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Microsoft is a company that has become a worldwide reference in the technology and development of electronic and computer products. Among its portfolio of products is the Microsoft mouse, and it is about it that we will talk today.

Be very welcome! Available in several options, this mouse is developed with technologies that guarantee high functionality and comfort to the user. Besides, it can adapt to all the needs, since there are models with and without wire. And if you are looking for one of these, then you have come to the right place. In this text we will present you with details of the Microsoft mouse and at the end of the reading you will know exactly which one to choose.


  • There are several variations of Microsoft mouse and it is common to find wired and wireless options.
  • It is manufactured in several versions to fit all the needs of users, there is even the gamer mouse, which is ideal for those who are passionate about games.
  • The Microsoft mouse is easily found in shops that sell computer products and has an average initial value of £ 25.

The Best Microsoft Mouse: Our Picks

Buying Guide

The mouse is a fundamental accessory for many people who use the computer in their daily life. That is why it is fundamental to have in hands a model that has a fast response and is efficient. Fortunately, Microsoft offers several options in these aspects.

But knowing which is the ideal Microsoft mouse for each necessity is not an easy task. Knowing this, we have gathered in this buying guide everything that you need to know about it so that you can make the best choice by the end of the reading. So, continue with us and let’s go!

Na foto um homem dentro de um escritório usando um computador.

The Microsoft mouse can be used with all types of computers and there are options that fit all needs. (Source: Andriy Popov / 123rf)

What’s different about the Microsoft mouse?

Microsoft is known all over the world and their mice are part of everyday life of many people and this is due to several reasons.

Microsoft mouse can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people

The Microsoft mouse is developed with high technology and always aiming at the highest comfort for its users. Based on that, the models are created so that both right-handed and left-handed people can use them in a simple, easy and calm manner. Another differential of this product is its precision and modernity. The brand invests not only in technology, but also manages to unite functionality and good looks to its mice.

This way, there are beautiful mice that adapt to all needs, existing wired and wireless options and even gamers versions. Among the wireless models, there are those that connect to the computer via USB and others via Bluetooth.

Microsoft is a company that was founded in 1975. It was created by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, two friends who met at school and shared the same interest for computers. Since its inception, the brand has become a reference in computer products, be they products or software.

In addition, the Microsoft mouse also has the advantage that it has a low energy expenditure and its batteries last for months. We cannot forget to mention that this product is found in several variations of colours and sizes. Another differential is that there are versions that already come with a Windows button and thus it is possible to access the initial menu of the computer with only one click.

However, there is a negative point related to Microsoft mouse. Precisely because the company owns the Windows operating system, some of its wireless models with Bluetooth connection do not work on computers that have other systems.

  • It is comfortable for both right-handers and left-handers
  • It has a differentiated design
  • It exists in several colours and sizes
  • It has high precision and low response time
  • There are wired and wireless options
  • It has low power consumption
  • Some models have the Windows
  • Some Bluetooth versions only work in Windows

What lines of Microsoft mice exist?

Microsoft has several types of mice and they are responsible for creating a line of products that can adapt to the tastes and needs of all the consumers. The main types of Microsoft mouse are the following:

  • Optical: Microsoft optical mice are the most basic. They have wire and are found in the regular and compact size.
  • Mobile: The versions of Microsoft mobile mice are those that do not have wire. They are divided in three lines. The simple and Wireless models are composed of those that connect to the computer through a small USB connector. The Bluetooth line, as the name says, has mice that connect to the computer via Bluetooth.
  • Sculpt: Developed with a differentiated design, these Microsoft mouse models have the user’s comfort as their highest priority. They were created with adequate height and angulation to avoid problems that may affect the user’s hands and arms.
  • Arc Mouse: This is the mouse with the most innovative shape. It is designed to perfectly adapt to the hands and it can be folded.
  • IntelliMouse: This model is directed to the gamer public.

Na foto um mouse da Microsoft preto.

Microsoft’s Arc Mouse is one of the most different models of the brand. (Source: stevepb / Pixabay)

Can the Microsoft mouse be used with any computer?

Even though Microsoft is the maker of the Windows operating system, most of their mice can work on computers that work with just about any operating system. So, they can be used on laptops, desktops, ultrabooks, netbooks and any other such device.

However, as we have already mentioned, there are some models of the mobile line, which have Bluetooth connection and only work with Windows. This way, it is important to check if the mouse you have chosen is one of these. If it is, it will not work with those who have computers with iOs operating system, for example.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to Compare Microsoft Mouse Models

Now that you already know everything about the Microsoft mouse, it is time to explain how to choose the ideal model. To do so, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

  • Size
  • Connection type
  • Format and comfort
  • Additional resources

Below we will detail each one of them.


The size of the Microsoft mouse to be chosen is an important factor, mainly for those who use the computer out of home or office a lot. This is because the smaller the model is, the more portable it will be.

This way, there are versions such as the ones from the Mobile line that are proper for those who need products that are easy to be taken everywhere. However, be careful not to acquire an option that is uncomfortable to use. This is because people who have bigger hands don’t usually like very small mice.

Imagem de mouse sobre mesa com teclado, celular, xícara de café e planta em volta.

Thinking about portability, it is fundamental to choose a mouse that is small and takes up little space. (Source: melpomen / 123RF)

Type of connection

There are models of wired and wireless Microsoft mouse. The wired versions are connected to the computer through the USB port, which is very common. In the wireless options, there are some variations.

There are models of wired and wireless mouse

Some also have a USB connection, while others work through Bluetooth. This way, if your computer has Bluetooth, it may be interesting to choose a model of this type, since this way all the ports of the computer are free. On the other hand, if it does not have this feature, the wireless models with USB connector can serve users very well.

Format and comfort

Thinking in a better performance and also in avoiding injuries in the arms and hands, it is fundamental that the chosen mouse is comfortable. In general, this is a very personal issue, as a mouse that is approved for one person is not always approved for another.

Microsoft models are developed to provide greater comfort to their users and for those who want this even more assured there are the Sculpt models. Besides, it is also worth testing the mouse. At the time of purchase simulate as if you were using it and see if the size, shape and footprint are good for you.

Na foto um homem usando um mouse.

The mouse should have a comfortable format so that it can be used in a better way. (Source: Lex Photography / Pexels)

Additional Features

Because there are several models of Microsoft mouse, there are some additional resources that can make a difference. In relation to this, there is a version that is foldable, having a differentiated design.

Others have the Windows button, which allows you to access the start menu more easily. There are also options in which you can create shortcuts on the buttons according to your needs. So, check it out and see which feature you like the most.

(Source of the highlighted image: luchschen / 123rf)