Last updated: 16/10/2022

A good winter jacket is a must for every man. Sports winter jackets for men are becoming more and more modern and stylish. It has long since ceased to serve as a purely functional jacket. Ski jackets for men are practical, modern and popular not only on the slopes but also in the city.

A useful men’s ski jacket keeps wind, water and cold at bay. Whatever you want to accommodate, the many pockets allow it. Whether colourful, luminous stripes integrated into the design or plain, a ski jacket is a must-have for the modern man!

The Best Mens Ski Jacket: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men’s ski jackets

Whether it’s a classic winter jacket or a winter sports jacket, you will come across a variety of colours, materials and functions when buying a ski jacket. When buying, you should pay attention to where you want to use the men’s jacket. For freeriding or ski touring, for example, less thick jackets are important. Instead, you should dress according to the onion principle. Once the intended use is clear, you can buy a ski jacket for men according to your needs. There are the following criteria that you should consider when buying.

  • Enough water repellency
  • Enough wind protection
  • Good breathability
  • Proper fit
  • Good workmanship of the material

We have described what exactly is important in the criteria in more detail here.

Enough water repellency

One criterion for water repellency is the so-called “water column”. It describes how many millimetres of water your men’s ski jacket can withstand without moisture penetrating.

If you are still a beginner skier and fall into the snow frequently, a higher water column is worthwhile. It is also more important for regular deep snow descents.

The value is set according to the DIN standard EN 343:2010-05 and is given in millimetres. Men’s jackets are waterproof from 1,500 mm, a value of at least 5,000 mm is recommended. Men’s ski jackets usually have a value of at least 10,000 mm. However, with time and more pressure, the water column will wear down, so you should better buy a winter sports jacket with a higher value.

Important: Sometimes, instead of the water column value, there is a number with a K in front of it. The K stands for thousand. So at 1.5 K, your ski jacket can withstand a pressure of at least 1,500 mm of water before it seeps through. Still, as described in the questions below, a DWR coating and seam sealing is almost more important than a high water column.

Enough wind protection

There is often a lot of wind blowing on the slopes. The wind on a downhill run can also be very strong. Ski anoraks are specifically designed for winter sports, so windproofing is part of the comfort for you.

Many models have a high collar and a hood so that you can optimally protect your face and ears from the cold air. This should be very close to your head so that it does not slip in the wind. You should also make sure that the hood fits well under your helmet.

A snow guard is also essential for this, as it prevents the wind from creeping under the jacket. If you choose a men’s ski jacket with velcro on the sleeve, you can prevent the wind from getting through by having tight-fitting sleeves.

A hardshell jacket for men is also particularly wind- and water-repellent thanks to the special membrane technology.

Good breathability

Breathable men’s ski jackets have a membrane that repels water, snow and wind. At the same time, warm air is let through to the outside.

If you are sweaty from sport, the sweat is immediately transported to the outside and you don’t catch a cold because you open the jacket. Just like a Gore-Tex men’s jacket, hardshell anoraks are breathable. So moisture doesn’t stand a chance in these jackets.

Right fit

Skiing is a sport where you need a lot of freedom of movement. You need to choose the amount of leeway so that you are not restricted when skiing with poles.

In the racing crouch, you should have your whole back covered. If you wear back protectors, you should still have enough space for them under your backpack.

Your men’s ski jacket should therefore be sufficiently long. The advantage of sporty cuts is also the greatest possible freedom of movement.

Good material workmanship

For the greatest possible comfort, men’s ski jackets should be warm and water- and wind-repellent. To achieve this, the material must be well made and welded. Basically, winter sports jackets for men consist of either a laminated or a coated membrane.

A coating rubs off quickly. If you ski with a backpack or fall more often as a beginner, you increase the abrasion even more. A laminated men’s jacket has an advantage there. This is also more resistant to wetness and wind.

Many winter sports jackets for men have Primaloft padding or are 2- or 3-layer hardshell jackets. We have briefly listed the differences here:

  • 2-layer: Outer material and membrane are laminated to each other. To prevent premature wear of the membrane, jackets with two layers are additionally equipped with a light lining material. This is not welded to the membrane.
  • 3-layer: outer fabric, membrane and lining are welded together (laminated).

