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Welcome to our big Moccamaster test 2023. Here we present all the Moccamasters we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the internet.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best Moccamaster for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to if you want to buy a Moccamaster.

The most important

  • Technivorm Moccamaster is a well-known manufacturer of filter coffee machines in the high-price segment from Holland.
  • Since the end of the 1960s, Moccamaster coffee machines have conquered the market and are still appreciated by coffee lovers today.
  • Thanks to their precisely optimised brewing technology, all of the brand’s coffee machines have earned the seal of approval of the European Coffee Brewing Centre and are considered to be of high quality.

The best Moccamaster: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Moccamaster

There is an endless range of coffee machines on the market. It’s hard to decide which model to buy. Among all the brands, Moccamaster easily stands out with its design. In this section, we have summarised all the important information you need to know before buying a Moccamaster.

You can definitely make great coffee with a Moccamaster, many customers are enthusiastic about it. (Image source: / Pasi Mämmelä)

How does Moccamaster differ from other manufacturers?

Moccamaster has already established itself at the time of its foundation with technical innovations in the 60s. With its retro design and high-quality manual processing, the brand stands out on the market.

Even today, Technivorm Moccamaster convinces with innovative functions and a perfected system to brew your coffee perfectly.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Moccamaster?

Even though we have already mentioned why Moccamaster stands out from other manufacturers, we have listed the special advantages and disadvantages of a Moccamaster for you:

  • High quality
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Optimal preparation of coffee
  • Chic elegant retro design
  • Good customer service
  • Easy cleaning through easy
  • Removal of components
  • Durability
  • High price
  • No additional functions such as timer etc.
  • You need an extra coffee grinder if you want freshly ground coffee.

What alternatives are there to a Moccamaster?

Of course, the Moccamaster brand is not alone in the coffee machine market. Besides Moccamaster, there are other strong brands that offer high-quality products. We have summarised a few strong alternatives for you:

Alternative Description
Siemens Siemens is not only known for filter coffee machines, but has not let this market slip through its fingers. Compared to Moccamasters, Siemens coffee machines are a lot cheaper, but they are not guaranteed to be as durable or of the same high quality as Moccamasters
Melitta Melitta not only makes coffee itself, but also coffee machines in various systems and versions. The advantage of Melitta is the diversity, whether filter coffee machine or fully automatic coffee machine, you can find exactly the machine to suit your needs. Melitta is one of Moccamaster’s strongest competitors.
WILFA WILFA is also a high-priced brand whose design is usually very reminiscent of Moccamaster. However, they also try to distance themselves from the market with other innovative and modern designs.
Nespresso Nespresso is also strongly represented in the market but often with the newer pad coffee machines. Here, coffee can be enjoyed quickly in a wide variety of ways, but this machine does absolutely nothing to protect the environment.
Philipps Philipps is another brand from the low-price segment that offers various types of coffee machines. Since Philipps does not concentrate solely on the manufacture of coffee machines, Moccamaster also has the advantage here of real expertise and technical knowledge.

How big is a Moccamaster?

A coffee maker like a Moccamaster is a normal size for this type of appliance. Depending on the model, you can choose between a height of approx. 35 cm to 45 cm, a width of approx. 17 cm to 30 cm and a depth of approx. 10 cm to 40 cm.

Purchase criteria: These factors help you compare and evaluate Moccamasters

When it comes to finding the right model for you, there are many factors you should consider. So that you don’t lose the overview, we have summarised the most important buying criteria for you, which will support you in your purchase decision:

  • Volume
  • Pot
  • Additional functions
  • Accessories


With mocha masters, you can choose between several capacities. You can choose between:

  • Moccamaster 1 Cup, with 0.3 litre or 1 cup per brewing operation
  • Moccamaster with 1.25 litres with 10 cups per brewing process
  • Duo coffee maker with 20 cups per brewing process


There are also differences in the jugs. You can choose between a normal glass jug or a thermos jug. The smaller coffee machines have extra cups for the 1-cup versions. With a thermos jug, the coffee stays hot longer, and with a glass jug, you can best see the amount of coffee.

Additional functions

Before you buy a Moccamaster, you should be clear about which functions you need in your everyday life. There are many models to choose from with lots of extra features. We have listed the most common functions:

  • Drip stop
  • Hotplate
  • Water level indicator


There are a number of accessories that you can buy from the manufacturer. Some parts are more suitable for other models than for others. We have listed the different categories of accessories for a Moccamaster:

  • Jugs and mugs – If a jug breaks or you simply want to have the choice between a thermos jug and a glass jug, you can buy a new jug online. Here you can also find replacement or additional cups for the One Cup models.
  • Spare parts – Spare parts are not necessarily accessories, but they are also important and must be quickly available in case of emergency (extreme caffeine withdrawal is an emergency!!). Again, there is a wide range online from can lids, to water containers, to glass tubes and switches.
  • Filters – To extend the thoughts on environmental friendliness, the manufacturer also offers a permanent filter to help you reduce your waste, in addition to normal coffee filters for the various paper models.
  • Cleaning products – In order to be prepared for any eventuality, the right cleaning products are available online to keep your Moccamaster clean and in good working order.
  • Gift Ideas/Trinkets – In addition to cleaning products and spare parts, you can also buy special trinkets from the manufacturer that are great for personal use or as gifts. These include dosing spoons, coffee filter holders or stainless steel coffee tins.

