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Today we are going to talk about a set of indispensable programs for anyone: Microsoft Office. If you use Word, Powerpoint, Excel and other applications you know the importance of the Office suite.

But as there are different versions and packages, which are not cheap, not infrequently questions arise about how to choose the best option. That’s what this article will address. We will show you how to buy the best Microsoft Office according to your expectations and needs.


  • Microsoft Office is a set of essential applications for working and studying, whether on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Whether for personal use, companies or schools there is an Office package ideal for each occasion of use.
  • There are also several versions of the packages and you must take into account some factors to choose the best for you, and that fits in your pocket.

The Best Microsoft Office packages: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Although widely known, it is not simple to choose the best Microsoft Office package. Among other factors, you need to take into account the purpose and frequency of use as well as, of course, the cost. To help you, we have created this Buying Guide with all the information you will need to invest in the best Microsoft Office.

Homem segurando pacote do Microsoft Office e notebook ao fundo.

Microsoft Office is used at home, at work and at school. (Source: Norasit Kaewsai / 123rf)

What is Microsoft Office?

Specialising in the creation of operating systems such as Windows, Explorer browser, Xbox video game console, tablets and smartphones, Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational corporation. But its greatest highlight is Microsoft Office: a suite of applications that includes the most widely used text editing, spreadsheet and presentation tools available today. Created mainly to help and facilitate work in offices, the Microsoft Office suite of tools proved to be so functional that it ended up becoming essential for schools and homes as well.

Pessoa digitando em notebook.

Microsoft Office needs to be installed on your computer even for simple tasks such as writing texts. (Source: kropekk_pl / Pixabay)

But despite its popularity, many people don’t know that Microsoft Office programs are not included in Windows. That is, when you buy a computer or notebook, it does not come with these tools installed. To have access to the programs, you must purchase one of the Microsoft Office packages available. Nowadays there are packages and versions for each type of situation. And the purchase can be made through a single payment or through subscriptions.

What are the programmes of the Microsoft Office suite?

The Microsoft Office programs are functional for work, study and even for routine activities in your life, like taking notes, writing texts, registering expense spreadsheets, among others. Among the programs that are part of Microsoft Office there are the basic ones, which are present in all versions, and the more advanced and professional ones. Below, we list the main ones and explain what each one of them is for. Check them out:

  • Word: For text production, with configuration options, spell checker, different fonts, font sizes and several other functions.
  • Excel: For creating spreadsheets, storing data, doing mathematical operations, creating tables.
  • PowerPoint: For creating slide shows, including animations, images, videos, graphics, sound and other functions.
  • OneNote: For taking notes, which may include audio recording and adding images.
  • Outlook: For managing e-mails and contacts.
  • Access: For managing databases.
  • Publisher: For electronic diagramming, such as preparing layouts with text, graphics, photographs and other elements.

Which Microsoft Office package is right for you?

Over the years, several versions of Microsoft Office have been released. With each released version, new functionality and updates are included to improve the use of the tools. But in addition, there are several package options, created with specifications that meet different usage objectives.
All the Office packages have the basic programs: Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

In common, all the packages have the basic programs: Word, Excel and Powerpoint. However, depending on the package you will find additional programs and services. At the moment, Microsoft has two versions of Office: the traditional, currently in Office 2019 version; and Office 365, a cloud-based service. Check out the main features of each of these Microsoft Office packages below.

Office 2019

For Microsoft Office 2019 (and its versions from previous years), Microsoft offers a single-purchase license. That is, you purchase the permanent usage rights for the programs contained in the package. However, you can only install and use the programs on a single computer and only on devices with a Windows 10 or macOS operating system. Moreover, with this option, the programs do not receive periodic updates from the company.

That is, when the company releases updates and improvements you need to purchase a new package. Within Microsoft Office 2019 you can choose between a few options for use. The simplest version, the Home & Student, is aimed at those who need the basic programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. The Home & Business version is for professionals and includes Microsoft Outlook, Publisher and Access, as well as the basic programs.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is the subscription package that can be installed on computers (PC or MAC), as well as smartphones and tablets. This option includes all the software from the basic package, as well as Outlook, Access and Publisher. These last two, however, can only be used on the computer. But in addition, Microsoft Office 365 offers 1 TB of space on OneDrive, Microsoft’s online storage service, and 60 minutes of monthly calls on Skype.

That is, with Office 365 you can also use the programs in the cloud, which facilitates remote work.

Did you know that some Microsoft applications are so important within companies that they are even prerequisites for some professionals to apply for jobs?

