Last updated: 16/10/2022

Summer is over and the colder days are just around the corner: all you need now is the right winter jacket so you can continue to enjoy your time outdoors. You are looking for a nice coat that is not too thick but still keeps you nice and warm. As a recommendation: a lambskin coat for men.

Men’s lambskin coats not only keep you extra warm, but also look very chic and high quality. You can be sure that you will cut an elegant figure on your next walk. You can find important information about lambskin coats for men here.


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Lambskin coat for men: The most important questions answered

You have decided to buy a men’s lambskin coat, but still have a few questions before buying such a high-quality jacket?! No problem, we have summarised the most important questions for you and answered them below.

In which styles are men’s lambskin coats available?

You don’t have to do without a wide selection of lambskin coats for men either. The market for lambskin coats is very versatile and is sure to offer the right coat for you. Essentially, the models differ in the following features:

  • Colour: Most of the time, the coats are designed in a uniform and simple colour, but sometimes you can find multi-coloured jackets with contrasting jacket pockets, for example. Generally, darker colours are very popular for men’s lambskin coats. You will find a wide selection of brown, black and grey coats. However, you are sure to find mixtures of black and brown or even blue lambskin coats.
  • Lambskin: On the one hand, you can buy coats made of artificial lambskin, but also coats made of real lambskin. The colour of the lambskin also plays a decisive role. Either you buy a coat in which the colour of the fur contrasts with the rest of the coat, so that the focus is more on the lambskin. Otherwise, you can also buy men’s coats in which the coat colour and the fur colour match.
  • Cut: There are many different cuts available on the market: On the one hand, there are shorter coats that make your look a little more sporty. These coats are usually also cut more closely and often have various other applications, such as belts to adjust the width of the sleeves. On the other hand, there are classic, longer men’s lambskin coats that are cut a little wider and thus accentuate your figure less. In addition, these longer lambskin coats for men are usually more suitable for dressier occasions.

These are the most important features from which you can put together your individual lambskin coat for men and the right occasion.

How do I care for and clean men’s lambskin coats?

If you have purchased such a high-quality lambskin coat, you are sure to ask yourself how best to care for and clean it so that you can wear it for a long time. We have summarised the most important points for you:

  1. special cleaning products: Please use only special cleaning products for leather and lambskin. If you are not sure about the cleaning product, we recommend that you first try this on a concealed area, such as the inside.
  2. professional cleaning: Smaller stains can usually be cleaned quickly and easily from home, but for larger stains it is advisable to consult an expert and ask for advice.
  3. Protection from / during wear: A waterproofing spray for leather products is the best protection and should be applied to the jacket before it is worn for the first time. Avoid getting wet as much as possible. If the coat does get wet, hang it out to air at normal room temperature.
  4. Storage: If you want to hang out your men’s coat during the warm season, we recommend hanging it on a wide hanger in a well-ventilated wardrobe. Leather needs room to breathe!

These are the important tips you should consider for caring for and cleaning your men’s lambskin coat. Take good care of your men’s lambskin coat so that you will have fun with it for a long time.

During which seasons can I wear my men’s lambskin coat?

A lambskin coat for men is found in the category of winter jackets and is mainly for the cooler seasons: Autumn and Winter. As soon as the temperatures drop below 15 degrees, a men’s lambskin coat is suitable for walks and other outdoor activities. In the end, it is well worth the investment as you can wear the lambskin coat for several months of the year.

Styling tips for men’s lambskin coat: How to achieve the perfect lambskin coat look

To help you get the styling right, we’ve put together a styling tip for you and your men’s lambskin coat:

  1. Combine your lambskin coat with a nice accessory: there are plenty of lambskin gloves that will go super with your men’s lambskin coat and a nice scarf always looks good too.
  2. A nice hat can also add to your styling and will also keep you extra warm on cold winter days.
  3. If you want to make your outfit a little more sporty with a men’s lambskin coat, a cool sweatshirt or a turtleneck jumper under the coat is recommended so that you can wear the coat open.
  4. For a dressier outfit, combine your men’s lambskin coat with smart jeans or suit trousers and elegant shoes. A nice jumper and shirt collar will peek out from under the coat.

We hope that with these tips, styling with your lambskin coat for men will be easier for you.


In summary, the lambskin coat for men is a very versatile investment. Above all, the high-quality men’s coat is ideal for the cold winter days, but can be combined at will for various occasions.

Whether a casual, rustic look is desired or you want to wear the coat for men to a business dinner, everything is possible with it. With the different features of cut, colour and lambskin, you can quickly and easily find the right coat for you and your perfect occasion.

(Image source: Sophie Louisnard / unsplash)