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We know that fashion is part of your life, so we decided to tell you about Michael Kors bags, a product that you probably know superficially, but not perfectly, so we will inform you as well as possible about them.

It is important to us that you feel comfortable during each of your purchases, so we will make sure you know each of the features that are part of the Michael Kors bags and make sure you have a completely successful purchase. Stay with us.


  • Michael Kors bags are part of a brand that has been in charge of revolutionising the fashion world with its incredible designs that we are more than sure will suit any kind of tastes without any kind of problems.
  • And it can be assumed that such a prestigious brand would have direct competition, however, it does not have one directly, but even so we decided to point out some characteristics that can make it stand out among the others in general, such as its price, popularity, among others.
  • It is necessary to know very well the products that we acquire, especially the factors that must be taken into account before making the purchase, such as the types of handle of the bag, the complements, among others, because only then we can ensure that it is a success to acquire it.

The best Michael Kors Bags: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about Michael Kors bags

We believe that it is necessary to know very well the products we are about to buy in order to make our purchase a total success, that is why today we prepared a guide with all the information you need to make sure there are no mistakes during your choice.

Michael Kors bags adapt to all types of clothing without any problem. (Photo: Alena Ozerova/

How to recognise an original Michael Kors bag?

A very important point to be aware of when buying a branded bag such as the Michael Kors, is to know how to recognize if it is original, since being a brand with so much prestige around the world is very prone to counterfeits:

  • One of the accessories that Michael Kors bags come with are the characteristic key rings, which can also be found in imitations, however, the authentic ones have a very bright colour that will never fade.
  • Carefully evaluate the type of fabric the lining of the inside of your bag is made of, as an imitation will be made of plastic or a fabric that feels shoddy, whereas an original bag will be made of satin fabric.
  • If when you buy your Michael Kors bag you notice that the model has a buckle, you should evaluate very well if the name of the brand is correctly placed on the side of it, as this is another point that will help you to identify if your bag is a branded one.

What is the difference between Michael Kors bags and other brands?

Of course, there are many characteristics of Michael Kors bags that can be quite similar to other brands’ bags, however, it is important to emphasize that each brand has a factor that differentiates it from the others and in the case of Michael Kors bags this is no exception.

One of the most striking features of Michael Kors bags that can be seen at a glance is the quality of the fabrics and manufacturing materials used, most notably leather, as they can last for many years and still look as if they are fresh from the shop.

How do I clean my Michael Kors bag?

When we buy a branded bag for the first time we always have that fear of cleaning it incorrectly and that it will be stained or damaged in some way, so it is necessary to mention what are the best ways to keep your Michael Kors bag clean:

  • Always try to wash it by hand, because, despite being a branded bag with excellent quality in terms of materials, they can lose their shape if they are abruptly introduced in a washing machine or dryer.
  • Use plain cloth handkerchiefs, such as cotton, as they are highly absorbent and are not aggressive to the texture of the fabric, so there is no risk of damaging the texture.
  • To clean it from stains inside and out , we recommend a neutral soap, which makes enough foam so that the results are much better. If you use a different soap, the stains may not be removed properly.

Fun facts: What you didn’t know about Michael Kors bags

It is more than clear that there are many aspects that we know about the Michael Kors brand, however, there are many others that we tend to ignore, so we believe it is necessary to mention them to you in order to expand the knowledge you have about the product you are acquiring.

Where are Michael Kors bags manufactured?

Previously Michael Kors bags were manufactured in China, however, some time later the brand decided to bet on its country and began to manufacture them in its inauguration city, New York, or better known around the world, the city of lights.

Did you know that Michael Kors’ mother was a model and that is where his interest in fashion was born?

What is the warranty on Michael Kors bags and how can I claim it?

When purchasing a Michael Kors bag, you should be very clear that the guarantee will only be valid in the event that the product has manufacturing problems, which does not happen very often, but there are exceptions. These warranties will make an exchange of your product or a refund of your money.

Purchasing criteria

Despite being a product that will make us look amazing, you should know that there are a variety of aspects or factors that should be taken into account, because only in this way we can ensure that our purchase is completely satisfactory without risk of regret.

Types of handle

You must evaluate very well which model you will buy, because when it comes to variations in designs, the Michael Kors brand makes a big difference, which is why most of its public is so attracted to their products.

Chain handle: A trend when it comes to innovation. Michael Kors bags with chain handles have become a favourite among many, as they are said to add a more modern and bright touch to their outfits, so if you are looking to add a sparkle to yours, this is the bag for you.

With a leather handle: The leather handle ones are the classics and definitely a great option if you’re looking for a more serious, yet fashionable look. We guarantee that any of your choices will make your outfit shine like never before.

Michael Kors bags are part of a brand that has been in charge of revolutionizing the fashion world with its incredible designs that we are more than sure will adapt to any type of taste without any problems.
(Photo: Olena Kachmar/


Many would think that a product as fabulous as the Michael Kors bags don’t need accessories, however, there are many models that have them, because it is believed that a touch more is not “too much”. Today we want to mention some of them:

There are models that come with an additional key ring

-Key rings, because although we know that all Michael Kors bags come with key rings that help to identify if they are authentic or not, there are models that come with an additional key ring that you can place anywhere else in your bag or on your keys.

Not available in conjunction with all models

-Sunglasses, although not available with all models, there are a variety of Michael Kors bags that come with beautiful sunglasses that go perfectly with the bag.


Like most famous brands around the world, the Michael Kors brand is responsible for creating different collections depending on the time of the year, so that the public has many more options to find the perfect bag that suits their tastes without any problem.

Spring-Summer: We all know that these are the most colourful times of the year, so Michael Kors makes sure that each collection in this category has a bit more vibrant colours, among which bright red and animal print stand out.

Autumn-Winter: If you know a little bit about the Michael Kors brand, you will notice that it is a big fan of using the brown colour in most of its bags and in this collection it is much more present, due to the fact that autumn always gives us its beautiful brown and orange leaves.

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