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No matter whether we are travelling, on day trips or at home: we are plagued by numerous mosquitoes everywhere, especially in the warmer months. The result is annoyingly itchy mosquito bites. Now the question arises how to avoid this and how to protect oneself effectively from mosquitoes at home, but also when travelling.

In our guide, we will answer all your questions about mosquito protection. First, we will show you our product recommendations and explain the most important criteria when buying the right mosquito repellent. We hope that this will make your purchase decision easier.


  • There are different ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes. It plays an important role in the choice whether you are looking for protection at home or on the road.
  • The most relevant criteria when looking for the mosquito repellent that is right for you are the quantity, the active ingredient and the duration of effect, the suitability, the smell and the quality.
  • Many types of mosquito repellent are not only suitable for repelling mosquitoes, but also protect against other insects.

The best Mosquito Repellent: Our Picks

We have researched and selected the best mosquito repellent products for you. In the following, we have described them for you in more detail and explained the respective advantages and special features.

Buying and rating criteria for mosquito repellent

We have based our above-mentioned product recommendations and evaluation on various criteria. In order to find the right mosquito repellent for you, you should pay attention to the following criteria when buying:

In the following, we explain what the criteria are, so that you can make a well-informed decision.


If you decide to buy a mosquito repellent spray, the quantity of the contents plays a role. The amount depends on various factors.

If you have more than one person in your household and use more than one spray, sprays with more contents or multiple packs make sense. These can also be carried in your suitcase when travelling. However, if you are travelling with hand luggage, you may carry a maximum of one mosquito spray with a content of 100 millilitres.

Active ingredient & duration of effect

Electric mosquito repellent and so-called fly screens do not contain any active ingredient. However, the electric mosquito repellent should be switched on about two hours before going to bed, as it attracts mosquitoes with the light. This should reduce the number of mosquitoes, although complete mosquito protection is not guaranteed.

The fly screen, on the other hand, provides permanent protection against mosquitoes entering the home. The effect remains accordingly as long as the net does not show any damage and front doors and other openings to the outside remain closed.

Mosquito sprays, on the other hand, use three different active ingredients: DEET, icaridin and citriodiol. The products usually differ in terms of the active ingredient and the duration of action. Which active ingredient is suitable for you depends on the area in which you are staying. The duration of action also varies. It is best to read the product descriptions.


Since the two variants, electric mosquito repellent and fly screen, do not contain any active ingredient, they are suitable for everyone, including pregnant women and children. This includes pregnant women and children. In the case of the electric mosquito repellent, a casing also keeps children’s curious hands away from the electricity.

If you want to buy a mosquito spray, on the other hand, you should pay attention to the active ingredient. The active ingredient DEET is not suitable for children under two to three years of age and pregnant women. Icaridine, on the other hand, is safe for pregnant women. In this case, however, it is best to use the herbal active ingredient citriodiol.


The smell is also an important criterion when buying a mosquito repellent. Fly screens are usually odourless and some products are even machine-washable. Electric mosquito repellent also promises to be odourless.

With mosquito sprays, the smell varies depending on the active ingredient. There are odourless products, fresh and pleasant-smelling products, as well as chemically scented sprays available.

Mosquito sprays with the herbal active ingredient citriodiol often have a fresh, lemony smell. The best thing to do here is to read the product description and take a look at the testimonials of other users.


In order to provide effective protection against mosquitoes, the quality of the product must of course be right. There are differences in quality, especially in fly screens. However, the price also plays a role here. Fly screens that you can cut to size and attach yourself, with adhesive or Velcro, are available at favourable prices.

In contrast, custom-made screens with a stable frame are available at higher prices. The quality is correspondingly higher than the low-priced version. In the case of electric mosquito repellents, the range and number of watts provide more precise information about the quality and durability of the product.

With mosquito repellent sprays, you should pay particular attention to the ingredients. The quality depends on your individual skin tolerance.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about mosquito repellent answered in detail

In addition to the criteria, we would now like to answer the most frequently asked questions about mosquito repellent. We hope that this will make your purchase decision easier.

Who is a mosquito repellent suitable for?

In principle, mosquito repellent is suitable for everyone who is often bothered by mosquitoes in summer or on holiday. Especially in spring and summer, the annoying insects disturb us during cosy evenings on the balcony or terrace and accompany us into our bedroom.

Pregnant women and small children in particular do not tolerate all the ingredients in mosquito sprays. Therefore, special caution is required in these cases. (Image source: Liana Mikah / unsplash)

Mosquito protection in the form of a spray is also suitable for those who often and willingly travel to warm, tropical countries. If you are pregnant and/or have children under the age of two to 3, as explained in the suitability section, some sprays are not suitable for you and your children.

What types of mosquito repellent are available?

As you have already read in the previous sections, there are different ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes. These include fly screens for windows and doors, electric mosquito repellent and various mosquito repellent sprays.

Especially for the home, it can be an advantage to have a fly screen in windows and doors. Depending on the density and quality of the net, it effectively keeps mosquitoes from entering your home. Electric mosquito screens are also practical for indoor use. However, it also protects against mosquitoes on terraces and balconies, depending on the range.

Finally, there is the mosquito spray variant. This is particularly advantageous for outdoor use, especially for summer days by the water or in warm holiday regions.

How is a mosquito screen used and where is it applied?

Depending on the type of mosquito screen, the application also depends. Depending on the model, fly screens are glued into the window or door frame, attached with magnets or hooked into place.

The use of an electric mosquito screen is very simple. All that is needed is a power socket, which is why these mosquito screens are mainly used indoors. These devices are switched on either directly when plugged into the socket or via a switch.

Mosquito sprays, on the other hand, are not devices but a liquid to be sprayed. They are applied either directly to the skin or to clothing.


A mosquito repellent is very helpful to be protected from annoying mosquitoes in the summer at home, at night when sleeping or on the road. Since there are different types for different applications, you can keep mosquitoes at bay almost everywhere nowadays.

At home, fly screens and an electric mosquito repellent can be used quickly and easily to combat the insects. On the other hand, the spray version is suitable for travelling. The products can be easily compared on the basis of different criteria. But now it is up to you to decide which of these variants is best suited for you and/or your whole family.

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