Last updated: 16/10/2022

Earrings have long been popular with men. But it is not only stud earrings, but also earrings for men that are becoming increasingly popular. Whether only on one side, on both ears or even several at once – men’s dangle earrings are a real all-round accessory. Earrings are often worn in combination with other earrings or piercings.

Men’s ear pendants come in different designs. There are stud earrings that still have a pendant or creole-like earrings. But even if you don’t have pierced ears or don’t want to have them pierced, you don’t have to do without ear jewellery. So there is guaranteed to be the right pair of earrings for every man.

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Buying criteria: What to look for when buying ear pendants for men

Because the selection of ear pendants for men is so large, choosing the right piece of jewellery can be difficult. To help you decide, here are some buying criteria to guide you.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Closure
  • Size
  • Design

In the following sections, you will find out what these criteria essentially depend on.


Earrings for men are available in all the usual jewellery materials. These include gold and silver in particular, but also other, less valuable metals.

Gold and silver are the most popular materials. Gold is available in several colours, whereby the yellow gold is mixed with other (precious) metals to create white and red gold.

Silver in its pure form has a colour similar to white gold, but is much harder. In addition, silver can tarnish slightly and change colour when worn daily. However, this can usually be cleaned with everyday household remedies and the jewellery will shine again.

There are also models that are made of different precious metals and have a unique look due to the different colours.

However, pay attention to the metals they contain. Nickel in particular can quickly cause allergic reactions on the skin. Nowadays, nickel is rarely used in white gold alloys.


Men’s earrings also differ in their clasp. A classic, frequently occurring clasp is the one with a hinged hoop. The hook is inserted through the ear hole and then folded into a hoop. The clasp is very secure and at the same time easy to open. However, it can only be used with somewhat larger earrings.

With an ear stud closure, the rod of the ear pendant is passed through the ear hole and fixed on the back of the ear lobe with a stopper. This clasp is suitable for all earrings of any size.

For hoops, a wire or pin is passed through the ear hole into the tube at the other end of the circle or clicked into place. With a little practice, these closures are also easy to use and hold the earring securely in place.

There are also earrings that do not require an ear hole. These are fastened around the earlobe with a clip fastener and can be removed just as easily.


The size or length of the earrings plays an important role in the purchase decision. They should not get caught in your clothes. If you have smaller ears, very large earrings often look too bulky.

If you prefer a more simple look, narrower earrings that do not have a pendant that is too long are recommended. However, if you are looking for a statement piece of jewellery, there are also large eye-catching men’s earrings for this purpose.

Of course, the weight also plays a role. Large, long earrings naturally weigh a little more than their smaller alternatives. So if you want to wear the earring all day or even continuously, this could possibly become uncomfortable.


Earrings for men come in many different shapes and designs. Creoles, for example, are popular. These are self-contained earrings that often have a pendant attached. But you can also choose creoles without a pendant and then attach a pearl or stone yourself.

There are also ear studs or ear clips that have a pendant. These can be attached like a conventional stud earring, but are a little more eye-catching and unique because of the pendant.

So pay attention to your personal taste when choosing and you will find a suitable design.

Earrings for men: The most important questions answered

To make your decision for your new men’s earrings as easy as possible, we have collected and answered the most important questions about the topic of ear pendants for men.

In which styles are men’s earrings available?

In order to appeal to as many different tastes as possible, there are very different men’s earrings. In the following list you will find the styles with the most important features clearly listed.

  • Creoles: Creoles are earrings that have a closed shape due to the clasp. They are usually round and come with many different pendants.
  • Ear studs with pendants: Ear pendants with a plug-in closure look like conventional earrings at first. However, instead of the small motif on the plug, these still have a pendant that can be any length.
  • Clip-on earrings: If you don’t have pierced ears or are thinking about having them pierced, there are also clip-on earrings. These are also available in all colours and with countless pendants.

If you are looking for a very special earring in an unusual style, goldsmiths are usually the right people to contact.

Just try out many different models, this is the easiest way to find an earring in your style. It is best to wear your usual men’s accessories when trying them on so that the earrings are sure to match.

How do I care for and clean my men’s earrings?

Earrings should definitely be taken off and cleaned regularly. It is particularly suitable to remove and clean the jewellery before taking a shower. Afterwards, the cleaned men’s earrings can be worn again on the now also cleaned ear holes.

A small brush is suitable for cleaning so that you can brush off any dirt without damaging the jewellery. You can also use a clean cloth for this purpose.

Men’s earrings made of real silver can also tarnish over time. The best way to make them shine again is to use a solution of water and baking soda. Put the earrings in it for a few hours and after rinsing them with clear water they will shine again.

If you do a lot of sport or often go to the swimming pool or sauna, you should take the earrings off beforehand. They pose a risk of injury because you can easily get caught on them or they can get caught in your clothes when you are changing. Furthermore, they can change colour as sweat or chlorinated water can alter the properties of the material.

How can I customise my men’s earrings?

If you are looking for a particularly unique piece of jewellery, there are also men’s earrings that you can have personalised.

If the pendant or earring itself allows it, words, dates or symbols can be engraved on the back or inside. This way you have an emotional memento in addition to the beautiful piece of jewellery.

There are also pendants in the form of letters. This way you can always wear your own initials or those of loved ones. Depending on your taste, these pendants come in simple, straight letters or very ornate.

Another individual option is to buy earrings with your own star sign. From a distance, the pendant looks rather inconspicuous, but up close, the symbol is visible. In the same way, there are pendants on which a certain constellation of stars can be seen. In this case, the stars are often set with small stones.

If you would like to design your own earring, however, it is best to contact a goldsmith in your area. There you can express all your wishes and you can be sure that your earring is a unique piece.

Styling tips for men’s earrings: How to achieve the perfect earring look

If you don’t just want to wear your men’s earrings, you want to incorporate them into your styling. You can perfect your look with a few tricks. To do so, we have a few tips for you here.

  1. If you want to achieve a casual look, choose just one earring. The asymmetry is very contemporary.
  2. Combine different earrings and other studs. This creates a unique look.
  3. Choose other accessories in the same material. The unified look looks coherent and consistent.
  4. Your whole look can look very special if you combine the elegant men’s earrings with casual clothes or even trendy beanie caps.
  5. For a smart, dressy occasion, smaller earrings are suitable. They don’t look too modern and yet add something special to the outfit.
  6. If you already wear an eye-catching men’s necklace, you should avoid big, flashy earrings. Instead, draw attention to a statement piece.

With these tips, you can surely style your men’s earrings to perfection. However, style is so individual and personal that there are no rules. Try it out completely freely and find a look that suits and pleases you.


Earrings for men are very popular as an accessory. In the right combination, they can make an outfit look casual as well as chic and elegant. Simple outfits in particular can be enhanced by earrings and thus have that certain something.

Try out several models – this is the only way to find the right piece of jewellery according to your ideas. Earrings for men come in many different designs, sizes and colours. No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find the right ones.

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