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Hi! Welcome to ReviewBox! Many men love the comfort and freedom that certain shoes give them, so this time we decided to bring you the review of the best loafers out there. You’ll be surprised how practical they can be and, above all, you’ll fall in love with the different models that exist. Do you have an outdoor meeting and want to be comfortable without sacrificing your style? Are you tired of wearing socks that come down with every step you take while walking? Do you want to be more fashionable? Well, loafers will be your new favourite accessory and your new best friend for all those meetings where you want to be comfortable. At ReviewBox we care that whenever you are interested in an item you are really informed about its features and functions so you can always count on the best possible review to guide you in your purchase. So, without further ado, stick with us and join us for the review!


  • Moccasins are men’s shoes with an elasticated fit and an open cow cut making them practical for hot environments, but also comfortable for temperate environments. Their main advantage is that they style outfits for outdoor meetings and everyday styles.
  • Moccasins are intended to be a comfortable shoe but can be worn in a variety of situations. Such as picnics, hot places and the beach. They are perfect for these types of meetings while still having a formal style.
  • There are several factors that need to be taken into account when buying your favourite moccasins, for example, the materials they are made of, the design of the sole, the colour and the relation between the size and the last size.

The Best Moccasin: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Now we will explain what moccasins are, their main characteristics, the types that exist, the places and situations where you can wear them, as well as the price and where to buy yours. We recommend you to take note of this section as it can be the difference between making your purchase easier or not.

The laces on moccasins are used as a decoration and not as a means of adjustment (Photo: Free-Photos / Pixabay)

What are moccasins?

Moccasins are a type of footwear designed for the gentleman who wants to dress casually, for meetings, outdoor events or for everyday wear. They are characterised by having a cow cut which is nothing more than two openings on the side of the shoe and above all they do not have laces or buckles to adjust the footwear to the foot. Moccasins are also characterised by having non-slip soles and in fact, this makes them very popular among wearers. As they are generally worn for casual meetings, the shoe is exposed to uneven or slippery surfaces, so the slip-resistant sole is very useful if you want to walk or be on the move.

What are the advantages of moccasins?

One advantage of moccasins is that they can be worn with or without socks, which is very important for people who like to keep their feet cool. In addition, fashion trends indicate the use of shoes without socks to uncover the ankle. But if you are more conservative, don’t worry because it is also accepted to wear them with socks. Another advantage of loafers is that you won’t lose class and style when you’re outdoors in meetings. For comfort, users prefer to wear tennis shoes or sandals in this kind of meetings, but elegance and formality are lost and loafers solve this dilemma without any problem. Are you already thinking about buying yours?

  • Easy to take off and put on
  • They are a light shoe
  • They have anti-slip to avoid accidents
  • Their cowhide cut gives them personality and style
  • They provide comfort and elegance at the same time
  • With the passage of time the fit tends to lose firmness
  • They can not be used in black tie events
  • The price of some can be very high

Places and circumstances of use – what should you pay attention to?

If there is one thing you should pay attention to, it is the place and circumstance of wearing loafers. You don’t want to look underdressed at a meeting and feel uncomfortable because you are not wearing the right shoes. Depending on the circumstance and the place of your meeting, you may or may not be able to wear loafers and we will explain them below. Beach. Any beach party is perfect to wear this type of shoe. The flexibility and coolness of loafers will be extremely useful on a surface as uneven as the sand and also, in terms of dress code, loafers are the most elegant thing you can wear on the beach. Of course, we recommend light colours. Hot weather. In hot weather, you can also wear loafers without being out of place. This is due to how cool they can be thanks to their cowhide cut and the fact that they can be worn without socks and with shorts or bermudas. Just remember to use a good amount of talcum powder as on such a day the foot can get very sweaty and swollen. Outdoor meetings. Garden gatherings such as picnics and barbecues are a great place to wear moccasins. Outdoor events allow for more casual wear and if you don’t want to look casual, loafers will change your style completely as you can wear them with jeans or cotton trousers. Everyday use. But the moccasin can also be used as an everyday shoe. Going to work or evening meetings with loafers will give you a classy and elegant vibe. Also, let’s not forget how comfortable they are and that’s what matters the most when looking for shoes. Just don’t forget that they are for casual wear.

