USB is the 3.0 Type-C, and it is he who allows the so-called TurboPower. All modern smartphones should offer it.

Colour and design

One of the coolest things when buying a new mobile phone is choosing the colour and design. Motorola certainly fancies the possibilities, launching their flagship models with a large number of options. There are Motorola phones in just about every colour: The Moto G9 Play, for example, has a turquoise green, quartz pink and sapphire blue versions. When choosing your Motorola smartphone, be sure to decide which colour suits you best!


In the official Motorola shop, most smartphones are sold with protective case, headset, synchronization cable and charger. This is a great advantage of the brand, since there are competitors that do not even include charger in the original package of the mobile phone.

Eventually, you may find offers of mobile phones with even more accessories included. Even covers and memory cards are present in packages sold with excellent cost-benefit. These may be the best options for the purchase of your new smartphone!


Motorola is a pioneer brand when it comes to mobile phones. It has always been ahead of its time and, even today, it launches models that stand out for their technology, durability, performance and affordable price. With several lines capable of pleasing all audiences, Motorola also stands out for its excellent customer relationship and technical assistance. Without a doubt, there is a model that is the best for you!

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