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The Mitsubishi Electric Cooperation manufactures electrical and electronic products worldwide. The company stands out for its innovative electrical appliances. Mitsubishi air conditioners cool and heat your living space, depending on your needs. The different models and the design make the Mitsubishi fans stand out from the crowd.

With our big Mitsubishi air conditioner test 2023 we want to help you find the perfect device for you. We have taken a look at the different Mitsubishi air conditioners and have compiled the most important facts for you.


  • Mitsubishi air conditioners provide the right climate in your living space. They cool and heat, depending on your needs.
  • Due to advancing technology, it is important to Mitsubishi Electric to produce in an environmentally conscious way and to conserve natural resources.
  • Innovative technologies guarantee the high performance and durability of Mitsubishi air conditioners.

The Best Mitsubishi Air Conditioner: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria of Mitsubishi air conditioners

If you are looking for a suitable Mitsubishi air conditioner, you will come across a wide range of offers. In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the different models of Mitsubishi air conditioners. The criteria you can use to compare Mitsubishi air conditioners include:

Energy efficiency class

The energy efficiency class is an important factor when buying an air conditioner.

This energy label has been available in the EU since 2010.

The gradations of these energy efficiency classes range from A++ to D. D is the worst gradation a device can receive.

D is the worst rating that a device can receive. They indicate how much electricity a Mitsubishi air conditioner consumes in a year. Mitsubishi air conditioners have low energy consumption despite their high performance. All Mitsubishi air conditioners have an energy efficiency rating from A to A+++.


The performance of air conditioners is also an important purchase criterion. Regardless of the size of the unit, the performance of an air conditioner should be high. Mitsubishi air conditioners are characterised by their generally high performance in cooling and heating output.

The different Mitsubishi air conditioners have different capacities, depending on the size and model. The performance of the individual Mitsubishi air conditioner series is shown in the following table.

Mitsubishi Electric series power range
M series 1.5 kW to 18.0 kW
Mr. Slim series 3.5 kW to 54.0 kW
City Multi VRF series 12.5kW to 150.0 kW


Depending on the room size and ideas, the size is important for the purchase decision. An air conditioner should be integrated into the room in the best possible way. This is especially important for the room atmosphere. Mitsubishi offers a wide range of air conditioners.

Especially the M-series offers air conditioners with modern design and different colours. With dimensions of 885 cm x 195 cm x 299 cm, this air conditioner is also suitable for smaller rooms.

Mitsubishi Klimaanlage-2

Mitsubishi air conditioners are available in different sizes
(Image source: / Popov) .

Noise level

If you want to buy an air conditioner, the noise level is important in addition to the general purchase criteria. If you want to work or sleep in peace and quiet, a loud air conditioner is a major nuisance.

For this reason, you should consider when and where you want to use your new fan before buying it.

Mitsubishi air conditioners have a silent function.

Unlike other air conditioners, Mitsubishi models have a relatively quiet operating volume.

The general operating volume of Mitsubishi air conditioners is 50 dB. To enable you to sleep comfortably, these air conditioners offer a silent function that makes the air conditioner almost unnoticeable during the night.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Mitsubishi air conditioner

What makes Mitsubishi air conditioners different from other manufacturers?

Mitsubishi is constantly developing its products and product ranges, including its air conditioners. Their innovative air conditioners adjust the intensity of the air conditioning to the conditions in the room. In this way, Mitsubishi air conditioners create a pleasant climate in the room, even when the room is full.

Furthermore, most Mitsubishi air conditioners can not only cool the room, but also warm it on cold winter days. Despite their high performance, Mitsubishi air conditioners are in high energy efficiency classes and have a low operating noise level.

What types of Mitsubishi air conditioners are there?


Mitsubishi M-Series air conditioners are designed for cooling and heating small to medium sized rooms. They are easy to install and integrate into the living space, the office or your practice. The indoor units are noise-optimised and have a sleep mode, which makes the unit even quieter. Individual programmes can be conveniently controlled using the accompanying remote control.

With the deluxe remote control, a weekly timer function is even available, with which you can plan the cooling and heating function of your rooms. In addition, the M series is characterised by the highest energy efficiency.

  • Space-saving
  • High energy efficiency
  • High performance
  • Only suitable for small rooms


The Mitsubishi air conditioners from the Mr-Slim series are designed for cooling and heating medium-sized rooms. These models are ideal for server rooms, medical practices or even restaurants. The models have high energy efficiency and high performance, even at very low outdoor temperatures.

The units can be easily installed as ceiling cassettes, they are available as ceiling substructures, duct substructures or wall ducts. In addition, the units can be optimised with a Lossnay water extraction ventilation unit. This combines the ventilation and air conditioning systems.

  • Combination of cooling and heating
  • Simple installation
  • Low operating noise
  • Price-intensive
  • Use only in rooms of medium size


Mitsubishi air conditioners from the City Multi VRF series are ideal for large and demanding buildings. They offer individual air conditioning and are designed for the highest efficiency. They also have very low start-up currents thanks to the innovative Volliverter technology. With the City Multi VRF series you can save up to 50% on energy costs, despite the high performance of the air conditioning system.

In addition, the heat generated by the cooling is used as heating energy. In addition, this Mitsubishi air conditioner reduces the operating noise level at night. The operating range in heating mode is between 15.5°C and -20°C.

  • High performance
  • High energy efficiency
  • Versatile
  • Price-intensive

How much does a Mitsubishi air conditioner cost?

If you want to buy a Mitsubishi air conditioner, you must be aware from the outset that these appliances are quite price-intensive. However, there are also cheaper and more expensive models in this product category. As with almost every electrical appliance, the price range for Mitsubishi air conditioners is wide.

Depending on the model and design, prices vary here. A cheaper model with the basic functions is available from around 700.00 euros. Models with more functions and better energy efficiency classes are available for around 4,000 euros. However, there are no clear upper limits.

Mitsubishi -1Klimaanlage

Mitsubishi air conditioners have a high efficiency class and are therefore not only more environmentally friendly than conventional air conditioners, but also save you money. (Image source: / motionkarma).

What is the warranty on Mitsubishi air conditioners?

Mitsubishi offers a warranty of 5 years from the date of purchase of an air conditioner. In the event of a warranty claim, Mitsubishi will repair or replace the unit.

This 5-year warranty is a system warranty. Depending on the warranty claim, there are of course different conditions. You should read the Mitsubishi warranty conditions carefully before making a warranty claim.

How do Mitsubishi air conditioners work?

Mitsubishi air conditioners are not only suitable for cooling the living space, they also have a heating function for colder days. In addition, each air conditioner comes with a remote control that allows you to conveniently adjust the various functions of your new Mitsubishi air conditioner.

The latest air conditioners in the Mitsubishi range have the feature that they scan the room and record the number of people who are in the room. Depending on the number of people and the quality of the air in the room, the latest models adjust the airflow setting to keep the room comfortable throughout.

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