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When we talk about essential tools, we cannot fail to mention drills, as they are extremely useful both for the home and for large-scale jobs. And Milwaukee’s models are some of the best on the market – do you know them? Welcome, we’ll tell you all about them!

Milwaukee is one of the leading companies in the field of portable power tools and accessories, thanks to the quality, effectiveness and innovation of its products. Throughout the article you will learn about the most important aspects of the drills of this renowned brand. Don’t miss it!


  • Milwaukee drills are one of the most outstanding tools of this popular American brand, recognised worldwide for the excellence of its products. These drills are highly valued for their effectiveness, strength, innovation and variety of models.
  • There are many premium brands of heavy-duty drills, including Bosch. This German company tops the list of market leaders in the manufacture of work tools (as does Milwaukee).
  • When buying a Milwaukee drill, it is important to take into account certain relevant factors, such as their different types and varieties, voltages and complementary accessories, among other important aspects.

The Best Milwaukee Drills: Our Picks

Buying guide

The main purpose of this buying guide is to provide you with relevant information about the product you are interested in purchasing. Therefore, we will tell you about the most important features of Milwaukee drills, including their advantages and disadvantages.

Milwaukee drills are characterised by their quality, resistance, innovation and versatility. (Photo: lurii Golub /

What is the difference between Milwaukee drills and Bosch drills?

In the following comparison chart we will detail the main features and differences between Milwaukee and Bosch drills, so that you can compare both brands and choose the one that is most suitable for you, depending on your preferences and needs.

It should be noted that both the American brand Milwaukee and the German firm Bosch manufacture top quality tools, which is why they are positioned in the first commercial positions worldwide. Therefore, any of the variants you choose will give you excellent results.

Battery or electric Milwaukee drills?

Milwaukee’s battery-powered drills are cordless, allowing you to easily move around to work without the constraint of a cord or the need for electrical power. However, these variants have less power than electric models and are somewhat more expensive.

Traditional corded drills from Milwaukee are powered by electricity, so you will need an electrical outlet to work. Despite this and the fact that you’ll be working in a smaller space, these varieties have more power and endurance than battery-powered ones.

Did you know that in 1924 Milwaukee created the first lightweight, portable, one-handed 1/4 hand drill, called the “Hole-Shooter”, which positioned it among the most innovative tool brands on the market?

What are the advantages of Milwaukee drills?

Milwaukee drills are some of the most recognised products of this famous American brand of portable power tools. They are characterised by their excellent quality, resistance and innovation, which make them highly valued by users.

On the other hand, Milwaukee drills are very versatile and adaptable, since they are manufactured to adapt to all kinds of tasks, whether domestic or professional. In addition, they have robust designs and high power that allows them to be used on a variety of surfaces.

They are built to cope with all kinds of tasks and surfaces

Apart from the fantastic qualities mentioned above, these practical tools come with a safety system to prevent electrical overloads, and come with multiple complementary accessories that facilitate and optimise their use. And you can find a huge variety of models according to different functions and needs.

What types of Milwaukee drills are available?

Milwaukee drills are characterised by a wide variety and assortment of models, so you will always find an option according to your needs. Here we will mention some types so that you can get to know their main characteristics and particularities.

Hammer drills. These are the best sellers on the market due to their versatility, as they can be used for drilling, screwing and hammering. You can find various Milwaukee models adapted to all types of surfaces (even the hardest), such as the Milwaukee PH 26 hammer drill.

Impact drills. These electric drills are used for screwing or unscrewing large screws that require more force. Milwaukee’s cordless impact drills are characterised by their high power, so you can effortlessly loosen any type of screw (such as the M12 and M18 models).

Screwdrivers. These variants from Milwaukee combine two tools in one: the drill and the electric screwdriver, making them very functional and more economical than buying both products separately. You can find several very effective and functional models, such as the Milwaukee M18 FPD-502X.