Hardshell jackets for men with three layers are thus better welded and therefore have a higher quality.

Ski jackets for men: The most important questions answered for you

Making the right choice is not easy despite considering the criteria listed above that you should look out for when buying. There is a lot more to consider. That is why we have answered the most important questions for you below.

What features are there in men’s ski jackets?

Most ski jackets for men have a variety of details that allow you to customise your men’s jacket perfectly to your needs. In the following, we have described a few important ones for you so that you can find your optimal winter sports anorak.

  • Ventilation zips: Many models have closable ventilation zones to regulate the climate individually. This helps you to avoid colds. The zips are usually located under the arms or on the chest.
  • Pockets: The many pockets have the advantage that you can stow your mobile phone, a bar for in between or your wallet. If these are on the underarm or on the chest, you can easily access them. It is important that the pockets can be closed well.
  • Snow skirt: The snow skirt or powder skirt is a buckle that you can fasten around your waist. This prevents snow and wind from getting in easily.
  • DWR coating: The invisible coating is located over the material of your men’s ski jacket. This causes liquids to bead up. When you buy men’s jackets with a PFC-free DWR coating, you are doing something good for people, animals and the environment.
  • Taped seams: A large water column and thermal insulation are only useful with sealed seams. It also makes the material last longer. Only with softshell jackets for men is the technology different and the sealing not quite as important.
  • Fingerless gloves: Many men’s ski jackets have a kind of fingerless glove integrated at the end of the sleeve, which is sewn directly to the jacket. This prevents snow from getting into your snow jacket through the sleeves. You also keep your hands warm without extra gloves.
  • Bright colours: The brighter the colours of your men’s ski jacket, the more modern it is. Sophisticated details such as colour-contrasting zip strips, fur-trimmed collars or cool patterns will set you apart from other men. Bright colours also ensure more safety, as you will be seen better.

The many functional and fashionable features of a men’s ski jacket ensure that they are versatile.

Can I also use my men’s ski jacket as a winter jacket?

Modern ski jackets for men offer a high level of comfort and are particularly practical. Nowadays they are very sophisticated in terms of style. If you combine them with jeans or chinos, they are absolutely suitable for everyday wear.

Thanks to bright colours and partly reflective elements, you will be seen well both during the day and at night. If you are more the inconspicuous type, there are also plainer versions.

The many pockets are also very practical. You can store everything from your wallet to your bunch of keys without the men’s jacket being less stylish. Many models also have pockets with audio outlets so you can listen to your music on the go without getting your phone wet.

Features like the snow skirt will also keep the wind out in the city. This is especially handy if you live near the sea.

Are good mobility and a thick ski jacket for men a contradiction?

Men’s ski jackets are designed for sports in the cold. That’s why manufacturers have incorporated various functions to keep you warm and still guarantee freedom of movement. Gore-Tex, for example, is a material that provides complete freedom of movement despite its thickness.

How do I clean and care for my men’s ski jacket?

The membrane of men’s ski jackets is only fully functional when the jacket is clean. Therefore, regular cleaning is important. Basically, ski jackets for men not only repel water and wind, but also dirt. This makes them very easy to care for. For superficial dirt, a little water and a soft cloth is enough.

If you want to remove sweat and salt, you can wash most men’s ski jackets. When doing so, be sure to check the care label. If you are unsure, ask your sports retailer. They can refer you directly to the manufacturer if necessary. In most cases, you can put them in the washing machine at 30 to 40 degrees.

There are special detergents for winter sports clothing for men. This often also has an impregnating function. Liquid detergents are usually okay, fabric softener and spin cycle are taboo. However, it is best not to dry the men’s ski jacket in the tumble dryer, but in the fresh air.


You can combine the ski jacket for men with anything. Especially for men, a ski sports jacket offers real added value: you no longer need to carry a cumbersome backpack, but can stow everything important in the pockets. So you have a stylish multi-functional jacket.

With beautifully integrated luminous stripes and bright colours, you have also ensured your own safety with a men’s ski jacket. Whether you are a modern man in the city, a stylish skier on the slopes or a gentleman who carries everything he needs without an extra pocket – with a ski jacket you are always well equipped!

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