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Inserting mirrors in decoration is a trend that emerged a few years ago and is here to stay. This element brings a touch of sophistication and refinement to environments and can be used in various ways. An example of this is the mirrored tray, product about which we will talk today.

Created in countless models, this piece can be used for the most varied purposes, being present in bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms and much more. So, if you are looking for one of these, keep reading, because below we teach you all about it.


  • The mirrored tray can be used just for decoration or to serve drinks like teas and coffees.
  • You can use this product to decorate countless spaces, and it goes great with washrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and wardrobes.
  • There are several sizes and models of mirrored tray and the ideal is to choose the one that best suits the environment in which it will be inserted.

The Best Mirrored Tray: Our Picks

Very sophisticated, the mirrored tray is a product that adds to the decoration of the environments. However, not all models are worth the investment, so below you can see a selection of the best ones.

Buying guide: everything you need to know about mirrored trays

To get the most out of your mirrored tray, you need to understand all the details about it. With that in mind, we have created this buying guide and in it we will answer the most common questions about this product.

Na foto uma mulher sentada segunda uma xícara e na sua frente uma mesa com uma bandeja com frutas.

The mirrored tray can be used to decorate or to serve drinks and food. (Source: Andrea Piacquadio/ Pexels)

How to use the mirrored tray in decoration?

The mirrored tray is a sure-fire piece for those who want to give a boost to the look of environments through decoration.

Thanks to its more delicate look, this product combines with many spaces of the house and can be used as a decorative piece in several ways.

In bathrooms this type of tray looks great, especially because this is usually a bathroom used by guests.

Other places where it’s worth putting the mirrored tray are the bedroom and the wardrobe. In these spaces, it can be used as a highlight in the decoration of corner tables and dressers, for example.

In the dining room, it is also interesting to insert this item in the decoration and it can be placed on the table or on buffets and sideboards. The same goes for living rooms, in which you can insert it on top of coffee tables.

What types of decoration does the mirrored tray go with?

Although the mirrored tray is a very versatile product as far as ways of using it are concerned, it is not with every type of decoration that it will match.

This piece goes with more sophisticated decorations

This piece is very harmonious when placed in more sophisticated, refined and classic decorations, but it also looks good in more modern ones.

However, it is not one of the best choices to use the mirrored tray in environments where the decor is more rustic, industrial or retro, because in these cases it will not fit so well.

What to put on the mirrored tray?

The mirrored tray can be used to store various items, being good, even, to serve drinks and food.

In the case of bathrooms, you can put in it room scents and decorative vases. In living rooms and dining rooms, it is interesting to insert in this piece some bottles of drinks, goodbonieres or other decorative items.

In the bedroom and wardrobe, the mirrored tray can be used to store jewellery for daily use, perfumes, cosmetics, hair products and more.

And if your tray is the kind that has handles, then a good idea is to use it to serve afternoon teas, coffees and other drinks to guests.

Buying criteria: what to consider when comparing mirrored tray models

The mirrored tray is a widely used decorative product, precisely because of this there are several versions of it. But for you to choose the ideal one, you need to pay attention to some purchase criteria, they are:


One of the main points to be analyzed when buying a mirrored tray concerns its size, which must be consistent with the items that will be placed inside.

The good news is that there are models of countless sizes and, thus, it is not difficult to find the one that best suits your needs.

The smaller options are ideal for those looking for a tray that will just add a touch more to the decor and look good on small furniture.

On the other hand, the medium mirrored trays are the most versatile and match all environments.

The large models, on the other hand, are a little more restricted and for purely decorative use do not match so well, unless you wish to place larger pieces inside them.


The shape of the mirrored tray varies a lot, being possible to find square, round and rectangular versions.

The square ones are the least common and usually have a more compact size. Thus, they are only suitable for decoration.

The same goes for the round options, which are not so often used for serving, but are good if used decoratively to house vases of flowers, perfumes and the like. However, their size is also usually medium to small.

Rectangular trays are the opposite. These are very traditional and are available in various sizes. Thanks to that, they can be used in many ways.

Na foto uma bandeja espelhada com dois brincos, uma flor e um anel em cima.

Round mirrored trays are quite classic and very sophisticated. (Source: Morgan McDonald/ Unsplash)


As much as there are mirrored tray models produced entirely with mirrors, some options rely on a non-mirrored structure that can be made of wood or metal.

If the choice is for one of these, you should analyze which style suits your decor more.

Those with a wooden structure are a little more rustic and less sophisticated, so they go well with simple and contemporary decorations.

The models with metallic structure are more sophisticated and there are versions in gold, silver, rose gold and even copper.

With or without handles

The mirrored tray may or may not have handles, which, in theory, changes the way you use it.

Those who intend to use this item to serve should bet on the versions with handle, which will be more practical.

But, if the idea is to use this type of tray just for decoration, then the models without handles are better.


The mirrored tray is the ideal product for those who want to leave the decoration of the environments more sophisticated and full of refinement.

Therefore, in this article we seek to gather all the information about it and show which purchasing criteria should be analyzed to make the right choice.

We hope you enjoyed it. See you soon!

(Source of image: saiva / 123rf)