Last updated: 16/10/2022

Nordic walking has been a well-known phenomenon for some years now and is a popular trend sport for those who find jogging too fast and walking too slow. Nordic walkers are especially conspicuous because of the poles they use when walking. But you should also wear good shoes on your feet to be able to master longer distances pain-free with walking shoes for men. In the following, we have listed and answered some of the most important questions about walking shoes for men. So feel free to read on here to find the right walking shoe for men for you.


  • Every foot is different! Thats why the shoe should offer at least a thumb’s width of space in front of the big toe.
  • You should always decide individually, about the materials and models, and listen to your own preferences.
  • Washing your walking shoes in the washing machine is the right choice, or if they are not dirty enough you can wipe them.

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Walking shoes for men: The most important questions answered

A men’s shoe should always fit the foot and not the other way round. Since every person has a different foot anatomy, it is difficult to make general statements. However, many things can be better classified and understood with the help of a scale, so that after reading you can quickly help yourself. So here are a few answers to the most pressing questions about walking shoes for men.

For which foot type are walking shoes for men suitable?

Every foot is different! This principle also applies to walking shoes for men, which is why it can often be difficult to find the right shoe for your own foot. But regardless of whether you have a narrow or wide foot, an arched or flat foot, we have a few good tips to help you make the right choice when it comes to walking shoes. Since you roll over the entire sole of your foot when walking, the shoe should offer at least a thumb’s width of space in front of the big toe. Also pay attention to the quality of the soles, which can adapt better or worse to the foot and thus make long walks much easier.

What styles of walking shoes are available for men?

Walking shoes are generally known as low shoes. However, there are also minor differences in the type of shoe. The following differences illustrate how different walking shoes for men can be.

  • Velcro vs. lacing: Velcro fasteners offer the advantage that they can be opened and closed quickly and easily. Men’s walking shoes with laces can be better adapted to the anatomy of the foot and tightened.
  • The right upper material: Here you can often choose between plastic or leather. Men’s walking shoes made of synthetic materials offer greater breathability with less weight and are also waterproof and easy to clean. Men’s leather walking shoes are more robust, offer greater wearing comfort but also require a little more care.
  • The sole profile: Here you can choose between a light sole profile with a slip-resistant sole for light terrain and a deep sole with spikes for better grip in challenging terrain (trail walking). Of course, when buying the right walking shoe for men, you should consider the terrain you will mainly be walking on. After all, spikes wear out more quickly in light terrain, e.g. on tarred paths, and can hardly develop their effect there.
  • The height of the shoes: If you have a tendency to twist your ankle or if the anatomy of your foot requires special treatment, it is often advisable to choose a mid-height men’s walking shoe or to pay attention to insoles and other support elements in the mid-foot area. It is generally known that half-height shoes that enclose the ankle can reduce the risk of twisting, but even with these shoes you are not completely protected against it.

What materials can walking shoes for men be made of?

On the one hand, there are men’s walking shoes made of leather, but on the other hand, there are also walking shoes made of synthetic materials. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages, which is why you should always decide individually and listen to your own preferences. With higher prices, not only the capabilities of the materials (waterproofness, breathability) increase, but also the robustness and durability of the men’s walking shoes.

What size should I choose for my walking shoes for men?

Always choose the size you normally wear in your running shoes. If you are unsure, choose the men’s walking shoes in half a size or even one size larger, as the foot needs some space in the shoe when walking and expands.

How do I clean my walking shoes for men?

If the dirt is only visible on the surface, it is often sufficient to wipe the shoes with a cloth and hot water. If you also need to remove odours, then washing your walking shoes in the washing machine is the right choice. Here, a gentle wash cycle at no more than 30°C should be selected so as not to damage the surface materials of the walking shoes. If the soles are removable, they should be taken out before washing and washed separately, e.g. in a sink.


As in every year, we make good resolutions and are diligent to achieve them in the first months leading up to spring. So if you are thinking about taking up Nordic walking in the first warm months of the year, don’t skimp on walking shoes for men! Your feet will thank you! Since every foot is different, the above criteria will certainly help you determine which walking shoe suits your foot type. Once you have narrowed down your choice, it is only up to your own preferences and experience with the respective brands to find the perfect model for Nordic walking.

Since the sport has been trendy for several years, the range of walking shoes for men is already very large. Many manufacturers offer walking shoes for men and you can also find inexpensive and high-quality models in the low-price segment. So you don’t have to spend a lot of money for tours with a lightweight men’s walking shoe in the urban jungle. If you also want to get active in trail walking and are planning your next tours in the rough landscape or on mountains, you should be able to find a suitable walking shoe for men among the well-known and more expensive outdoor brands.

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