Last updated: 16/10/2022

The long coat for men protects you from all kinds of weather in autumn and winter. Wind and cold don’t bother you with the right long coat. At the same time, it is an absolute fashionable eye-catcher. Combined correctly, you can wear it to any occasion, whether elegant or sporty, the possibilities are endless.

A long coat flatters every man’s figure and every fashion-conscious gentleman should own at least one model. In the following, we would like to answer a few questions for you and then give you additional styling tips for your perfect outfit around the long coat for men.

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Long coat for men: The most important questions answered

The long coat for men is considered a very special and, above all, trendy item of clothing, which is why questions about this topic come up again and again. We would like to answer them for you below.

In which styles are long coats for men available?

Long coats for men are not only functional, they are also super stylish. Because with long coats you have the choice between trench coats, wool or down coats.

  • Wool coats: The wool long coat for men usually has a simple design. It is particularly suitable for serious appearances, but this long coat is also a great eye-catcher in leisure time.
  • Down coats: The long coat for men made of down is by far the warmest variant of the long coats and at the same time super chic. This model keeps you cosy and warm even on the coldest winter days. What’s more, the hood provides additional protection from wind and weather.
  • Trench coat: The long coat in trench coat design is a rather thinner model. With its striking collar and button placket, this model makes the wearer look particularly interesting. This variant of the long coat for men is particularly suitable for spring and autumn.

Whichever type of long coat for men you choose, you won’t regret it in any situation. Because no matter what form it takes, the long coat is always an absolute fashion highlight.

What distinguishes a long coat for men?

As the name long coat already suggests, the special thing about this model is its length. It is not uncommon for a long coat for men to reach over the knee or even to the ankles.

If you want to impress with special fashion skills and like to dress extravagantly, there are also floor-length models. In principle, there are many different designs and types of long coats for men, so that every man can find what he is looking for.

How do I care for and clean my men’s long coat?

A rule of thumb is that a men’s long coat without lining can usually be washed in your own washing machine on the gentle cycle. However, you should always check the label, there may be variations depending on the material. If you are unsure, we recommend taking the coat to the dry cleaner.

Smaller stains, on the other hand, can be removed by hand at home. For coarser dirt, a soft clothes brush is suitable and lint can be removed with a lint roller, for example. We also recommend hanging up your long coat for airing every now and then to prevent odour build-up.

Styling tips for men’s long coats: How to achieve the perfect long coat look

The long coat for men can be used in many different ways. From sporty to elegant, everything is possible. Below we give you some tips on how to achieve the perfect outfit with your long coat for men.

  1. Casual: For a casual look, a long coat for men in a light oversized look is recommended. Combine this model with jeans and boots to create a casual street look.
  2. Elegant: You can also easily style the men’s long coat elegantly. A classic black model is particularly suitable for this. Combined with a suit, the long coat gives your look the finishing touch for special occasions.
  3. Sporty: For your sporty look, a long coat for men made of down is ideal. You can easily combine it with jogging trousers and sneakers. The sporty look is perfect.

You can also wear other combinations with your men’s long coat without any problems. The examples given are only meant to serve as inspiration. Since long coats for men are available in many different styles, the styling options are also very diverse, so that everyone can find the right look.


The long coat for men is not only useful, but also extremely chic! It is especially suitable for the fashion-conscious gentleman who enjoys the attention and looks of those around him. Because one thing is guaranteed, with your long coat you make a statement and turn your look into a real eye-catcher.

Always remember that you want to underline your personality with your clothes and the men’s long coat is extremely well suited for this. As long as you follow all the care and cleaning instructions on the label of your coat, the long coat also promises to be a timeless companion.

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