Last updated: 16/10/2022

The riding boot for men is a must-have for every rider and an indispensable part of equestrian sport. No matter what type of riding boot for men, a continuous sole prevents snagging in the stirrup.

Whether riding boots for men as lace-up boots, with zip or stretch insert, a high-quality boot should be robust and weather-resistant. Find out here how to find your individual riding boot for men and what makes riding footwear so special.


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Riding boots for men: The most important questions answered

A riding boot for men should fulfil the rider’s wishes, fit well and support every movement. Find out here what you should consider when buying a riding boot for men.

What types of riding boots are there for men?

Riding boots for men come in different materials and designs. Some of them are specifically designed for a certain type of riding. In the following, you can find out which model is best suited.

Leather riding boots: For professional use and in competition sport, the traditional leather boot for men is indispensable. Leather boots are also particularly suitable for leisure and cross-country riders, as these models focus on high comfort and robustness.

Jumping boots: A jumping boot has a softer finish, as it has to allow the rider and the legs more mobility. Jumping boots for men are often used for hunting or cross-country riding. They also protect the rider from branches and thorns at the same time. These boots for men are often finished off with colour-contrasting cuffs at the top or with a lacing in the instep area to aid entry.

Dressage boot: A dressage boot for men has the classic shape of a riding boot and has a higher shape than a jumping boot. A typical feature of the dressage boot is the narrow cut in the calf area. Also characteristic of the dressage boot are the so-called dressage arch on the upper edge and a reinforced rear cap in the heel area. Reinforcement on the outside of the boot promotes a more stable position of the lower leg and makes the rider’s legs look more elegant and longer.

What should be considered when buying riding boots for men?

When buying riding boots for men, comfort, protection and practicality should form the basis. If you ride a lot, train regularly and intensively and also participate in tournaments, you should prefer riding boots made of leather. The wide selection includes different fits, materials, colours and functions.

Important measurements for buying men’s riding boots are shoe size, calf width and height. The combination of these values determines what size riding boot you need. The calf circumference is measured at the widest point, whereas the measurement for the shaft height is taken at the bottom to the knee gap.

The material of the riding boots for men is usually leather. This is particularly robust and relatively stiff. Riding boots made of calfskin offer finer and softer leather, but the price is significantly higher.

The fit is one of the most important factors. In any case, the riding boot for men should be tried on and feel good to wear. The fit should be neither too wide nor too tight and provide good support. With leather riding boots, it should be noted that the leather needs to be broken in and becomes more supple over time.

What are the advantages of riding boots for men?

Riding boots for men are a must-have for riders due to their many positive features, such as improved grip and hold on the saddle blade as well as stability and protection of the legs. Choosing the right riding boots contributes to your well-being as well as to your safety during stable work.

Especially in dressage riding, it is argued that riding boots allow the rider to have a steadier leg. The various advantages of the special dressage boots for men are essential for the sport.

A distinct advantage with riding boots for men is a zip, this can make the boots much easier to put on and take off. The zip can either be on the shaft side or on the back. In the case of a zip on the back, however, it only reaches as far as the heel cap, which means that it is more difficult for riders with a high instep to get into the boot than if the entry is completely through the side.

Which riding boots for men are suitable for winter?

Many riding boots for men are also available in lined versions. This means that rides and stable work can be enjoyed even on cold winter days. A thicker lining may impair the sensitivity in the leg and thus to the horse. Another important factor is the robustness of the outer material. Riding boots for men should be waterproof and warm. A popular variant are leather boots lined with lambskin. These are not as thick as thermal boots, but are still warming.


The right and suitable riding boot for men is elementary for the rider. The special shape of the footwear is adapted to the special requirements of riding. The feature that unites both riding shoes and riding boots for men is the continuous sole. This is important to reduce the risk of injury.

When buying riding boots for men, pay attention to the non-slip sole and the optimal calf fit. Only if the hold in the stirrup and the fit in the shaft is good can an excellent position of the lower leg be guaranteed.

Image source (Philip Oursel / unsplash)