Fun facts: what you didn’t know about Milwaukee drills

In this section of the article we will provide you with some facts about Milwaukee drills that will help you when purchasing any of the models of these fantastic work tools valued for their excellent quality, versatility and efficiency.

What are Milwaukee cordless drills?

First of all, it is necessary to clarify for those who are not experts on the subject what carbons are: conventional drill motors have carbon brushes that provide electrical energy to the commutator, and cause it to change the polarity of the electromagnets that rotate the motor shaft.

However, motors with carbon brushes generate friction as they rotate, which causes friction and wear. The carbonless variants use an electric controller that does not produce friction, so they are more powerful, less noisy, do not overheat, and make better use of energy (note that they are also more expensive).

How long is the warranty on Milwaukee drills?

Milwaukee drills come with a 1-year warranty; however, the company offers a 3-year extension to users who register the tool on the brand’s official site within 30 days of purchase.

What is excluded from the warranty on Milwaukee drills?

The warranty will cover any manufacturing faults that the drill may have; it does not cover knocks, falls or breakdowns caused by incorrect use of the product. The company will also not be responsible if the drill was opened or repaired outside of Milwaukee’s official repair service network.

Did you know that Milwaukee created a drill with internet access that allows the user to track the drill via GPS, remotely adjust hardware settings or disable the tool in case of theft?

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of Milwaukee drills

In this last section of the article we will tell you what purchasing factors you should consider when buying a Milwaukee drill, as these tools are extremely varied and versatile, so you will find numerous models to choose from with specific features.

Other varieties

In addition to the types of Milwaukee drills mentioned above, there are a number of other varieties suited to a variety of uses and needs. Here are a few of them for you to consider when making your purchase.

Rotary hammer drills. Also called demolition hammers, these are the strongest and most powerful drills available, as they can drill through all types of materials. Milwaukee models (such as the M18 or 18 V) have interchangeable chucks that will be adaptable to different uses.

Cordless drill. Milwaukee cordless drills can be used anywhere with complete freedom of movement, unlike conventional corded variants. In addition, you can find multiple models (such as M18 FUEL or Milwaukee 2462-20) with more professional finishes than classic drills.

Angle drill. Angle drills have a format that allows them to access the most difficult places. Milwaukee models (such as C12 RAD-0 or Osd 2) have an ergonomic structure specially designed to allow you to easily reach complex places that you would not be able to access using a conventional drill.

Milwaukee drills are one of the most outstanding tools of this popular American brand, recognised worldwide for the excellence of its products.
(Photo: dolgachov/


Another distinctive feature of Milwaukee drills is their high voltage, which allows for greater efficiency, speed and versatility in their functions. Here are the classic wattages of these tools so you know which one to use.

12 volt. Milwaukee 12-volt (V) drills are mainly used for household tasks that do not require more complexity, so you will find them perfect for drilling wood, plaster and other not so hard materials. They also cost less than higher voltage drills.

18 volt. Milwaukee’s 18 volt drills are designed for more demanding tasks, where you need to drill through hard, tough materials such as iron, concrete, steel, etc. These variants are available with drill bits (or drill bits) according to the type of use and specific raw materials.


You can also find different complementary accessories for Milwaukee drills, which facilitate and optimise the use of these tools. Below, we will detail the most important characteristics of the most commercially available ones so that you can get to know their main features.

Step drills are one of the most outstanding variants

Drill bit kits. Milwaukee manufactures a wide variety of drills (or bits) of different lengths and thicknesses, adapted to different types of uses. One of the most popular are the stepped variants, which are perfect for drilling in materials such as copper, iron, bronze, aluminium, plastic, etc.

Loaders. Milwaukee chargers adapt to all types of drill batteries, making them extremely functional and versatile. You can find variants that charge in only 30 or 40 minutes and models that take 4 hours, as well as intermediate variants (60, 80, 100 minutes, etc.).

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