Last updated: 16/10/2022

The wax jacket for men is very popular and versatile. Whether for a motorbike tour, for hunting, for fishing, for the next trip to the city or for a hike in the mountains. The wax jacket is always a faithful companion. Even in rain and storms, the wax jacket is a good choice because it is windproof and waterproof.

There is a wax jacket to suit every taste. Wax jackets are mostly available in inconspicuous colours and therefore go with almost any outfit. A wax jacket should not be missing from a man’s wardrobe.

The Best Men’s Wax Jacket: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying wax jackets for men

There is a large and varied selection of wax jackets for men. To help you find the right wax jacket for you and not get overwhelmed when buying, we have picked out the most important buying criteria for you. These are as follows:

  • Colour
  • Size
  • Upper
  • Inner lining
  • Number of jacket pockets

In the following paragraphs you will find out what is important in the individual buying criteria.


The wax jacket for men comes in different colours. Plain colours such as olive green, brown, black, grey or dark blue are particularly common. When choosing a colour, it all depends on what you need the wax jacket for.

For everyday wear, it should be a colour that is easy to combine and goes with almost every piece of clothing. However, if you need the wax jacket for men to spend time in nature, inconspicuous colours are very practical.

An olive green or brown wax jacket is recommended here. Such a colour is especially practical for hunting, as you can then camouflage yourself well in the forest.


The wax jacket for men should be comfortable and you should be able to move well in it. If you hold your arms stretched out in front and the jacket stretches, then the jacket is too small. You should be able to stretch your arms forward without a feeling of tension in your shoulders.

The wax jacket should also not be tight around the stomach and should definitely not constrict you. You should be able to close the zip without holding your breath. The sleeves of the jacket should reach just above your wrist. It is always best to try on the men’s wax jacket in the shop. It is very tedious if you realise afterwards that your wax jacket does not fit.

Especially for hunting or fishing, the wax jacket should be comfortable. When choosing a size, always bear in mind that there should also be room for a thick pullover under your wax jacket.

Outer material

The wax jacket for men is either made of 100% cotton or a cotton blend. The cotton blend fabric is usually made of cotton and polyester. Together, these two materials are, among other things, easy-care, quick-drying, light in weight and weather-resistant.

As the name of the jacket suggests, the wax jacket is coated with wax or wax and oil. This ensures that the jacket is impregnated. The impregnation makes the jacket not only waterproof, but also windproof.

Inner lining

The lining is also often made of 100% cotton or a mixture of cotton and polyester. More rarely, the lining is made of polyamide. The lining ensures that the wax jacket for men is pleasantly warm. The thicker the lining, the warmer the wax jacket.

Depending on what you need the men’s wax jacket for, the lining should offer you more or less warmth. Thanks to the effect of waxing, a wax jacket with a thin lining will already provide you with a comfortable warmth.

Number of jacket pockets

A certain number of jacket pockets is very practical in a wax jacket for men, as you can store your valuables in them. The jacket pockets can also be very helpful for warming up your hands. For everyday use, two to three jacket pockets should be sufficient.

If you need the wax jacket for hunting, then it is an advantage if your wax jacket also includes a rabbit pocket. The rabbit pocket is located on the back. The hunted prey can be stowed in it. Otherwise, two to three ordinary jacket pockets are sufficient.

Wax jackets for men: The most important questions answered

When buying a wax jacket for men, many questions can arise. We have compiled and answered the most important questions for you.

What types of wax jackets are there for men?

There are different types of wax jackets for men, each of which is more suitable for a different season and for a different activity. We have compiled a list of the most important types for you.

  • Transitional wax jacket: Men’stransitional wax jackets are very practical and versatile. It doesn’t matter whether you are out and about in the city or going hunting. The impregnation makes it wind- and waterproof and thus already provides a certain amount of warmth. A thin lining is enough to make you feel comfortable in the wax jacket and neither sweat nor freeze.
  • Wax jacket for winter: So that you don’t have to freeze even in winter, there are warm men’s wax jackets that are suitable for winter. Here, a wax jacket with an integrated quilted waistcoat is particularly advantageous. The quilted waistcoat provides more warmth. The quilted waistcoat can usually be removed, which is why this wax jacket is also suitable for the transition. Just leave out the quilted waistcoat.
  • Wax jacket with hood: The wax jacket for men can also serve as a rain jacket. However, it is very impractical if the jacket is waterproof but the rain still lands on your head. Therefore, a wax jacket with a hood is very practical and recommended. Usually the hood is detachable. So if you don’t need the hood, you can take it away. If it rains, you can then quickly and easily put it back on.
  • Long wax jacket: Most wax jackets for men have a regular length. However, you can also opt for a thigh-length wax jacket. These give you the advantage of feeling a comfortable warmth around the waist as well.

