Last updated: 16/10/2022

The time for warm clothes has come, but you don’t want to buy a boring standard coat again like most other gentlemen? Then a trench coat might be just the thing for you. This type of coat is not only incredibly stylish, but can also be combined extremely well with various occasions and outfits.

Since trench coats give you as a man an extremely fashion-conscious style, there are now many different variations and interpretations. In this guide, we would like to tell you everything you need to know about trench coats and help you put together your own personal outfit.

The Best Mens Trench Coat: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying trench coats for men

Trench coats have a long tradition and have therefore undergone many developments. In the following section, we would like to explain which criteria are particularly important when buying a trench coat.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Length
  • Colour
  • Intended use

The various purchase criteria each offer many alternatives and customisation options. Therefore, we would now like to go into the individual points in more detail.


Since their introduction at the beginning of the 20th century, trench coats have undergone a number of developments, especially with regard to the materials used. The following fabrics have emerged as particularly suitable:

  • Gabardine: This lesser known fabric was originally used for all trench coats. It is characterised by its lightness and by its water-repellent and warming function. However, the fabric is quite expensive to produce, which is why it is only found in very high-priced models
  • Cotton fabric: The blend of cotton and other woven fabrics is the most widely used material for trench coats. It also provides water repellency and is much more affordable than gabardine. The disadvantage, however, is that trench coats made of this fabric can get very warm.
  • Leather: A very modern form of trench coats are the models made of leather. They are quite a bit heavier than comparable products, but the leather protects against permanent soiling. Even if the material is rather unusual for men, discreet models give you a special elegance and also impress with a long service life.

In addition to these materials, trench coats with other fabrics are also occasionally offered. You can see from this how fashionable and versatile this garment is used and interpreted. You are sure to find a model that suits your fashion style.


Basically, trench coats are available in a wide variety of lengths. Which one you should choose also depends on your size and figure. The right trench coat will bring out your best features.

For tall and slim men, trench coats that reach down to the ankles are particularly suitable. This makes them look a little taller and creates a harmonious overall image. Smaller and broader men, on the other hand, should go for a model that reaches to the knees at the most. This has the effect of making them look even slightly wider and, above all, takes away the effect of making them look small overall.

Of course, the length of the trench coat does not only influence the fashionable appearance. It also provides more or less warmth. If you are looking for a trench coat for the mild transitional season, you should rather go for shorter models.


The most traditional and still most popular colour for trench coats is beige. Many models are also available in black or khaki. This shows that trench coats are primarily seen as a classic and elegant garment that can also be worn on important occasions.

At the same time, men’s models can also be found in striking colours such as red or yellow, which can provide a casual everyday look in particular. You can therefore find trench coats for just about every occasion and area of life.

Since this garment is of high quality and promises a long life in many cases, it is advisable to buy rather more restrained and easily combinable colours. Then a trench coat can accompany you through many stages of your life.

Intended use

Before you buy a trench coat, you should be clear about the season in which you want to wear it. This will determine which model and material is suitable for you. Basically, different trench coats can be worn in the mild transitional season as well as in winter conditions.

If you are looking for a trench coat for the transitional season, lightweight models with as little cotton as possible are particularly suitable. In addition, the trench coat should also look particularly good open, as you will not always close it when the temperature changes. Last but not least, it is advisable to choose a model that is no longer than knee-length so that you don’t sweat too much.

If, on the other hand, your trench coat is to serve much more as a coat substitute in the cold season and is therefore primarily intended to keep you warm, you should choose a product made of cotton. These are particularly known for their warmth-keeping function. The trench coat should look good on you, especially with a closed buckle, and the length should be more oriented towards your ankles.

Trench coat for men: The most important questions answered

Since trench coats are a versatile garment, it is anything but easy to know the possible areas of application. We would therefore like to answer the most important questions about the versatility and care of trench coats.

In which styles are trench coats for men available?

As you have already noticed in the buying criteria, there are very different variations of trench coats, for example in terms of material or colour. The main styles of trench coats are generally the following:

  • Classic: This is the upmarket type of trench coat. It is characterised by restrained colours such as beige or anthracite as well as discreet belts and button elements. The fabrics used are exclusively gabardine or cotton. With this style, you can cut a fine figure in the work environment as well as on festive private occasions.
  • Modern: This style describes new interpretations of trench coats with which you can attract a lot of attention. This is because the choice of fabric is much more experimental, for example leather is often used. There are also fewer strict colour guidelines, and basically anything goes.
  • Casual: If you like to wear your trench coat in your free time and with any outfit, no matter how casually put together, this is the style for you. The fabrics are variable, the belt buckle is always open and the cut is extremely wide. Therefore, the casual style goes particularly well with oversized outfits.

These three styles represent a rough classification that can be used as a very good guide. Certainly, with modern and casual styles, it is also possible to combine individual outfits. In the areas where classic trench coats are used, on the other hand, you should be careful about experimenting.

How do I care for and clean my men’s trench coat?

The cleaning of your trench coat depends decisively on the material of the product. Leather models are the easiest to clean, as most of the dirt can be removed with a wet cloth. The best way to care for a leather model is with a special care cream for the material. This prevents it from becoming porous even after a long time.

Cotton trench coats are also relatively easy to care for. They can be washed in your own washing machine without any problems, provided you follow the washing instructions. It should be noted whether the trench coat has been impregnated by the manufacturer, i.e. whether it has been made water-repellent with the help of a chemical layer. If this is the case, the process should be repeated after cleaning with a waterproofing spray.

Gabardine is by far the most expensive alternative for trench coats and therefore requires special care. These products should not be washed in the washing machine under any circumstances, but should be sent to a professional cleaner. Here, too, the product’s impregnation should be refreshed after cleaning.

Styling tips for men’s trench coats: How to achieve the perfect trench coat look

Wearing a trench coat is fashionably elegant. Using the belt as well as other accessories will give you a high-class and stylish overall look. We have put together the best tips for you to perfect your trench coat look.

  • Matching shoes: With matching shoes you can emphasise your trench coat style even more. Modern, plain-coloured sneakers are therefore particularly suitable for casual styles, while more refined styles such as suit shoes go well with classic styles.
  • Belt: First of all, an important rule is that the buttons of the trench coat should never be closed. When you are in colder environments, you can close the coat with the attached belt. This looks particularly stylish in the form of a simple knot.
  • Scarf: Especially with longer trench coats, an open scarf gives you additional size. But even when it is closed, it can add elegance to the overall look. Especially single-coloured scarves in contrasting colours of the coat create a harmonious look.
  • Hat: With a hat you give your expression a unique style. Combined with the trench coat, it gives you a sublime aura that is somewhat reminiscent of agents or commissioners.

Overall, you have a lot of choice when perfecting your trench coat look, as the models are offered in single colours and with cuts that can be easily combined. So feel free to try them out and discover your very own style.


Choosing a trench coat is anything but easy. No wonder, because with so many models and possible uses, you would like to try out several coats right away. But now you know what criteria you can use to find the perfect coat for your needs.

From the material to the colours, you have the possibility to adapt the coat to your preferences to the highest degree. In any case, you have already won in terms of fashion. Because trench coats give you as a man a stylish expression and can be combined very well with various accessories.