Last updated: 16/10/2022

[Bundfaltenhosen für Herren haben sich im Freizeit- und Business-Look seit Mitte 1980 durchgesetzt – by Drew Coffman on Unsplash]

Pleated trousers for men are very popular. They not only look elegant because of their pleats at the front waistband, but are often also much more comfortable. This is because the hip and seat area is cut wider than normal trousers and the pleats create greater freedom of movement.

Pleated trousers for men are a real alternative to jeans. They are a category all their own and differ mainly in style. Pleated trousers for men are so popular because they can be combined excellently. For example, for business casual occasions or special occasions in the leisure sector such as for a particularly festive evening. That is why, according to surveys, men have an average of 8 pairs of trousers in their wardrobe.

The Best Men’s Pleated Trousers: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying pleated trousers for men

Pleated trousers for men essentially differ in their focus of intended use. Whether they fit perfectly and are comfortable to wear in terms of material and cut is the central question. Therefore, pay attention to the following buying criteria:

  • Style
  • Material
  • Cut

In the following section you will find out which aspects are important in detail.


Pleated trousers for men come in different styles. They can easily be divided into the categories “business”, “business casual”, “leisure” and “trend”.

  • Business: The classic pleat trousers for men with the straight, long leg and a pleat starting in the middle at the waistband are probably the most worn type of trousers in the business sector. They are usually combined with a jacket in the same colour and material. This combination as a single unit is then called a suit.
  • Business casual: The pleated trousers for men can be excellently combined with different colours and patterns with the jacket. This creates an individual look that expresses one’s personality and fashion sense. Such an outfit is ideal for casual business events.
  • Leisure: Many people like to wear jeans in their free time. They come in many different cuts, including pleated. Such pleated trousers for men are the perfect combination for every man who wants to dress stylishly and comfortably at the same time in his leisure time. But business casual outfits are also ideal for leisure time.
  • Trend: Pleated trousers for men already existed in the 1920s and 1950s. The predecessor of the classic cut originated in the extroverted fashion of the 1970s. At that time, easy-care work trousers were first designed for American dockworkers. There were partly distinctive cut variations that are now contemporary witnesses of bygone eras. When they will be declared a trend again by the fashion world is a question of time. For example, cargo trousers with their patch or sewn-in side pockets in the thigh and knee area. They were available as designer goods for 2500 euros. From about 1990/95 until around 2010/15, cargo pants were accepted as everyday wear in wide circles of society, but then suddenly lost their prestige.

Since pleated trousers have become popular for both men and women, it is hard to imagine a wardrobe without them. The many possible combinations are suitable for almost every purpose and occasion.


Pleated trousers for men are usually made of a material blend. Of course, there are also variants that are made of 100 % one fabric. But it is the use of different fabrics that gives the trousers their special properties.

Models made of mixed fabrics such as wool and synthetic fibres are easier to care for than if they were only made of wool. And materials made of elastic fibres like elastane promote wearing comfort and thus freedom of movement. In addition, these trousers stay in shape longer.

For these reasons, natural and synthetic fibres are usually used in combination to make pleated trousers for men. Naturally, they are obtained from wood or cotton and artificially produced from petroleum.

For example, the following are used: cotton, virgin wool, leather, linen, viscose, polyester, polyacrylic, polyamide and elastane. Depending on the proportions in which the fabrics are used and processed, different looks, quality differences and properties are created.

There are no limits to the industry. However, there is less creative experimentation in men’s fashion as is the case with women’s fashion. What does play a role are the seasons. For example, corduroy trousers (80 – 90 % cotton and 10 – 20 % polyester) are ideal for the cold season. They are also very wear-resistant.


Pleats: Pleated trousers for men usually have two to four pleats ironed into the front waistband below the waistband. It is rather rare to see a cut with pleats in the back as well. The pleats are created by folding the trousers to a certain depth before sewing the waistband seam. The result is a generous width and comfortable freedom of movement in the hip and seat area. Unmistakable features that only pleated trousers can have.

Shape: The shape of the trousers from hem to ankle varies depending on the cut. If it is straight, as in the classic cut, the trousers retain their generous width. If it narrows, the result is a moderate width, the typical characteristic of carrot trousers. Or, with pleated trousers, you will find a higher waist or only a hint of a carrot shape.

Size: It is essential to determine the clothing size (cut) before ordering online! Because not all people have the same body proportions. That means they often deviate from the “normal size”. For example, the length of the legs is shorter in relation to the upper body than would normally be the case. The waist also deviates from the normal measurement when overweight and requires an adjusted clothing size.

