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Smell and attraction: these are not simply two words used in marketing to sell us perfumes. These two concepts have gone hand in hand since the dawn of humanity. Our body odour defines us. Some even go as far as saying that people who have chemistry aren’t bothered by their significant other’s sweat smell.

Perfumes help us foster this very specific characteristic of ours. Our style of dress, the music we listen to, the bars we go to, the books and press we read: they all define us. It is no different for a perfume, a distinctive feature that identifies us individually. Why? Because we choose it according to our own tastes.


  • Two people wearing the same perfume will never smell quite exactly the same. This is because our skin’s pH and body temperature ultimately define the fragrance, giving a unique smell.
  • We recommend you to try a perfume on your skin before buying it. However, don’t do it if you’re already wearing one: the end result will be altered.
  • Many experts in psychology recommend changing perfume on specific occasions, such as on weekends, or every now and then. You’ll feel different and your smell will adapt to distinct situations.

The best men’s perfumes: Our Picks

There is an incredible variety of men’s perfumes on the market. With this fantastic diversity of smells, some products have become extremely popular thanks to their special aroma. Certain perfumes have even existed for decades, turning into authentic legends of the industry. The following section is our very own selection of the best men’s perfumes available on the market.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about men’s perfumes

While many men use perfume on a daily basis, others see it as something unique to be kept for special occasions. Be it as it may, psychologists agree that a perfume plays a part in defining you as a person. The smell isn’t the only aspect you should consider when buying your product: the way the fragrance makes you feel is key.

Nowadays, perfumes rarely cause allergies as safety regulations have become stricter.(Source: Belchonock: 101019701/

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using perfume?

According to psychologists, your self-esteem is improved by wearing perfume; this is because feeling clean makes us more comfortable with ourselves and those around us. Some studies have also demonstrated that perfume makes us more attractive in the eyes of others. Is it also worth noting that a perfume is considered to be a distinguishing mark.

On the downside, one negative aspect of these products is that certain chemical substances present may lead to allergic reactions on the skin. Opting for an unsuitable fragrance, or one that is too strong, may bother people around you. You’ll find perfumes that are overly sweet or too intense.

What different scents can you perceive from a perfume?

Have you ever wondered why, your fragrance seems to take on different smells over the course of the day? This is quite simple: perfumes change over time. For this purpose, several notes are added to the fragrance during the creation of its essences.

First of all, we have what are called “top notes” or “head notes”: these correspond to the scents we experience within the first two hours of putting a fragrance on. The “heart notes” or “middle notes” that identify a perfume are perceived up to six hours later; finally, the “base notes” can be detectable beyond 24 hours after wearing the fragrance.

men's perfumes

The market offers a wide variety of products and prices.(Source: Ayphoto: 41840020/

What is the difference between a perfume and a cologne?

“Eau de parfum” and “eau de toilette” are very similar, although the first is perfume and the latter cologne. The concentration of aromatic essence, as well as the concentration level of aromatic oils are the only difference between the two; this simply means one will have a longer-lasting scent. Here is a list with more precise values for you to understand the differences:

  • Eau de Cologne: It has low alcoholic level and oil concentration (between 2 and 4%).
  • Eau de toilette: This fresh fragrance has a higher alcohol concentration (between 5 and 12%).
  • Eau de parfum: Its intensity is mild, with a concentration ranging between 12 and 18%.
“The greatest perfumer of all time is nature.” (Olivier Durbano)

What are the different olfactive families?

The industry experts generally divide fragrances into families, each one reflecting certain characteristics in the person who smells it. Citrus, for instance, create refreshing aromas that evoke spontaneity, luminosity and subtle elegance. On the other hand, leather fragrances transmit elegance and simplicity.

When it comes to woody scents, the sandalwood will remind those who smell it of mystery and warmth, while cedar is perceived as a powerful fragrance. The oriental family has a dominant note of amber, a unique group of perfumes that evokes warmth and sensuality. Aquatic fragrances are fresh and denote purity.

men's perfumes

Some products that have been on the market for years have kept the same price as they have remained popular.(Source: Vectorpocket: 75530109/

Can perfumes be harmful to my skin or health?