Trivia: Facts worth knowing about Moccamaster

In this section we have listed important facts about the Moccamaster brand and the use or cleaning of coffee machines for you. Here you will find background information and simple instructions for your coffee machine.

Even if the Moccamaster does not come with a built-in coffee grinder, you can buy one in the online shop and still enjoy freshly ground coffee. (Image source: / Joshua Gimben)

Who is behind the Moccamaster brand?

Behind Moccamaster is the company Technivorm from Holland, which says it has been constantly working on the further development of coffee enjoyment for several years. During their research, they work with the European Coffee Brewing Centre and other coffee roasters.

The company stands for environmental friendliness and underlines this with high-quality products, made of mostly recyclable or biodegradable materials. With their actions, they want to counteract the worldwide problem of waste disposal.

Satisfied customers, recyclability and high quality are Moccamaster Technivorm is associated with. Moreover, all Technivorm Moccamaster coffee machines have the seal of approval of the European Coffee Brewing Center, as they meet the critical requirements.

How long has the Moccamaster brand been around?

The company Technivorm was founded in 1964 by Gerard Clement Smit, at that time with other products such as stair ladders and stacking shelf systems but also coffee grinders. With the KM1 coffee grinder, innovative systems were introduced to the market and the subsequent successors even surpassed the success.

Since 1968, the Moccamaster brand has been well known for its elegant design and new high-quality functions, and it has consolidated its place in the filter coffee machine market.

How popular is the Moccamaster brand?

Amongst frahling lovers, the Moccamaster brand is very popular. Of course, high-priced brands are often overshadowed by manufacturers from the low-price segment, as these are represented in abundance in every trade. Nevertheless, Moccamaster is considered a mark of quality and is highly regarded among buyers.

In 2002, the American trade magazine “Wine Spectator” named Technivorm-Moccamaster as the “manufacturer of the best coffee machines in the world”.

Where are Moccamaster machines made?

Unlike other large coffee machine manufacturers, Moccamaster coffee machines are not made in Asia or China.

The company is proud of its handmade production in its home country Holland. In each user manual you will find information about the place of manufacture, the manufacturing process and the criteria that play the most important role for the manufacturer.

What is the warranty for Moccamaster appliances?

A Moccamaster coffee maker is advertised as being very durable. But the manufacturer doesn’t just claim this, many satisfied buyers testify to a long-term use of 10 – 20 years.

To reinforce the confidence in durability, Technivorm coffee machines come with a 5-year guarantee.

This is an unusually long guarantee for a filter coffee maker, but customers rate it positively.

How do I clean and descale a Moccamaster?

The reason for the great longevity is probably the simplicity of cleaning a Moccamaster. All components are easily accessible and easy to dismantle in order to clean them separately and thoroughly. Some components are even dishwasher-safe.

The manufacturer recommends cleaning the coffee machine every 2 weeks if it is used daily and also refers to regular descaling at least every 3 months (or after using up a 100 filter pack).

For cleaning, the manufacturer recommends mild detergents and especially its own detergents, as these are specially adapted to the materials.

How to clean your Moccamaster

  1. Clean the outside of the coffee maker with a damp cloth and dry it again
    Wash components such as the jug and filter holder with a mild detergent, do not put them in the dishwasher.
  2. Wash the water reservoir, filter cover and other removable components or put them in the dishwasher on a gentle programme.
  3. The machine should never be switched on during cleaning.
    When all the parts have dried, you can easily put everything back together.

How to descale your Moccamaster

Descaling is the same as for any other coffee machine. The manufacturer recommends using only special descaling products such as Durgol and advises against citric acid-based products. has a simple 3-step guide that we have summarised for you here:

  1. Fill the water tank to the top mark with water and add descaler according to the dosage instructions and mix.
  2. Switch on the machine and let the water run through.
  3. Then run the machine through twice with clean water

What do you need to pay special attention to with a Moccamaster?

Now we have a few more things that you can or should consider with a Moccamaster.

  • Although the manufacturer recommends a coffee grinder and freshly ground beans are often mentioned on the internet, you can still use your normal filter coffee if you do not (yet) want a coffee grinder.
  • You can always buy spare parts and accessories from the manufacturer.
  • Unfortunately, espresso coffee is often too fine for the machine and could block the filter container
  • Do not fill up the water with the used coffee pot, otherwise the machine will get dirty in the long run.
  • If you have a full-size coffee maker but only want to make 2 cups of coffee, it is best to use two filters.
  • It is best to use the medium grind for ground coffee to avoid clogging.

Image source: / Pasi Mämmelä