Dress code Colour of loafers
Everyday wear Casual Light or dark
Hot weather Casual, casual, formal-casual Light or dark
Outdoor meeting Casual, casual Light or dark
Beach Informal, casual Light

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different models of moccasins

We will now move on to the criteria that will allow you to compare the different models of moccasins. Here we take into account multiple factors from materials to design so that when you buy your moccasins you know what to expect and can enjoy them to the fullest.

  • Materials they are made of
  • Sole design
  • Colour
  • Size to last size ratio

Materials they are made of

The most important factor you need to consider when making your purchase is the material of the moccasins. This is a point that is often forgotten and ends up taking its toll in terms of durability. As you know there are many materials to make products and moccasins are no exception, here are the most important ones. Leather. Leather moccasins are among the most popular among users thanks to their durability and resistance to uneven surfaces. Although the texture is rougher and harder after a while, the shape of the moccasin moulds to the foot without chafing or scuffing. It is important not to confuse leather with leather. Leather. Speaking of leather, this is also a material that is often used when making moccasins, so what is the difference between leather and fur if they both come from animals? Whereas fur is softer because it is extracted from younger animals while leather is tanned from older animals. Synthetic. In recent years many factories have opted to manufacture moccasins from this material because of its practicality and ease of availability. Synthetic moccasins usually have innovative designs and are in tune with fashion trends, however, do not forget that the durability will be reduced as the wear and tear is considerable.

Leather moccasins are stronger and more durable than other materials (Photo: Free-Photos /

Type of slip-resistance

Another factor to consider is the design and shape of the slip-resistant sole of the moccasins. This is extremely important as it is the slip-resistant sole that will allow you to walk safely on any surface. There are two types of slip-resistant soles, full and partial. Full anti-slip sole. This is the sole that covers the entire area of the shoe without leaving room for other materials. This type of slip-resistant sole offers a maximum level of slip-resistance because no matter what angle you are stepping on the shoe, it will always be sure not to make you slip even on floors such as marble or stone. Partial slip-resistant sole. On the other hand, there is the partial sole that, as its name says, is only located in strategic places of the foot’s tread, mainly heel and metatarsal. This slip-resistant design is more aesthetic since the slip-resistant material cannot be seen from a distance, but it has less coverage area. Whatever the design, almost all moccasins have slip-resistant soles so you can walk with peace of mind. We recommend that you think about functionality before the aesthetics of the sole when choosing moccasins. Consider the occasion and the meeting place to choose one or the other.


Colour is also a factor to consider when buying your moccasins. Why? Because it is what will match your outfit and give you a unique style. Remember that there are some shades that go better with others and it is important that you know the basics of what colour loafers go with what you want to wear. Light. Colours such as white, beige or brown are considered light and mainly used with clothes of the same shade. For example, if you want to make a combination with a white shirt and beige trousers, loafers will be perfect. They can also be worn with denim if required, so your options are Dark. The same goes for dark loafers like black, oxford grey or navy blue, they have to be matched with clothes in the same shades. Now you know, before you buy your loafers look at the type of clothes you have and from there you can make the best buying decision.

Last size and size

Finally, we strongly recommend that you consider that the size will not always be the same, this is because of the size of the last of the moccasins. Have you ever ordered a pair of the size you are and it turns out that the shoe does not fit you? This is due to the size of the last and there are narrower and wider shoes that influence this. To avoid surprises it is useful to analyse the shoe and determine if it is wide or narrow, but to be more sure you can always order half a size above your size as this option is very useful so that the pair you get always fits your foot. So now you know, the next time you want to buy moccasins remember what you learned in this review so that you can buy the model that best suits your needs. Without further ado, we’ll say goodbye and wish you a happy shopping and hope to see you in our next review!

Moccasins usually have both full and partial slip-resistance (Photo: Andrii Posonkyi /

(Featured image photo: StockSnap / Pixabay)