Last updated: 16/10/2022

Finding the right pair of men’s jeans is the be-all and end-all. Your outfit only really comes into its own when you find the perfect trousers with the right cut. You’ll be the eye-catcher at the next party and a magnet for women.

A suitable cut is the straight leg jeans. It is the mother of all jeans and one of the most popular jeans fits for men. Straight leg jeans flatter just about any figure. However, you should make sure that your men’s jeans fit well. Only then can they reach their full potential.

The Best Men’s Straight Leg Jeans: Our Picks

Straight Leg Jeans for Men: The Most Important Questions Answered

In order to find the right men’s straight leg jeans among the large selection, we have compiled the most important facts for you.

What are men’s straight leg jeans?

Straight Leg Jeans are trousers that are characterised by a straight cut leg. This is where the name “straight leg” comes from. Translated, it means straight and leg. Because of the cut, men’s trousers provide a comfortable fit as they do not cut into the calves or thighs.

Thus, you can hide your problem zones, if any, with these trousers, even as a man. Very strong or dominant calves can be concealed with this cut.

What types of men’s straight leg jeans are there?

Depending on the outfit or occasion, there is the right pair of jeans for every man. Not all straight leg jeans are the same. You will find a list of some types below.

  • Ripped: This type of jeans is ideal with a t-shirt or hoodie. A pair of ripped jeans, is not suitable for a formal occasion. However, ripped men’s straight leg jeans are more suitable for men with slimmer thighs. The holes could otherwise cut in unflatteringly.
  • With stretch: A pair of jeans may be uncomfortable when worn for a long time. But they don’t have to be. A pair of men’s straight leg jeans with stretch can prevent this. This ensures that the trousers flex with every activity.
  • Made from sustainable material: Thinking and acting environmentally conscious is becoming more and more popular. For this reason, there are also men’s jeans that are made from sustainable materials. For example, straight leg men’s jeans are produced with sustainable cotton.

Furthermore, you also have a choice of different colours. Men’s straight leg jeans are not only available in the classic tone.

How do I wash and care for my men’s straight leg jeans?

To keep your trousers in good condition for as long as possible, you should not wash them too often. On the one hand, this can cause darker jeans to fade. The fabric of your men’s jeans will wear out more quickly and lose its shape. It makes sense to wash your trousers only when they are dirty or soiled. However, if your jeans only smell of smoke or food, you can simply let them air out on the balcony overnight.

When washing your new men’s jeans for the first time, be aware that your men’s straight leg jeans may rub off. Therefore, it is best to wash the trousers with items that have a similar colour. Ideally, the jeans should be washed at 30°. However, before washing the straight leg jeans in the washing machine, turn the trousers inside out and empty the pockets.

Styling tips for straight leg jeans for men: How to achieve the perfect straight leg jeans look

Tip 1: Roll up your men’s straight leg jeans. This will give your outfit a little something extra.

Tip 2: The trousers can also go very well with a shirt and tie.

Tip 3: Are you more of a gentleman who prefers the sporty look? Then we recommend you combine a T-shirt or a hoodie and sneakers with the trousers.

Tip 4: Tuck your T-shirt into your trousers to portray a clean look. While you’re at it, if you need a belt, you could emphasise that.

Tip 5: You can also achieve a classic autumn look with a pair of men’s straight leg jeans. For this, combine your trousers with a coat and a sweatshirt.

Men’s straight leg jeans are therefore the perfect all-rounder. They can be worn for any occasion. How you combine your jeans depends entirely on your situation and preference.


In summary, straight leg jeans are the perfect trousers for every stylish man. They are the all-rounder among trousers. Because of the various possible combinations, jeans can be worn in any situation. To a job application with a suit jacket, to the next party or to a visit to the grandparents.

However, the trousers are not only convincing with their endless combination possibilities. The straight leg jeans for men are also stylish. So if you are looking for a pair of trousers that you can combine with anything and that accentuates your figure, you should buy straight leg jeans.

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