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Buying a backpack for your son or daughter is not always an easy task. However, there is a themed type that can please him or her. The Minecraft backpack is inspired by the famous game that is a fever especially among children and can be a perfect option to gift a child.

Knowing that this is a more than viable option, we at the Wellness Guide have created this article to give you more details about the Minecraft backpack, quite high on the market and loved by those who own it.


  • The Minecraft backpack is based on the famous multiplatform game that has become the best-selling game on the planet.
  • Minecraft backpacks can be backpacks (with ergonomic straps) or wheeled backpacks, and are recommended for children of all ages.
  • Most Minecraft backpack models have the Creeper character as the main theme, either in prints and/or colours.

The best Minecraft Backpack: Our Picks

Want to know which Minecraft backpack models are on the rise? Our newsroom has separated the best options of the moment for you to have an initial sample of what to expect in the backpacks based on the game.

Buying Guide

Do you like what you’ve seen so far? Well, now we will go into the smallest details about the Minecraft backpack.

We will talk about the game on which the product is based, its cost, for which occasion is more interesting to use, the use by small children, among other topics.

Homem adulto andando e usando mochila Minecraft

The Minecraft backpack is a licensed product of the game. (Source: Jinx / Amazon)

What is the Minecraft backpack all about?

The Minecraft backpack is a backpack focused on the public who is a fan of the famous game originally released in 2009, available on multiple platforms, such as PC, Xbox 360 and One, Playstation 3 and 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, among others.

The game of the sandbox genre (non-linear gameplay) is open-world and allows the player to make constructions from blocks (more specifically, cubes). The elements of the game are made by these blocks.

Minecraft can be played by single player or multiplayer.

The backpack, in this case, uses symbols and elements present in the game in its prints. That is, it is quite common to see cubic figures in Minecraft backpack models. It can have ergonomic straps or wheels.

In just 10 years, the game has sold more than 176 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling game of all time, surpassing Tetris, which held the record with 170 million copies sold

What kind of use is the Minecraft backpack recommended for?

The Minecraft backpack is known for being perfect for carrying school books, briefcases, laptops and all the toys of the child who owns the object. This makes it ideal for school.

It is also recommended for travelling and outdoors trips. But that doesn’t stop an adult from using it.

Is the Minecraft backpack suitable for young children?

When it comes to a children’s backpack, it is important to know whether the Minecraft backpack is suitable for young children.
Minecraft backpacks are recommended for children between the ages of 1 and 3, as they are still very young and may not be strong enough to pull a wheeled backpack, for example.

Only carry 10% of your weight on your back

However, it is good to pay attention to the measures and mainly to the quantity of items in the backpack, because the medical recommendation is that a person (adult or child) carries on his/her back only 10% of his/her weight. Thus, if the child weighs 20 kg, he can carry on his back only 2 kg.

You can also find Minecraft backpacks with wheels, but these are more recommended for children over 3 years old, if they are the ones carrying the object.

What are the advantages of having a Minecraft backpack?

There are definitely advantages to getting a Minecraft backpack. To make our statement clear, we talk in the table below what the advantages are, but we also bring counterpoints in a possible purchase. Check it out.

  • Licensed product
  • High quality material
  • Suitable for children of all ages
  • There are back models (with handles) and wheels
  • It has several prints
  • Some models can be purchased in kits, with lunch box and bottle included
  • Recommended mainly for day to day school
  • It can also be used in trips and outdoors
  • Tends to please only fans of the game
  • It is a relatively expensive investment

Purchase Criteria: How to decide which Minecraft backpack to choose

If you think there are still some aspects to explore about the Minecraft backpack, don’t worry, we are here to talk more about the product, in particular those points that deserve your attention to make the best purchase.

With these points in mind, keep reading, as we will unfold them one by one in the next lines.

Features and compartments

Minecraft backpacks are quite complete on a whole. Among features, there are models with ergonomic straps (to carry on your back) and others with a handle (the backpacks with wheels).

Among the compartments of the Minecraft backpack models are front zippered pocket (one or more pockets), padded and decorated ergonomic straps, laptop space, plush pockets with zip, space for water bottle and gear clips.

Besides, of course, the large spaces inside the backpack for you to carry various items, from notebooks, cases, change of clothes, among others.

Um garoto está sorrindo enquanto está com uma mochila Minecraft do personagem Creeper nas costas.

The Minecraft backpack has versions with ergonomic and wheeled handles. (Source: Disclosure / Anmada / Amazon)

Indicative age

The indicative age is important. As already mentioned, it is more recommended for small children, from 1 to 3 years, backpacks, even because the age does not demand that you carry so much stuff. However, check the dimensions of the backpack.

It is also important to always respect the rule of the maximum weight carried of 10% in relation to the child’s weight. The question of weight, inclusive, is valid for all ages, even adults.

Children in pre-school age, from 3 to 5 years, we recommend the use of a backpack with wheels, since they start taking more materials and snacks with them to school, for example.

At school age, from 6 years old on, children can opt for backpacks, always with two adjustable straps, like the Minecraft backpack models, or opt still for the wheeled versions, but that are larger, according to the demand of school life.


The Minecraft backpack models have a lot of different prints. In most of them are present the colours green and black, classic game, and images or symbols of the famous character from the game called Creeper.

There is even a Minecraft backpack model that is shaped like the face of the Creeper character. Others have other characters and shapes of the game, including the Minecraft logo.

The colours of Minecraft backpacks, including, usually draw a lot of attention, in general are very bright, as green (in some shades) and purple.

If the price is not a tie-breaker at the time of purchase, it’s worth letting the child choose the backpack with the print she prefers, because the chances of her getting sick of the object or dislike it decrease considerably. At least, for a good while.

Uma mochila Minecraft azul/verde piscina vista de cima em detalhe.

Minecraft backpacks are up to 43 cm high, 33 cm wide and 20 cm deep. (Source: Disclosure / Jinx / Amazon)

Dimensions and material

As for the material, Minecraft backpacks are usually based on polyester.

In terms of dimensions, it is important to keep an eye because the Minecraft backpack will need to be larger according to the demands of the child who will use it.

The most popular Minecraft backpack dimensions at the moment are 43 cm high x 30 cm wide x 20 cm deep, 42 cm x 28 cm x 13 cm, 41 cm x 30 cm x 16 cm, and 40 cm x 33 cm x 15 cm.

(Featured image source: Disclosure / Jinx / Amazon)