Last updated: 16/10/2022

Naturally cooling and timelessly elegant, linen is the classic summer fabric, making it ideal for a smart, summer casual look for men. This season, why not slip into a men’s jacket in luxurious and pure linen or a linen blend fabric.

The classic cut and the light summer material make linen jackets for men a wonderfully airy alternative to the classic jacket and are also very fashionable thanks to the wonderfully light colour variations.


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Linen jackets for men: The most important questions answered

What are the special features of linen jackets? To explore this question, we first move back and then into the here and now. We will show you the differences to other jackets, the cut of a modern linen jacket and which garments it can be combined with.

It should be noted that men’s jackets are always worn with a different pair of trousers and, for casual occasions, with jeans. For special, formal occasions, on the other hand, a suit, dinner jacket or even tailcoat are still the first choice for men.

How does a jacket differ from other men’s jackets?

Unlike a suit jacket, where trousers, jacket and, if applicable, waistcoat are made of the same coloured material, a jacket is worn as a combination.

In terms of a dress code, the men’s jacket is an informal garment with fewer rules imposed on it. However, the differences to the suit are increasingly dissolving. Suits are increasingly worn without a tie. Even suits in which the jacket is combined with a T-shirt are no longer uncommon.

What is the difference between a blazer and a jacket?

All jackets for women that are derived from a men’s jacket are blazers. Ladies primarily reach for a blazer to transform a casual outfit into a business-appropriate, yet casual look.

Classic in its fit, the blazer is borrowed from the naval uniform and is therefore dark blue. In the 1930s, dark blue check fabrics were added and blazers with wide stripes came into fashion and were often worn in clubs.

Today, there are no longer any binding rules when it comes to blazers. Single-breasted or double-breasted, with a rising or falling lapel shape – the blazer has become versatile. With stand-up collars and satin details, ladies can easily wear it to the theatre and festive occasions.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a men’s linen jacket?

Linen jackets for men are very popular as summer jackets, as described at the beginning, because the fabric feels pleasantly cool on your skin. At the same time, linen is also a fabric that has the advantage of keeping you warm in winter.

Since the fabric is virtually non-stretchable, men’s linen jackets are usually made in wide cuts. The lack of stretch means that linen jackets crease easily. But this does not have to be a disadvantage, because it emphasises a casual look. Your appearance with a men’s linen jacket will be sympathetic and unobtrusive.

What modern jackets are available in linen?

It’s not just the combination with a T-shirt and jeans that gives your linen jacket a casual, modern look; the cut is also crucial. With the slim fit, your men’s linen jacket has a modern style. With this fit, the shoulders usually run in a straight cut and are slightly more body-defined at the waist.

What can linen jackets for men be combined with?

There are countless possible combinations for a linen jacket, basically there are no limits to your creativity. Read our tips to find out more. Try adding accessories to give it a special touch.

Tips for linen jackets for men: How to make the perfect entrance with a linen jacket for men

For the perfect appearance with a linen jacket for men, we have compiled our best tips for you. With these, you will be on the safe side of good taste and make a great appearance at your next occasion with a linen jacket.

  • Plain men’s scarf: as an accessory to a linen jacket in subtle grey, it goes well with the casual street style look for men in autumn and winter
  • Summer jacket sunshine: combine your linen jacket with well-fitting chinos and suede moccasins for a summer look
  • Real eye-catcher: Wear a Panama hat with a light linen jacket for a relaxed holiday look
  • Comfortable fit: For a softer, less wrinkle-prone look, try a linen and cotton blend jacket
  • Our care tip: Close the buttons of the jacket before washing. It is best to wash the men’s linen jacket alone

Conclusion: Light, airy and natural

Men’s linen jackets differ only slightly from normal jackets, just by the fabric. Compared to the classic jacket made of virgin wool, the linen jacket has other characteristics. It is lighter and airier and has a natural, casual look, especially in light colours.

As with all jackets, there are different cuts and fits. These range from the classic regular fit to the comfort fit, which is wider and airier, to the modern slim fit, which can be found in almost every category today.

Image source: Andrew Neel / Pexels