Office 365 has two subscription models: Personal, for one user only; and Home, which can be used by up to five computers (PC or MAC) and five devices (mobile or tablet). Office 365 also offers specific packages for companies. Another advantage of Microsoft Office 365 is that the programs receive periodic updates, adding new features or improving existing ones. In addition, with this option and you have access to Microsoft support while the subscription is active. The disadvantage of Office 365 is that you need to spend a lot more. See below the main differences between the packages of Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office 2019 Microsoft Office 365
Can be used on 1 device 1 or 5 devices*
License Single and final Annual/Monthly
Periodic updates No Yes
Programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote All + Outlook, Publisher and Access
Cloud storage No 1TB
Skype calls No 60 minutes per month
Professional Version Basic programs + Outlook, Publisher and Access All programs + business applications

*Depends on the package chosen.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Office?

The advantages of Microsoft Office are infinitely greater than its disadvantages. For starters, Microsoft Office is used on a large scale, be it in businesses, schools or universities. In addition, there are options to use the programs on computers, mobile phones or tablets. In addition, the programs offered in Office packages have a large number of features, ranging from editing, spell checking, customization and insertion of images, videos, graphics and sounds.

Pessoas em mesa usando notebooks.

Depending on the Microsoft Office you choose, it is possible for more people to use the programmes on different devices. (Source: / Pexels)

Another advantage of Microsoft Office programs is the quality of the final product which is of professional level. On the other hand, Microsoft Office’s main disadvantage is the high price. In addition, each new version releases features that are incompatible with previous ones, requiring you to upgrade your license or buy another one. Below, see the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Office:

  • Widely used
  • Varied, functional and professional level programs
  • Easy to use
  • Large amount of resources
  • Option to use in the cloud
  • Compatible with various types of devices
  • Packages for home or professional use
  • High price
  • New versions launch resources incompatible with previous

How much does Microsoft Office cost?

The price of Microsoft Office depends on the version and package chosen. For Microsoft Office with definitive license, you will find values between £400 and £1.350. As for the one-year subscription packages, the price varies between Rs. 21 to Rs. 151 per month. Here you can also opt for annual payment.

Purchase criteria: What to consider when choosing Microsoft Office

After understanding the importance of Microsoft Office in everyday life, you need to know how to choose the best option among the various packages on sale. To help you, we have listed the factors that you should consider before buying Microsoft Office. They are:

  • Type of programs
  • Cloud or not
  • Users and devices
  • Home or professional
  • Subscription

Below, we will explain these factors in detail so that you invest in the ideal Microsoft Office.

Types of programs

As we have seen, each package has different types and amounts of programs and services. Therefore, you need to evaluate which of them you will really use. If you need to study or work only with simple texts and spreadsheets, the basic programs like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote will be enough.

Mãos digitando no notebook com planilha e gráficos na tela.

To work with spreadsheets and databases you need programs like Excel and Access. (Source: rawpixel / Pexels)

However, if you need to manage contacts, emails, databases or work with desktop publishing, it is important that you have advanced programs like Outlook, Access and Publisher. But if your focus is on managing people and business, it is worth investing in specific programs for companies.

Cloud or not

As we have seen, Microsoft Office that offers basic features does not allow you to work in the cloud. So if you need this feature, despite having to pay more, you will have advantages. With 1TB to store files on OneDrive, you will be able to save and share documents online. With this, you can keep your documents in one place and access them from anywhere or device.

Users and devices

Also consider how many users need access to Microsoft Office. As we have seen, there are packages that allow only one person to use the programs in a willing. But if the idea is that employees or members of your family can use the applications at the same time, the ideal is to opt for Microsoft Office that allows use of the programs by up to five people, on five computers and five mobile devices.

Smartphone com Microsoft Word.

There are Microsoft Office packages that allow you to use the programs on mobile and tablet. (Source: Dzmitry Kliapitski / 123rf)

Also take into account that some Microsoft Office packages allow you to access the programs only on the computer, while other versions free to use on mobile phones and tablets. It is worth noting that Office applications available for Mac users and version numbers may be different from those available for PC users.

Home or Professional

It is also recommended that you take into account how you will use Microsoft Office. Here you will have two options: home or business. The fact is that this factor will determine the price of the product, as the professional Office package is priced much higher. If you choose Microsoft Office for home use you can opt for the simpler versions, to edit text in Word, assemble spreadsheets in Excel or Power Point presentations.

For those who have businesses and companies, Microsoft Office professional offers several packages that optimise the management of work and people.

For those who need to use Microsoft Office programs in companies, should opt for one of the own options, whether for small and medium-sized businesses, large organizations, schools or non-profit entities. Among the business tools, you will have access to commercial e-mail services, internal website services (intranet), tools for online meetings and videoconferences, customer service and file sharing and communication among the team.


Finally, take into account how you prefer to purchase Microsoft Office. Here, you can choose to pay for the Office package in a single installment. But as we have seen, there is the disadvantage that, in this option, you will not benefit from program updates and improvements. The other option is to pay monthly or annually for the most complete packages.

(Source of the highlighted image: dennizn / 123rf)