Yes, there actually are products containing harmful elements. While legislation has become increasingly strict in recent years (it had been extremely permissive and was a risk to health), agreements between different countries still need to be made to regulate jointly.

Specific substances have also been found to be particularly dangerous, and cannot fall into the hands of people suffering from allergies. In order to avoid this, regulations have been strengthened: there is now a list of over 20 substances that must be identified on products to inform consumers of their presence.

Which perfume is the right one for me?

If you are: Choose scents such as:
Serious and reserved Wooden scents, such as sandalwood or patchouli, or oriental scents
Cheerful and relaxed Fruity scents (especially exotic fruits) or citrus
Classic and neat Green scents like moss or oak, and lavender
Very active and energetic Citrus and Hesperides families such as lemon, orange or grapefruit

What should I avoid when choosing a perfume?

It is essential for you to remember that each person has a different pH, meaning that each skin has a distinct acidity. This is why we recommend against selecting a perfume simply because a friend of yours wore it and you liked it. It may actually be very different when you wear it.

When you’re in the process of trying out fragrances, avoid putting two on very close together; this will affect the aromas of both products. As we mentioned earlier, you should also keep in mind that the different scents of a product will change over the several hours you wear it. Never buy a perfume that you dislike or are uncomfortable with, regardless of whether the brand is very reputable.

Shopping Criteria

We like to smell good and we feel comfortable when we please people around us, reflecting who we are on others; we like that the people we love do the same. This is why choosing the right product in such a big market may be difficult. We’ve designed the following section to talk about the key aspects you should keep in mind before making your purchase:

Types of scents

Whether you’re buying a perfume for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, the tastes and personality of the user are essential in your decision. You should also know how the fragrance will be used: will it be part of your everyday routine, or will you keep it for special occasions?

The base notes tend to be one the following types of scent: citrus, fruity, woody, floral or green. It is important not to neglect these, as they should complement the personality of the user of the fragrances; they will also reflect other traits such as joy, serenity, elegance or good vibes.

Personality of user

You should know by now the main essences that are found in perfumes and colognes, so let’s have a look at which character trait they complement. If you are a reserved person and prefer to be in control, we suggest you opt for a woody fragrance. On the other hand, go for citrus fragrances if you are very active and optimistic.

Serious and elegant people will want to look for something with nutmeg, mint and jasmine notes; if you are casual and relaxed, fruity fragrances will be your go-to options. Remember that the key is that the smell should always be pleasant and you should feel comfortable with the perfume.

Giorgi ArmaniItalian Fashion Designer
“A well-chosen fragrance can be a distinctive feature. It is the first thing people perceive when they enter a room and the last thing they feel when they leave.”


Your personality isn’t the only element that will help you buy the ideal fragrance and brand for you. When you’ll use the perfume is also very important. You naturally won’t dress the same way when going to work as when you meet your friends for a Saturday night out. Distinct events also bring out different sides of you.

In that regard, woody fragrances will be prioritised for nighttime and for moments of pure simplicity, while daytime and casual occasions will favour herbal fragrances. Sweet scents are more suitable during winter and autumn, while citrus fragrances will be the perfect complement during the summer months.


According to the European Commission, more than 2,500 fragrance ingredients are used in perfumes worldwide. Because some of these can lead to allergic reactions or skin irritations, a list of 26 substances that must be identified on products to inform consumers of their presence was established in 1999.

Experts explain that, despite scientific advances in recent years, there still are gaps in knowledge regarding topics such as the specific flavouring substances that lead to allergic reactions in people, or the exposure levels that can be considered safe for non-allergic population groups.

We strongly recommend you stick with 100% natural, allergen and chemical-free products if you often suffer from allergies.


The perfume a man wears can help him introduce himself to new people. The scents you choose will provide clues about your personality and taste to whoever you’re speaking with. And remember, a perfume isn’t pure vanity: the people around you will become nicer if you emit a pleasant smell.

Keep in mind that the time of day, the season and even the days of the week will affect the fragrance you use. You wouldn’t go to a rock music festival with a suit and tie now, would you? It is essential that you pick the right perfume for every occasion, to make you comfortable and attractive to others.

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