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A sweatshirt can be combined easily, fashionably and stylishly. It doesn’t matter if you want to dress smart or sporty. The sweatshirt comes in different shapes and sizes for men and women.

You can combine the sweatshirt according to your own taste, as it is offered in different variations and styles. A sweatshirt is the perfect companion for every day and goes with just about any outfit.


The best Mens Sweatshirt: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying sweatshirts for men

A sweatshirt is a simple but fashionable jumper. You can buy the men’s sweatshirt almost anywhere, but there is a lot of choice. To make your buying decision easier, we have listed some criteria for you.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Fit
  • Comfort
  • Material
  • Size
  • Design

In the following section we explain what is important in the individual criteria.


The fit of a men’s sweatshirt is of course a matter of taste. However, there are a few points that can help you find the right fit for your sweatshirt.

  • Collar: The collar should be neither too tight nor too wide or even worn out. The sweatshirt should be comfortable and look comfortable. You should pay attention to the quality here, because poor quality can cause the collar to hang forward.
  • Length: The hem should finish below the hips but not cover the bottom. If the sweatshirt is too long, the body will quickly look disproportionate. However, it should not be too short either, but should finish about halfway down the zip of your trousers.
  • Sleeves: The length of the sleeves should reach approximately to the wrist. Ideally, the sleeves should be cuffed to protect against the cold.
  • Shoulders: The placement of the shoulder seam is an important point, if the shoulder seam is too close to the neck, the sleeve may cut under the arms. Ideally, the seam should be right on the shoulder bones. If the seam is too far on the upper arm, the men’s sweatshirt will look too big, making the shoulders narrow, which is not necessarily desirable for men.
  • Width: The waistband should be loose at the pelvis, but the rest of the sweatshirt should be loose. As a rule, the perfect fit leaves 3-6 cm of air on both sides of the hips.

So don’t be confused by all the different fits. With a few small but good tips, buying your perfect men’s sweatshirt is only half as hard.

Wearing comfort

Wearing comfort must also be taken into account when buying a sweatshirt. The sweatshirt should be comfortable to wear and should not scratch or pinch.

A sweatshirt should keep you warm in cooler temperatures. Therefore, you should pay attention to good insulation so that you do not cool down so quickly. In addition, a men’s sweatshirt should also be breathable. With breathable inserts, moisture is quickly wicked to the outside during exercise.

The regular sweatshirt for men is cut around the waist and has a comfortable neckline, so it offers you every freedom of movement. If you like it and want to keep your neck warm, you can of course buy the sweatshirt with a collar.

Other models in the sports look, which are also called hoodies and are particularly trendy, have an adjustable hood and raglan sleeves. They are characterised by their comfortable fit and score points with a kangaroo pocket. A logo print on the front or back completes the cool look.


The most popular fabric for a sweatshirt is probably cotton. It is advisable to choose a men’s sweatshirt made of cotton in summer, as it is not only very comfortable to wear, but also breathable due to the natural fibres. Furthermore, cotton is very skin-friendly and easy to care for.

Cashmere is a very special material and feels like velvet and silk on the skin. As a pure natural fibre, cashmere is of particularly high quality. The price of cashmere wool is high, but cashmere is very soft and provides optimal warmth on cold winter days.

Merino wool is a true insulation miracle in cold weather. Men’s sweatshirts made of merino are dirt-resistant, largely wrinkle-free and can absorb a lot of moisture.

Alpaca wool is five times warmer and softer than sheep’s wool. Men’s sweatshirts made of alpaca wool are ideal for allergy sufferers and are light as a feather. Another great advantage is that alpaca wool can absorb a lot of moisture, thus reducing perspiration on the skin.


Sizes vary depending on the manufacturer. You can buy men’s sweatshirts from S to XXL. Below are the measurements of the sizes, but they may vary.

Size S: Body size 173-176 cm and chest circumference 89-96 cm

Size M: Body size 176-182 cm and chest circumference 97-104 cm

Size L: body size 182-188cm and chest circumference 105-112 cm

Size XL: body size 176-192 cm and chest circumference 113-120 cm

Size XXL: body size 192-196 cm and chest circumference 121-128 cm

Depending on the cut of the sweatshirt for men and the material you have chosen, you may have to choose one size larger or smaller.


Men’s sweatshirts come in a variety of designs. You can buy your new men’s sweatshirt with or without a zip. Likewise, you can choose whether you want a pocket or prefer the jumper without any accessories.

A sweatshirt with a hood, also called a hoddie, is a fashionable and sporty option. You can combine it wonderfully in everyday life with a casual look, for sports or for cosy days on the sofa at home.

The men’s sweatshirt is available in many different colours, plain or in bright colours. You can also choose whether you want to buy a sweatshirt with or without a print.

You will also find your men’s sweatshirt in a wide variety of cuts, wide or narrow, with or without a collar, with a V-neck, round neck or deep neckline. There are no limits here.

Sweatshirt for men: the most important questions answered

With such a wide range of cuts, materials, colours and any kind of print, zip or pockets, it’s hard to make the right decision. We have compiled the most important questions for you and answered them below.