For this reason, it is important that you take measurements of your body before buying. Then compare your data with the online shop operator’s measurement chart.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Determine your height without shoes from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.
  2. Measure the circumference of your waist from above the hip bone loosely around the waist.
  3. Measure the side length of your legs from the waist over the hip to the sole of the foot.

To ensure that your purchase of pleated trousers for men is a success, the width of the waistband around your waist must be correct. In the best case, you will find a suitable clothing size on the measurement chart of your online shop operator that corresponds not only to the waist circumference but also to the length of your legs. Otherwise, you will be forced to take in the leg lengths or have an envelope sewn.

Men’s Pleated Trousers: The most important questions answered

The selection of pleated trousers for men is rather modest compared to women’s fashion. Nevertheless, it is worth clarifying a few questions beforehand. It makes the search for the right model easier if you know the different aspects and take them into account before making your purchase decision. We will help you with the following answers to the most important questions.

How do I know if my new pleated trousers for men fit well?

If your new pleated trousers for men fit well, then they will feel comfortable and pleasant to wear. They sit loosely on the hips and do not constrict when standing or sitting.

In this case, you have not only chosen the right waist size, but also a model whose material can stretch. This stretch effect is created by models that are made entirely or partly of synthetic fibres and contain spandex, for example.

Your pleated trousers for men are also suitable if they rest on your shoes when you stand upright normally and only create a single crease. And if the trouser leg falls so that it ends at the heel edge, then they are also just right in length.

Which model of pleated trousers for men should you choose?

First ask yourself for what purpose you need a new pair of pleated trousers for men. Are you looking for a model that you can wear both for business and for leisure?

What colour do you want your new pleated trousers for men to be? Which vest would you like to combine them with? After all, the look should fit and not be a poke in the eye. Do you envisage your new trousers having a turn-up at the trouser leg for a more elegant look? Or do you even want pockets to be attached or sewn into the thigh area? Are you looking for a model that you would like to wear exclusively in your free time and does not necessarily have to correspond to the current zeitgeist?

Depending on how you answer these questions for yourself, one model or another will emerge and another will be ruled out. The answers will show you the way in the online search. You will find your desired object more quickly because you have already narrowed it down considerably with your answers.

How do I care for my pleated trousers for men?

To ensure that you enjoy your new pleated trousers for men for a long time, please always follow the care instructions on the sewn-in label. Because there are many models that do not belong in the washing machine, but need to be professionally cleaned. In this case, take your pleated trousers for men to the dry cleaners no more than once or twice a season. This will not only protect the fabric, but also the colours.

It is important that you always make sure to air out your suit trousers well after wearing them. Do this overnight on the balcony, for example. This procedure is usually enough to remove odours from the clothing. If you occasionally dust the fabric with a soft natural hair brush (made of horsehair, for example), your pleated trousers will stay beautiful for a very long time. Never use synthetic bristles, as they could damage the fabric.

Small stains are best treated with a damp cloth. And if you occasionally iron your pleated trousers for men to keep them crease-free, they will easily look as if they have just come from the cleaners.

Styling tips: How to achieve the perfect look with your pleated trousers for men

The perfect business look consists of a suit that is perfectly coordinated in material and colour. You usually get a pair of pleated trousers with the jacket and sometimes even a waistcoat. This combination fits every situation in a business context.

Pleated trousers for men are a good basis for men to combine them with jackets, coats, casual and business shirts but also with shirts.

For leisure, pleated trousers for men are ideal with polo shirts. They can be put together to create a sporty and elegant summer outfit. And together with a V-neck shirt and a jacket, you can even achieve a smart-casual look à la “Miami Vice”.

Pleated trousers for men are ideal for combining with jumpers and cardigans in autumn and winter. There are a multitude of options for this, and the only thing that matters is to match your personal taste and style.

You can add the finishing touch to your outfit by adding matching accessories to your garments. Find the right belt or braces, the right casual or business shoes, or even a scarf, cap or hat.

And if you also have a selection of wristwatches and the frames of your glasses can be colour-coordinated with your clothes, then you will achieve the perfect look. You are sure to receive a compliment or two.


Pleated trousers for men have meanwhile established themselves in the fashion world for both men and women. Because the many advantages, such as freedom of movement, wearing comfort and combinability for a good look, are convincing. They already existed in one form or another. But the definitive breakthrough for men’s pleated trousers came with the TV series “Miami Vice”.

In it, the main characters wore men’s pleated trousers in eye-catching colours with jackets and T-shirts, creating a casual yet slightly formal fashion style. Since then, men’s pleated trousers have become increasingly popular and now completely dominate both elegant casual and discreetly reliable business outfits.

(Source: unsplash / 123rf)