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Whether in summer or winter, leather boots for men are a must-have these days and belong on every shoe shelf. They can be easily combined with any outfit and are the eye-catcher at work and in your free time. There are different types of boots for every occasion, so you can always make a stylish entrance.

Decisive for the perfect outfit is not only the right fit, but also the design and the boot profile. A distinction is mainly made between Chelsea boots, winter boots, lace-up boots and slip-on boots. Here, everyone can find the right men’s leather boots for their taste.

The Best Mens Leather Boots: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men’s leather boots

There is a huge selection of leather boots, so it is easy to lose track of them all. In order to find the perfect men’s leather boots for you, you should therefore pay attention to a few aspects.

These criteria will help you to choose the right leather boots:

  • Style
  • Size
  • Material
  • Profile type
  • Finish

Now we would like to explain each criterion in more detail to make your buying decision as easy as possible.


Whether for work or the next outdoor trip, you will find the right leather boots for every occasion. They are available in a simple, elegant shape as well as in a robust design with a particularly non-slip rubber tread. The classic men’s leather boot for summer is the Chelsea boot. A more special form is the biker boot, which has a zip on the side. Winter and snow boots are lined with a fur insert to withstand lower temperatures.


No matter which style you choose, it is difficult to find the right size. For leather boots with lining, we advise you to choose one size larger instead. If you are looking for leather boots for winter, you should also try leather boots with a higher shaft that reaches above the ankles. Men’s leather boots for summer tend to be lighter and have a lower shaft that can also reach below the ankle. This can vary depending on the style.

This will keep your feet dry and warm at all times. The opposite is true for men’s leather boots for summer. Here it is a good idea to try on a size smaller to ensure a snug fit. Typical boot models here tend to be ankle-high and without a lining.


From real leather to imitation leather, lamb or polyester lining. No wish remains unfulfilled here. However, you should bear in mind that real leather requires a lot of care and that polyester linings can quickly take on a musty smell. In general, it can be said that genuine leather boots for men last longer and show fewer signs of wear than men’s leather boots made of imitation leather if they are cared for properly.

Profile type

There are different types of boot soles. Flat, platform or with a ribbed tread. Depending on the occasion for which you want to wear the boots, choose a non-slip rubber tread for outdoor use. For an elegant alternative, a leather boot with a platform is suitable. For leisure activities, a flat men’s leather boot that is easy to wear and fits comfortably is a good choice.


When choosing boots for men, pay particular attention to the quality of the workmanship. There are serious differences here, which are also reflected in the price. The stitching of the individual material components is crucial here. Look for continuous seams and a sturdily bonded boot sole.

Leather boots for men: The most important questions answered

To help you find the perfect men’s leather boots for you, we have put together a selection of the most important questions and answered them for you in detail.

In which styles are leather boots for men available?

There is a suitable leather boot for every occasion. Here we have listed the most popular variants:

  • Snow boots have a high shaft to keep snow inside the boot. They are lined on the inside with either real or synthetic fur to insulate warmth on the inside and provide waterproof protection on the outside.
  • Biker boots are designed to make it easier for motorcyclists in particular to get in and out of their boots. To do this, they have a zip on the side and, in terms of design, are usually equipped with a buckle.
  • Chelsea boots are the more elegant version of men’s leather boots. They are slip-on boots and have neither a zip nor laces. They are usually made of smooth or suede leather and look very classic and timeless.
  • Winter boots for men are more of a generic term for boots with a non-slip rubber tread and inner lining. They differ from snow boots in their design, however, as more emphasis is placed on appearance than on function.
  • As the name suggests,lace-up boots for men have laces that can be tied. There are only two lacing systems. With hooks or with holes. Which one you choose is purely a matter of taste.
  • Slip-on boots for men are designed to get you out of your boots quickly and easily. They have neither laces nor zips. This allows for a plain and simple design.

Now you have already got a rough overview of the individual styles and know what you can use to guide your purchase decision.

Which leather boots for men are currently in fashion?

In the cold season, men’s leather boots with a warming inner lining are particularly in demand. Here you have the choice between real lambskin or artificial polyester fabric. In terms of style, men nowadays tend to wear practical leather boots with a non-slip rubber tread. They look sturdy, hard-wearing and reflect the energy of any man. They go perfectly with a pair of blue jeans.

How do I find the right fit for men’s leather boots?

In addition to the shoe size, you should already make sure when trying on men’s leather boots that they do not use socks that are too thick or too thin. This can lead to a wrong feeling when trying them on for the first time, after which they might conclude that they are the wrong shoe size. For leather boots without a skin insert, you can feel with your thumb at the toe of the boot to see if this is the correct shoe size by leaving a thumb’s width of space between the toe of the boot and the toe.

How do I clean and care for my men’s leather boots?

Men’s leather boots require plenty of care over the course of their life. Therefore, you should start by putting your leather boots in a warm, dry place (not directly on the heating) after every wear. This allows the moisture to escape without damaging the leather. Once the men’s leather boots have dried, use grease-based shoe polish, depending on the type of leather, to renew the water-repellent protective layer on the leather.

Finally, especially for smooth leather boots, a wooden shoe tree is useful to maintain the shape of the boots and reduce wear marks caused by creases in the leather.

Styling tips for men – leather boots: How to achieve the perfect leather look

Leather boots are an indispensable part of men’s fashion, especially in the cold season, and belong in every wardrobe. Whether outdoors in nature or at an important business dinner, men’s leather boots can be combined with any outfit to suit your taste. That’s why we have written down a few styling tips for you here.

  • Elegant: Combined with a suit, leather boots for men can also be worn to stylish occasions such as a visit to the theatre or a dinner for two. Black Chelsea boots made of smooth leather are the best choice here, as they do not stand out too much due to their high-quality, simple leather look. Their light heel underlines their elegance even more.
  • Sporty: If you like to spend time outdoors in nature, you can look forward to sturdy leather boots with a non-slip tread and water-repellent leather uppers. Men’s leather boots are particularly suitable for hiking, as they stabilise the foot. For this, it is best to wear blue jeans or hiking trousers in addition to a fleece jacket or thermal jacket. This ultimate combination offers protection from the elements and keeps your feet warm no matter where you go.
  • Casual: If you also like to wear leather boots for men in your free time, you can go for classic lace-up boots in all variations. Here, leather boots with a low shaft and narrower profile are particularly preferred to master everyday life with ease. Combined with a shirt and chinos or jeans, they can be worn anywhere.

These styling tips serve as inspiration to create your next outfit and find your own look according to your taste.


Men’s leather boots can be worn at any time of the year and for any occasion. Whether during work or on the next leisure trip into nature, leather boots for men offer a high level of wearing comfort and can be combined with many different outfits. Chelsea boots are a special type of classic leather boot and are always in demand thanks to their timeless design and can easily be combined with your outfit. Winter and snow boots, on the other hand, are very functional to ensure good thermal protection.

When choosing the right leather boots for men, the focus should be not only on the right fit but also on wearing comfort thanks to the right inner lining. Then nothing will stand in the way of your next adventure.

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