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Welcome to the Wellness Guide! Today’s subject is a piece of women’s clothing known for its versatility: mom jeans. Inspired by the women of the 80’s and 90’s, it is back with everything and today it composes looks full of personality.

If you still don’t know the advantages of a good pair of mom jeans, this guide may help you. Below, we will point out all of its characteristics, as well as tell you how you can wear them on a daily basis. Let’s go?


  • The mom jeans is a model of jeans in women’s clothing, inspired by the mums of the 80s and 90s. It is a vintage style piece, but fits very well in modern looks.
  • It is characterized by a straight and loose cut, high and marked waist, and usually by exposed ankles, and may have a short or simply folded bar.
  • Known for its versatility, it is a piece that can put together an enormous variety of looks, from occasions such as work to nightclubs, for example.

The best Mom Jeans: Our Picks

In case you are still in doubt about your dream mom jeans, here are different and amazing options to inspire you when it comes to choosing:

Buying Guide

Everyone knows that jeans are the most common piece of clothing for women, but what not everyone knows is that there are a thousand different models to get away from the usual cutouts, and mom jeans is one of them.

Foto de uma mulher usando um mom jeans rasgado e camiseta de manga comprida preta, encostada em uma grade, com uma das pernas apoiada.

The mom jeans can be classic or modern. (Source: Free-Photos/

What is mom jeans?

Inspired by the mums of the 80s and 90s, mom jeans are nothing more than jeans with a straight cut, a high waist and a slightly wider shape, especially from the middle of the thigh down.

It is very common to find versions of these trousers with a shorter bar than the common models, reaching the ankles. The piece can have different shades of jeans, be classic or destroyed.

Where and how to wear mom jeans?

Except for formal occasions, mom jeans are welcome everywhere, from work to clubbing. They are versatile, democratic, modern and classic at the same time.

Below, we will suggest some tips on how to wear them and suggest possible combinations:

At work

If you are not working in a formal office, mom jeans may go well with your work environment. Prefer the more classic models, with washes in a single tone and be careful with excesses.

You can combine them with blouses in more refined fabrics, blazers, long cardigans, heeled sandals, scarves, trainers, and if it is a cool space, with a good pair of trainers.

Daytime events

On daytime occasions, mom jeans are the right choice, in whichever style you prefer. They go great with T-shirts, cropped bottoms, trainers, low tops, and tennis shoes. Here, the objective is to unite comfort and style.

At night out

Contrary to what you might think, these trousers can be worn on more elaborate occasions, such as in a restaurant, bar or club. In this case, bet on heels, on blouses with dark tones or glitter, cool jackets and if you like, on the neckline! You can be creative, you know?

At work In daytime events In nighttime events
Pants style More classic As you prefer, bet on more modern models
Look Combine with blouses in more refined fabric, blazers, cardigans, heels, scarves and trainers Combine with T-shirts, croppeds, trainers and trainers Combine with high heels, blouses with dark tone or bright, cool jackets and neckline

Can women of all body types wear mom jeans?

Luckily for us, mom jeans are a very democratic garment, which pleases and fits well on women of all body types. So don’t feel intimidated to choose my favorite for fear of not looking cool.

The tip is to choose a size that marks your waist, but that is wide in the length, never losing the straight cut. With any piece of clothing, the important thing is to feel good, beautiful and comfortable, ok?

Mom jeans or boyfriend trousers: What are the differences?

Besides the fun nomenclatures that refer to two people who are part of our sentimental life, there are other differences between mom jeans and boyfriend trousers.

The mom jeans, as we mentioned before, is inspired by the women’s fashion of the 80’s and 90’s, a time when young women used to wear jeans with a high waist, a straight and loose cut and, most of the time, ankles showing.

Foto da perna de uma pessoa de costas, de mom jeans, tênis e meia estampada, na ponta dos pés na areia da praia.

The mom jeans have a straight cut and versatile design. (Source: Valeriia Miller/ Pexels)

The boyfriend jeans, which became a fever a few years ago, refer to a piece that could have come out of your boyfriend’s wardrobe, precisely because it is very baggy, with low crotch, often torn and low waistband.

Although both have a looser cut, the differences are quite striking, being the mom jeans more delicate and classic, while the boyfriend jeans are more loaded, fashionable and cool.

Mom jeans Pants boyfriend
Features High waist, straight cut and a little looser, usually with ankle to show Low waist, wide design, low crotch, and sometimes torn and ankle to show
When to wear On all occasions except formal On casual and informal occasions

Buying Criteria: How to compare the styles of mom jeans

The dream mom jeans are not always easy to choose, so look at a few factors when buying them:

Below, we will explain each of them to you better.


The secret of the perfect mom jeans is to be in balance on the body.

The size of mom jeans follows the standard size of women’s trousers, usually ranging from 34 to 48.

It is important that you know your size so that you can choose a size that fits you well without being too tight or too loose. The secret to the perfect mom jeans is to be in balance on the body, never at the extremes.

Jeans wash

Every pair of jeans has a type of wash, which is what determines the tone of the denim, if it is stained, if it is marbled and all the issues that involve colour and type of jeans.

It is basically a matter of design and taste, so you should choose the one that best suits your style.

There are classic models with medium and standard wash, as well as cool models, with stained wash, in more than one tone. There is no shortage of variety.

Foto de três mulheres andando por um campo de flores vestindo mom jeans.

The mom jeans can be found in several shades. (Source: Priscilla Du Preez/


When it comes to mom jeans, the brand makes all the difference, after all, it is essential that the fabric is of good quality, otherwise it may tear or shrink.

When buying, choose a model of a brand that you trust, that you already have the habit of buying from or that you have received good recommendations from. Don’t get carried away by cheap things that get expensive, ok?

Finishing and shaping

The finishing and the modeling make all the difference in an outfit. It is important to notice the details: the stitching, the pockets, the buttons, the bar, the fit and even the zip.

If any of these points is not legal, you may have problems in the future. Furthermore, it is important that your mom jeans look symmetrical on your body, which will depend on the good modeling of the product.

Foto em close de pés vestindo all star amarelo, meia arrastão e calça jeans.

Pay attention to the finish, it says a lot about the quality. (Source: DANNY G/


Finally, the composition, a question much ignored by most people. Every garment has a composition label, which is where you can find out what types of fabric your jeans are made of.

You’ll be able to tell, for example, if it’s a piece rich in cotton or elastane, or if it’s made from synthetics only, like polyester.

(Featured image source: Mica Asato/