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We all know the famous quote by Karl Lagerfeld: “Anyone who wears sweatpants has lost control of their life”, but is there any truth behind this quote? Not at all. In our guide to sweatpants for men, we explain why sweatpants deserve their place in your wardrobe.

Jogging trousers, as the name suggests, were meant for sports. But from a small subculture, a whole trend emerged that even celebrities succumbed to, and now you see jogging trousers not only in sports studies, but also in many households, on the streets, schools, universities and even at workplaces. Find out what to look for when buying the right sweatpants and how they can be combined with other style elements to create stylish outfits below.


The best Mens Sweatpants: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying sweatpants for men

You have decided that you want a pair of men’s sweatpants, but which are the right sweatpants for you and your needs? Before buying a pair of sweatpants for men, there are a lot of things to look for, so that not only the style of the sweatpants suits you, but also their workmanship and fit. The material and many other factors should also be considered before you make the purchase so that you save yourself unnecessary stress from potential returns.

These are the buying criteria you should pay special attention to:

  • Material
  • Size, width and width
  • Cut models
  • Style variations

Now, in the following sections, we would like to explain the importance and details of each buying criteria in a little more detail.


For the production of the sweatpants for men that we all know and love, 2 different materials are mainly used, each of which has important properties for the different areas of use of the sweatpants. These are:

  • Polyester: Sweatpants made of polyester are best suited for sports. This is because polyester brings with it many positive qualities in this area. These include that the fabric is easy to care for, has a light weight, insulates, dries quickly, is weather resistant and hardly leaves any signs of wear.
  • Cotton: The perfect fabric for men’s sweatpants at home. Because cotton is considered very kind to the skin and is known not to scratch, but also because it is durable, easy to care for and hard-wearing, it is perfect for comfortable clothing.

It is best not to confuse the different textures of sweatpants, as men’s sweatpants made of polyester are not very comfortable due to their low durability, and men’s sweatpants made of cotton quickly soak up dirt and water while exercising due to their absorbency.

Size, width and width

Because the waistband of men’s sweatpants is often very stretchy, you rarely have problems with them not fitting properly. However, if you make a complete mistake, the sweatpants of your choice may be too wide or too tight.

To remedy this, many well-known manufacturers offer their own size charts to help you find men’s sweatpants in your size, width and width. The common sizes for men’s sweatpants are XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and 3XL. These sizes are based on the waist circumference, hip circumference and leg length.

There are also rough calculators to determine general applicable sizes, but if you want to know exactly, you should look at the size tables of the respective manufacturers, as there can often be sometimes surprising size differences between different manufacturers.

Cut models

Men’s sweatpants naturally come in different cuts to suit the owner’s preferences. If, for example, you want to wear men’s sweatpants in spring, ¾ sweatpants are recommended, as you can feel the wind getting warm, but the majority of your legs are still protected from the potential wet weather.

In summer, we can recommend jogging shorts for men, as this way you don’t have to sweat under your jogging pants, but are still comfortable. For autumn or winter, classic jogging shorts for men are best as they cover the whole leg and still provide comfort.

Style variations

We’re all familiar with the baggy-looking sweatpants that you prefer to wear when you want to be cosy. But if you are looking directly for this type of sweatpants, the term loose – fit is the quickest way to get the result you are looking for.

The counterpart to the Loose – Fit is the Slim – Fit variant. As the name suggests, this type of sweatpants for men fits quite close to the body, which emphasises your body shape better.

However, if you are looking for a style variant of polyester sweatpants for men, there is also the variant of men’s sweatpants with zip or button placket for those who want to wear the sweatpants in many weather conditions. This way, you can adapt your sports sweatpants to the prevailing weather at any time.

Sweatpants for men: The most important questions answered

We have all known about sweatpants for many years, but some questions still remain unanswered. In the following, we cover the most frequently asked and most important questions about the topic of sweatpants for men.

What types of sweatpants are there for men?

Not all sweatpants are the same. The sweatpants model has changed and adapted over time. There are now several types of sweatpants for men. Here are the most important types:

  • Sports sweatpantsfor men: Sports fields, like in football, are the most well-known places where you come across sweatpants. This sweatpants variant for men is mostly made of polyester and is usually available in shorts and standard length.
  • Men’s leisure sweatpants: The classic sweatpants for men made of cotton are the faithful companion when couchsurfing, working from home or walking the dog. Made of cotton, this variant offers the highest level of comfort.
  • Men’s jeans style sweatpants: The perfect combination of comfort and everyday wearability. Men’s jeans style sweatpants make it possible to spend the day in comfortable sweatpants without having to endure contemptuous looks from snobs.
  • Sweatpants in suit trousers – style for men: This type of men’s sweatpants goes one step further. They make it possible to take the pleasant feeling of sweatpants even to meetings and the office. Thanks to the clever workmanship of the fabric, you won’t notice that these are sweatpants at first or second glance.

With the introduction of these types, it is finally proven that sweatpants can successfully fit into every area of everyday life and even look very chic at the same time.

How do I care for and clean my sweatpants for men?

The proper care and cleaning of sweatpants for men is not rocket science, but you should still pay attention to a few important points. First of all, you should always take a look at the care label that can be found inside your sweatpants. There you will find the most important information you should pay attention to when cleaning your sweatpants.

Due to their nature, most sweatpants for men can be washed at 40 degrees Celsius, and a standard laundry detergent is usually sufficient. However, if you find stubborn stains on your sweatpants, you should soak them or use a good stain remover.

Another important point is to tie the waistbands of your sweatpants before you throw them in the washing machine. This will prevent the bands from closing around other garments and wearing out.

Styling tips for men’s sweatpants: How to achieve the perfect look

Sweatpants have found their place in everyday life and in many cases you will no longer be looked at with disdain if you wear them outside your own four walls. Find out now how to improve the look of your outfit with men’s sweatpants.

Make sure your men’s sweatpants fit properly. Tight-fitting trousers accentuate your figure much better than loose fit sweatpants. However, loose fit sweatpants go very well with urban styles.

It is also important to choose the right colours to match the season. You won’t have any fun in a dark pair of men’s sweatpants in summer, while light-coloured sweatpants can get stained very quickly in autumn and winter.

If you are wearing classic sweatpants, sports shoes are recommended, while sneakers and loafers work well for men’s sweatpants with a jeans or suit look.

As with all outfits, accessories play an important role. The right wristwatch, but also necklaces, rings and earrings add interesting visual elements to your outfit.

You can also get ideas for your outfit with men’s sweatpants from many celebrities, because they have also discovered the special look for sweatpants in everyday life for themselves.


Wie Sie gesehen haben, sind die Zeiten, in denen man die Jogginghose nur beim Sport oder Zuhause getragen hat, lange vorbei. Durch verschiedene Stile und Schnittarten findet sich in jedem Alltagsszenario ein Platz für Jogginghosen für Herren.

Sollten Sie auf unseren Ratgeber und unsere Tipps, rund um das Thema Jogginghosen für Herren achten, wissen Sie nun welche Jogginghose die Richtige für Sie ist und wie Sie diese am besten pflegen, um möglichst lange etwas von ihr zu haben. Vergessen Sie also das Stigma, welches die Jogginghose lange Zeit ertragen musste und genießen Sie die Vielfalt der Jogginghosen für Herren.

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