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When the temperatures rise, it’s time for airy summer shoes. With sunshine and good weather, it’s time to get out into the fresh air, so the right footwear is especially important in summer. Comfortable and light men’s summer shoes are therefore an absolute must-have in summer.

Whether airy fabric shoes or classy leather shoes, there are several models to choose from when selecting your shoes. The many different colours and variations mean that the right summer shoes are not only comfortable, but can also complete any look in terms of fashion.

The Best Men’s Summer Shoes: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying summer shoes for men

Summer shoes for men come in many different styles. Whether you are looking for sporty or smart men’s summer shoes, you will find the right ones for every occasion and taste. However, you should keep several things in mind when buying. The following buying criteria will help you find the right men’s summer shoes:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Width
  • Design

The following section tells you how to choose the best men’s summer shoes.


The choice of material is particularly important in summer, as the material influences the ventilation of the shoes. You should choose a breathable and air-permeable material for your men’s summer shoes. In summer, natural, air-permeable textiles are particularly suitable for your summer shoes.

Therefore, it is advisable to check whether the shoes are made of natural or synthetic materials before you buy them. Synthetic materials are less breathable and therefore less suitable for summer. If you are looking for elegant men’s summer shoes, high-quality Italian leather shoes are suitable.

These convince with their quality and elegant look. With a perforated pattern in the leather, these can also ensure a pleasant foot climate. Faux leather summer shoes with a perforated pattern are also suitable as a vegan alternative.


Since shoes are usually worn for several hours, it is especially important that they are comfortable and do not pinch. The right size is therefore particularly important for the optimal wearing comfort of your men’s summer shoes.

Measuring correctly is important here. It is best to measure your feet in the evening, as they swell during the day. Especially in summer, feet are thicker than normal due to heat. Ideally, your toes should have about 5 mm space in the front of your shoes. The shoes should have a secure fit at the heels so that you do not slip out of the shoes when walking.

The wrong size can lead to blisters, especially in summer when temperatures are high. This is especially the case if you wear your summer shoes without socks. In addition, shoes that are too big or too small promote a misalignment of the foot. This can lead to damage to joints and problems with posture. Therefore, the right size is also very important for the health of your feet.


In addition to size, the width of your men’s summer shoes also plays an important role in the comfort of the shoes. If the shoe fits too tightly, this can significantly reduce the wearing comfort. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the right width when buying.

You can measure your foot width while standing on your unclothed foot. To do this, place a tape measure on the ball of the big toe and then wrap it around the foot, not too tightly, to read off the circumference. You should measure both feet, as the width of each foot can differ. You can find your shoe width in tables on the internet.

Shoes are available in widths E to M. Width E is particularly suitable for very narrow feet and width M for very strong feet. The most common widths are F to H. If you have slender feet, width F is suitable for your men’s summer shoes. Width G is the standard width for normal feet. Men’s summer shoes in width H are suitable for slightly wider and stronger feet. If you are unsure about the width you need, you can have it measured in a shoe shop.


Shoes complete every outfit, so besides functionality, appearance is also very important. When choosing the right men’s summer shoes, you can choose between many different models that can be individually adapted to your style. Depending on the design, the summer shoes can therefore be worn for different occasions.

Whether you are looking for sporty men’s summer shoes for everyday wear or smart men’s summer shoes for work. Of course, the material also plays a big role in the design. You can visually enhance your men’s summer shoes with a perforated pattern in the leather or a mesh application. The colour of the summer shoes can also be chosen according to taste. Airy, coloured sneakers are ideal for summer and also serve as eye-catchers.

Summer shoes for men: The most important questions answered

There is a lot of choice when buying summer shoes for men. To help you choose the right men’s summer shoes, we have answered the most important questions about men’s summer shoes for you.

What types of men’s summer shoes are there?

Depending on the occasion, a men’s summer shoe should meet different criteria. In the following, we have compiled the most important types of summer shoes and their features.

  • Outdoor shoes: In summer, outdoor sandals are particularly suitable for longer walks. They are usually waterproof and fasten with a Velcro strap. This means that sandals can be optimally adapted to your feet in summer, even if they swell during the day.
  • Sporty summer shoes: Casual sneakers are ideal for day trips. Sneakers made of breathable materials ensure that your feet are well ventilated. You can wear sneakers with socks as well as barefoot.
  • Summer shoes for work and business: In the office it is important that your summer shoes match your outfit. Mid-height leather shoes are perfect for this. Not only do they look smart, but they also ensure that your feet don’t overheat. This type of summer shoe is also very popular at weddings.
  • Summer casual shoes: Practical loafers made of fabric are best suited as light summer shoes for everyday wear. They are airy and can be combined with almost any outfit.

Men’s summer shoes come in many different types and styles, so there is a suitable shoe for every occasion. The most important thing, however, is that the shoe fits comfortably and offers optimum wearing comfort.

How do I clean and care for my men’s summer shoes?

Proper care is particularly important so that you can benefit from your shoes for a long time. The cleaning and care of your men’s summer shoes differs depending on the material you choose.

  • Smooth leather: First, you should carefully brush your shoes to remove dust and coarse dirt. Then you need to apply a thin layer of a suitable shoe polish or leather grease. Next, you need to polish the shoe with a brush to rub the care into the leather pores. Finally, you must wipe the shoe with a soft cloth to remove excess cream.
  • Suede leather: There are special suede leather brushes that you should use to clean your shoes made of suede leather, as these must not be smeared with shoe cream. It is important that you only brush out the dirt in one direction to care for the suede.
  • Textile surfaces: First you should try to carefully remove coarse dirt with a brush. For coarser dirt, you can use a damp cloth with a mild detergent to remove it.

After every shoe cleaning, you should re-waterproof your shoes so that they are optimally protected against moisture and dirt.

Which summer shoes for men are suitable for sweaty feet?

If your feet sweat a lot, choosing the right summer shoes is especially important. The material from which the men’s summer shoes are made plays a major role. Shoes that contain synthetic materials such as plastic promote heavy sweating. Therefore, in this case, you should rather go for natural materials such as leather or light, natural fabrics.

These provide better ventilation and prevent heavy sweating. There are also special foot deodorants that prevent your feet from sweating and thus avoid unpleasant odours. Especially if you like to wear your summer shoes barefoot, you should consider a foot deodorant.

Which men’s summer shoes are suitable for wide feet?

For wide feet, it is important that the shoes have sufficient width to avoid friction. The widths J – K are comfort widths for extra wide feet and are therefore suitable for feet that need a lot of space.

If you want to retouch the width of your foot a little, mid-height or high men’s summer shoes are suitable. Closed men’s summer shoes that are also pointed visually lengthen the foot. A men’s summer shoe with a small heel can also help to make the foot look more elongated and thus slimmer.

Which insoles are suitable for my men’s summer shoes?

Insoles that promote ventilation of the shoes are particularly suitable for summer shoes. This is particularly important in summer temperatures.

There are also special insoles that are particularly absorbent and can absorb a lot of liquid, which is why they are particularly suitable for men’s summer shoes. Ergonomic insoles also promote the wearing comfort of your men’s summer shoes, as well as the health of your feet. They support the feet and prevent diseases and malpositions.


To avoid aching feet, it is important to find the right summer shoes. Not only is the right size important, but also the width, especially for swollen feet in summer. The shoe should be perfectly adapted to your foot so that you can benefit from it for a long time. Trendy sneakers are suitable for walks and complete the perfect sporty look.

Classic leather shoes with a perforated pattern are best for keeping your feet cool even when working in the office. No matter what occasion you need suitable summer shoes for, they come in all varieties and colours.

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