In which styles are men’s sweatshirts available?

To ensure that there is something for everyone and that all tastes are catered for, there are different styles of men’s sweatshirts. In the following list, you can take a look at the features of sweatshirts for men.

  • Classic sweatshirt: The classic and most popular men’s sweatshirt is made of cotton. But of course it is also available in other materials. It doesn’t fit too tightly but not too loose either and finishes with a waistband in the middle of the zip of the trousers.
  • Sweat jackets: Sweat jackets are similar in principle to a classic sweatshirt, except that you can close them either with a zip or with buttons.
  • Hoodie: Hoddies or also called hoodies are very comfortable sweatshirts. There is not much difference to a classic men’s sweatshirt in terms of material, but as the word suggests, a hoodie has a hood and or a zip. In addition, a hoodie has two cords that can be used to tighten the hood. They are worn all year round, in summer as a jacket, in winter as a jumper under a winter jacket.
  • Knitted jumper: A knitted jumper or cardigan is a jacket made of a knitted fabric. The knitted jumper has a zip or buttons to close the jacket and keeps you warm in different ways depending on the thickness of the wool.
  • Fleece sweatshirt: A fleece sweatshirt is a lightweight casual jumper, also available as a jacket. A fleece sweatshirt is made of synthetic polyester wool and polar fleece.

Which men’s sweatshirt you ultimately choose or which men’s sweatshirt suits you best depends entirely on what you like for comfort and for what purpose you want to use your men’s sweatshirt. Therefore, just try it on and see which variant is best for you.

How often should a men’s sweatshirt be washed?

The most important care instructions for cotton sweatshirts: wash only when necessary, wash the same colours together, wash cold, wash inside out, use gentle detergents, avoid tumble dryers, iron inside out, store properly, treat stains immediately.

Less is more is a good tip when it comes to your individual laundry routine. To increase the life of a men’s sweatshirt, it should generally only be washed when necessary.

Washing a lot will ultimately cause men’s sweatshirts to wear out faster. Likewise, make sure you don’t wash your men’s sweatshirt too hot, the colder the better.

To minimise fading of sweatshirts, make sure you always wash with the inside out as well as dry.

Which detergent is best for a men’s sweatshirt?

Environmentally friendly detergent is a very good choice. Fortunately, in this day and age, you can find many manufacturers that produce eco-friendly detergent and it is available just about everywhere.

Large supermarkets offer a wide range of alternative detergents that are based on natural ingredients and completely avoid chemical ingredients.

Ecologically, unfortunately, there is no 100% ideal solution, yet choosing green detergents is a very good choice. Care should be taken to use a minimum amount of detergent. The often well-intentioned overdose definitely does not lead to better washing results.

In general, the less laundry in the drum, the less detergent is needed. The same applies if clothes are more or less soiled.

What are the characteristics of a men’s sweatshirt?

Men’s sweatshirts are available in a variety of designs. They are available in many colours and with simple or colourful prints.

Generally, however, a men’s sweatshirt is characterised by a loose cut and sufficient freedom of movement. Often, a men’s sweatshirt features a hood that provides a casual look and a head that protects against wetness and cold when needed.

Also a typical feature of many men’s sweatshirts are kangaroo pockets where you can slide your hands or stow your smartphone.

A sporty fit is also very common for a men’s sweatshirt. Often, men’s sweatshirts have cuffs at the sleeves and a hem at the neckline, if applicable.

Styling tips for men’s sweatshirts: How to achieve the perfect sweatshirt look

To help you know which type of sweatshirt goes best with which style and look, we have put together a few styling tips for you below.

  • Elegant: Elegant sweatshirts for men are available in high-quality materials such as merino wool. They look very elegant due to the special material and can be worn wonderfully over a shirt. They are ideal with jeans when you want to go out for a fancy dinner or with suit trousers when you have a business meeting.
  • Sporty: a sporty sweatshirt is a hoodie or a fleece sweatshirt. In any case, a breathable sweat material. They look rather cosy and cool. A hoodie is perfect to wear with sweatpants, but you can also combine it with jeans for everyday wear.
  • Casual: A casual sweatshirt is, for example, a cadigan with buttons, a simple cardigan with a zip or a hoodie. Depending on your mood, you can buy your sweatshirt in a plain colour, with a logo print or colourful print on the front. Jeans and sneakers complete the look. Combines well with chino trousers or jeans. This gives you a chic as well as casual look for every day.
  • Basic: A men’s sweatshirt made of cotton should not be missing from any wardrobe, because it can be easily combined with any trousers. You can wear it simply and well with jeans for everyday wear or under a jumper on cold days.


Men’s sweatshirts belong to the basic equipment of a man’s wardrobe. They should not be missing in any case, because you can easily wear them for any occasion. Whether it’s for a meeting, an outing with family or friends, a fancy dinner or for cosy days on the sofa.

A men’s sweatshirt is very comfortable and pleasant to wear in any season. Many looks can be created by combining a men’s sweatshirt in the right way. Fit and comfort are the most important factors when buying a men’s sweatshirt.

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