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As soon as the days get longer, the sun shines regularly and the winter clothes end up in the closet, it’s time for men’s summer jackets. This garment can showcase their personality on warm summer evenings. Whether casual or stylish, with the right summer jacket for men you will always deliver an eye-catcher at barbecues.

The selection of summer jackets for men is diverse. In addition to different styles, there are numerous different colours, patterns and cuts. Furthermore, the models differ in their functionality. Within this article, we would like to give you tips and advice for the perfect outfit with your summer jacket for men. This will help you identify your perfect summer jacket for men.

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Summer jacket for men: The most important questions answered

To make it easier for you to decide which summer jacket for men to buy, we have compiled and answered the most important questions about the product in the following section.

In which styles are summer jackets for men available?

Summer jackets for men come in many different styles, models and colours. Furthermore, within different styles, different materials are processed that have specific properties. In the following list, we have compiled the most concise styles of summer jackets for men.

  • Men’s summer jacket in blouson style: The blouson style is characterised by cuffs, hips and collar. This creates the typical round silhouette of the summer jacket. Originally, this style comes from the US military. James Dean was a defining style icon of the blouson style in the 50s. Now this style is absolutely trendy again. The fabrics such as cotton or suede make these summer jackets for men great models for the summer.
  • Denim jackets as summer jackets for men: The denim jacket is an absolute basic for creating an extraordinary casual look. As a rule, the denim jacket is worn open and ends at the man’s hip. Denim jackets are available in different washes. For a particularly casual look, it is best to opt for a jacket in a light wash in the so-called used look. In contrast, if you prefer classic styles, you can opt for a denim jacket in a dark denim fabric.
  • Summer jackets for men as blazers: If you are a guest at a wedding or a gala dinner in summer and are looking for the perfect accessory to round off your outfit, then a blazer as a summer jacket for men is the right choice. A blazer enhances a festive look that adds the necessary casualness in the evening hours. For formal occasions, you should go for a slim-fit model with a restrained choice of colour. This will make you look modern and festively dressed.
  • College jacket style: You probably know college jackets from American youth films. This style is characteristic of colleges and conveys a casual, sporty style. The jackets are styled with a torso mostly made of wool. The sleeves are designed in a contrasting colour and are usually made of leather or cotton. This gives these summer jackets for men a particularly casual look.
  • Men’s summer jackets in safari jacket style: The designer Yves Saint Laurent brought the safari jacket from the savannah into the fashion industry. This style became popular in the late sixties and is available in countless fashionable variations today. Summer jackets for men in this style are characterised by functional and lightweight fabrics. Mainly, these jackets are found in beige or light colours.
  • The perfect leather jacket as a summer jacket for men: For many men, leather jackets symbolise the feeling of freedom and adventure. Men can’t really go wrong with a leather jacket. It looks cool, rebellious and masculine. There are many different models that vary in colour and wash. A leather jacket is also a relatively warm alternative for long summer nights.
  • The sporty windbreaker as a summer jacket for men: As soon as you want to go on long hikes in the mountains or on the beach in summer, you should definitely go for a sporty windbreaker as a summer jacket for men. Since the weather in these areas is very unstable, this jacket offers an ideal companion. A windbreaker is well insulated and water-repellent due to the use of polyester fabrics. It also emphasises a lightweight feel and can easily be stowed in a backpack.

In order to discover the perfect style for you, you should first try on and test many different summer jackets for men. This will help you to find out which style suits your personality best.

What fabrics are used for men’s summer jackets?

Due to the many different occasions and occasions for which you can wear a summer jacket, there are also many different fabrics that can be used. Cotton or polyester fabrics are often used. However, microfibre and denim fabrics are also used for summer jackets for men.

The so-called denim fabric is the most common. Water-repellent fabrics are often used for windbreakers. The high functionality of the summer jacket for men plays the most important role here.

How do I care for and clean my summer jacket for men?

Generally speaking, summer jackets for men are very easy to clean. Almost all models can be easily washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Nevertheless, follow the care instructions on the label of your summer jacket.

Some models are also suitable for the dryer. However, to keep the quality at a high level, you should let your jacket dry gently in the air. Coarse stains and dirt should be treated by hand beforehand. This will increase the likelihood that your men’s summer jacket will shine 100 percent again.

Styling tips for men’s summer jackets: How to achieve the perfect summer jacket look

  • Tip 1: For a classic combination, wear blue jeans and a plain shirt with your summer jacket. This creates a casual leisure look that can be used for almost all occasions.
  • Tip 2: If you like it classier, go for black or dark fabric or chino trousers. Go with elegant business shoes. You can wear a shirt or polo shirt under your summer jacket. A discreet watch completes the outfit. Occasions here can be weddings or other festive occasions.
  • Tip 3: If you want to stand out in colour, you can wear colourful or even bright T-shirts under the open summer jacket. Match it with colour-coordinated shoes or belts and special socks.
  • Tip 4: For the classic pilot look, choose a leather jacket and pilot-shaped sunglasses. A thin and discreet scarf often goes well with this. The outfit can be rounded off with washed-out jeans and brown shoes.
  • Tip 5: No matter what style you like. Always look for high-quality and quality summer jackets so that you can enjoy combining them for longer.

Our selected styling tips are intended solely to provide you with inspiration. You can integrate them into your everyday life. Of course, you can create, expand and creatively implement combinations according to your own wishes and ideas.


Summer jackets for men are the ideal companion for festivals, long evenings, outdoor parties or cosy evenings in the beer garden. They not only look good late at night, but also protect you against the cold. With the many designs and combination options, summer jackets for men are available for every taste.

Each material underlines a unique character and symbolises your personality. When choosing the right summer jacket for men, you should pay attention to the processed material and keep the occasion in mind. Then you can try out many models without worrying and be the eye-catcher at every summer barbecue party.

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