You now know the different types of wax jackets for men. Which type you choose is now entirely up to you. However, you should definitely consider what you need a wax jacket for and for which season.

For which activities is a wax jacket for men recommended?

A men’s wax jacket is versatile. It can be worn as a normal jacket in everyday life, but it is also highly recommended for more specialised activities. For example, the men’s wax jacket is often worn for hunting.

Especially the wax jackets in a forest colour are very practical, as you can camouflage yourself well from the animal with it. Due to the weatherproof properties, you stay dry even in bad weather during the hunt and you don’t have to freeze. For the same reasons, the wax jacket is also perfect for fishing. Many motorcyclists rely on a wax jacket for men.

The waxing makes the wax jacket windproof. So you won’t feel any icy wind on your motorbike ride. Even the rain doesn’t bother the wax jacket. The men’s wax jacket is also suitable for riding. However, a slightly longer wax jacket is recommended, as this is more practical when riding. A short wax jacket could ride up and not keep your back warm enough.

How do I clean my men’s wax jacket?

You should never clean your men’s wax jacket in the washing machine. This is because it has a wax layer that would be destroyed by the washing cycle in the washing machine. Once the wax layer is completely gone, the wax jacket cannot be re-waxed. However, you should still clean your wax jacket from time to time.

This removes the dirt and prevents the wax jacket from wearing out. You can clean it with a damp sponge and cold water. Be gentle when doing this. Never use soap for cleaning. After cleaning, you should let your men’s wax jacket air dry for at least 24 hours.

The best way to do this is to hang the wax jacket on a hanger. The dryer is taboo for the wax jacket. You should also avoid drying it on a heater or in the sun. After the wax jacket is completely dry, you should re-wax it. This will renew the impregnation.

How do I re-wax my men’s wax jacket and how often should I do it?

There is no general rule on how often you should wax your men’s wax jacket. However, once a year is recommended. If you wear the wax jacket frequently, you should even wax your wax jacket several times a year. To ensure that the waxing process works smoothly, you need to know which wax your wax jacket has been treated with.

This should be noted on the wax jacket’s care label. You should then use this wax to regrow your men’s wax jacket. We have created a step-by-step guide for you so that you know how best to proceed when re-waxing your men’s wax jacket:

  • Cover your work surface: Before re-waxing, cover your work surface generously to keep it clean.
  • Read through the instructions: Read through the instructions for your wax at your leisure so you know exactly how to proceed.
  • Apply the wax: Startapplying the wax to the back of your jacket. You should then apply a thin and even layer of wax there. You can work on the heavily used areas several times.
  • Working in the wax: The wax instructions should now tell you how to work in the wax. Often the wax must be warmed up with a hairdryer after application and worked in with a lint-free cloth.
  • Repeat the process: after treating the back, repeat this process on the sleeves and front of your wax jacket.
  • Allow to dry: After treatment, it is best to leave your jacket to dry in a warm room. The wax jacket should not come into contact with any other garment, otherwise the wax will adhere to the other garment.

After impregnation, your men’s wax jacket will be like new again. The colour is shiny again and the water-repellent effect has been refreshed. If you wax your wax jacket once a year, you will extend the life of your jacket. [/kb_faq] [kb_conclusion]


The men’s wax jacket is a real all-rounder and super suitable for any activity. Thanks to the wax jacket for men, you will stay dry in the rain and even a cold wind cannot keep you from your outdoor excursion. The wind- and waterproof properties ensure this. There is a wide range of colours for men’s wax jackets, especially plain colours are well represented.

So you can combine your wax jacket with any outfit. Most wax jackets are equipped with several jacket pockets so that you can store your valuables in them. You alone decide which wax jacket is right for you.

Image source: KAL VISUALS / unsplash