Last updated: 16/10/2022

Gloves for men no longer only fulfil a warming function. They are also becoming a very popular accessory for men. Because the right men’s gloves can improve the look. Because there are gloves for men in all colours and materials. Whether leather or fabric, you are sure to find the perfect addition to your outfit. Gloves for men also combine warming functions and style. It’s hard to imagine fashion without gloves for men.

But gloves for men are also the ideal companion for sporting activities in winter. Thanks to their robust outer materials and their warming inner lining, these gloves for men keep you warm all day long. Whether you’re skiing, hiking in the forest or walking through the city, men’s gloves will keep you warm and give your outfit that certain something.

The Best Men´s Gloves: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying gloves for men

From simple mittens to fancy leather gloves: Gloves for men are no longer just simple warmers for hands, but go with every outfit. When buying gloves, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Waterproof
  • Thickness
  • Touchscreen function
  • With polar fleece

The following sections will tell you how to choose the perfect glove.


Gloves for men are available in many different materials. Of course, the material also determines some other components that we will discuss later. But it is mainly the aesthetic component that makes the difference.

Most gloves for men are made of synthetic down or synthetic fibre, down, merino or wool fleece. These materials are perfect insulators and provide ideal protection against wind and cold.

However, leather is also popular because it has an aesthetic effect and often enhances a look. However, if the men’s glove is only made of leather, the hands will cool down more quickly if it is not lined on the inside.

It is important to adjust the care depending on the material. This is because leather gloves are very sensitive when they come into contact with water and should be dried slowly to preserve the material.


In order to fulfil the purpose of gloves, it is useful for them to be waterproof. Depending on what you want to use them for. However, if the gloves for men are also waterproof, they will also keep you warm longer and protect you from the cold. Because it’s the wet that makes it get cold quickly.

The material is of course also a factor to consider. With the right material, the melted snow will not be an obstacle in winter and you can enjoy the warmth all day long and still be out in the fresh winter air.


Thickness also plays a big role when it comes to choosing the perfect gloves for men. After all, the thicker the gloves for men are, the more likely they are to keep you warm. But of course, they should also be easy to style with the respective outfit. Thinner leather gloves are more likely to look good with a suit than very thick mittens.

However, if the gloves for men are planned for sporting use, such as skiing, then you will probably go for thicker gloves for men. This is because these will keep you warm for longer periods of time and are more resilient than those gloves chosen for visual purposes.

Touchscreen function

A touchscreen function on gloves for men has become very popular. Especially for people who often have to answer their mobile phone and want to be reachable. Because it becomes very tedious if you have to take off your gloves every time you want to operate your smartphone. In addition, the constant pulling on and off of the gloves also causes the hands to get cold more quickly.

This function can be a real saviour, especially for business people. It makes it easier to operate the mobile phone and the hands are not exposed to the cold and wind.

Of course, this function can only work well up to a certain thickness. Therefore, if it is very cold, even such gloves for men will no longer protect your hands from freezing and you should reach for warmer men’s gloves.

With polar fleece

Gloves for men with polar fleece are the ideal companions in very icy temperatures. Because of the fleece inside the gloves, the warmth is stored for a very long time and cannot escape to the outside. These gloves for men are also comparatively thin for the warmth they provide. The polar fleece is very effective, even when only a little is used.

That’s why these gloves for men are ideal for long hikes in winter or for surviving in the snow.

Gloves for men: The most important questions answered

Choosing the right gloves is not always easy. Therefore, we have answered the most important questions about gloves for men for you.

What types of gloves are there for men?

Depending on the intended use, gloves for men should have different functions and features. In the following, we have compiled the most important types of gloves and their special features.

  • Day gloves: The usual companions are made of cotton and keep you warm on the way to the shops or shorter distances. They can go with classic style or complement casual outfits. Since gloves for men come in all colours.
  • Outdoor gloves: Gloves made of waterproof material that are warmly lined are particularly suitable as outdoor gloves. This makes them perfect for hiking or a day trip. These gloves for men should be easy to dry and very robust and stable.
  • Sports: If you like to spend time outdoors in winter and don’t want to be stopped by the cold or want to engage in sporting activities, then sports gloves for men are the ideal choice. Especially for skiing, gloves with polar fleece and water-repellent material are perfect. They not only keep you warm, but also protect your hands from injuries.
  • Work and business: Especially in the office and at important meetings, you want to shine. Often, of course, the first impression and appearance play a decisive role. That’s why here, too, gloves for men are the ideal complement to a suit. According to the business dress code, you should choose an elegant glove for men. Gloves made of leather in particular are the ideal companions to the office and thus improve the look by quite a bit.

How do I clean and care for my gloves for men?

But no matter which glove for men you decide on in the end: Every glove needs to be cared for. If the gloves for men are made of leather, you have to be careful when drying them. It is therefore better to let the glove dry slowly in the cellar than quickly on the radiator. This way you can avoid the glove for men becoming brittle and broken quickly. It can also be very helpful to rub leather gloves with leather wax. This can prolong the life of the gloves for men.

However, if you want to wash your men’s gloves from time to time, it is better to choose models without natural leather. Gloves made of cotton and similar materials can be put in the washing machine and they will smell good and be clean again.

At what temperatures should gloves for men be worn?

You can wear gloves for men not only in winter. Because especially thin gloves and gloves made of leather are perfect as an accessory in spring or autumn as well. They can protect you from the wind or simply round off your outfit.

At very low temperatures in winter, leather gloves will probably no longer provide sufficient protection. Therefore, gloves made of cotton or with a polar fleece filling are ideal for this. The warmth is stored inside the glove and cannot escape and the hands stay warm all day.

However, special gloves for men should be used for skiing. These should be very robust and able to withstand falls. In addition, these gloves should not be too thick so that they can also hold ski poles effortlessly and yet the warming function should not be neglected.


Gloves for men can be worn with anything – even evening wear! Especially for men, this means a real upgrade in everyday life. Leather gloves in particular are a hit to give your outfit that certain something. So have the courage to combine stylish gloves for men with your suit next time.

Whether sporty, peppy or elegant, gloves for men are a fashion accessory that easily takes the look to the next level. They are practical companions for everyday life, the office and leisure, and they are also perfect for winter sports.

Image source: / Joshua Reddekopp