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Dressing gowns come in many sizes and colours. They are not only appreciated by ladies but also by men and offer a wearing comfort that is incomparable. Men’s dressing gowns give you a homely feeling and with a cup of coffee in your hand, you can’t start the day any better.

Depending on the season, men can choose between fluffy soft men’s dressing gowns made of wool or silky light dressing gowns. Each has its own merits, but they have one thing in common. They are a symbol of luxury, comfort and home and are a very private item of clothing that is highly regarded by women and men alike.

The Best Mens Dressing Gown: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying men’s dressing gowns

To give you a better idea of what exactly defines dressing gowns for men and what differences there are to consider in general, we have summarised the most important buying criteria for you so that your decision will be as easy as possible.

These are the most important buying criteria to consider:

  • Style
  • Size
  • Fabric type
  • Closure type
  • Comfort

In the following, we would like to go into more detail on each individual criterion so that no questions remain unanswered and you can find the right men’s dressing gown for you.


Dressing gowns for men differ above all in that they can be tied or have a zip, depending on their style. The length of the coat as well as the length of the sleeves is also decisive, as here again the distinction is made according to the seasons. The kimono is a speciality. Based on its Asian model, it is made of silk materials and is a tie-up dressing gown for summer. Another classic is the typical English men’s dressing gown with a checked pattern. It is made of cotton and can be worn well in the cold season.


For the greatest possible comfort, it can generally be said that a dressing gown for men cannot be big enough to snuggle up in. But especially when it gets hotter in summer and you prefer a light, soft silk dressing gown, it is more aesthetically pleasing to have one that fits closer to the body for a special feel. Sleeve length is a matter of taste. Here, it is traditionally intended that a kimono should have a three-quarter arm length. However, there are dressing gowns for men that do without sleeves and some that have extra long sleeves.

Type of fabric

Here tastes differ. As already mentioned, the season determines the right fabric for your new men’s dressing gown. Silk is a luxurious fabric that is only surpassed by cashmere. Those who like it soft and warm are well advised to go for cotton or even fleece fabrics. Here, however, a dressing gown can hardly be distinguished from a bathrobe.

Closure type

There are only two types of fastening. To tie with a belt made of the same fabric as the men’s dressing gown and with a zip usually over the entire length of the dressing gown.

Wearing comfort

Once you have decided on a type of fabric, you should take a closer look at the shoulder width and sleeve length. The fabric should not be too tight at the shoulders, as men’s dressing gowns tend to be narrower due to the larger shoulder width than women’s dressing gowns. Stretch your arms out to the side at a 90 degree angle to measure the sleeve length. If you can only see as far as your wrist, then you have made the right size choice. Combined with matching loafers or slippers, men’s dressing gowns offer the ultimate start to the day.

Dressing gowns for men: The most important questions answered

We have answered the most important questions for you below so that no more questions remain unanswered and you don’t lose track of the almost unmanageable selection of dressing gowns for men.

In which styles are dressing gowns for men available?

Dressing gowns for men come in many different styles and sizes. However, they mainly differ in the choice of material and pattern. Here we have summarised the most popular dressing gowns for men.

  • Silk coats for summer: They are becoming more and more popular and are unbeatably light and supple, especially in summer.
  • Soft cashmere coats: Men’s morning coats made of cashmere offer pure luxury. The soft fabric nestles against the skin and warms it in an elegant way. Due to their high-quality workmanship, they are among the expensive variants.
  • Warm cotton coats: They are soft and warm and an all-rounder among dressing gowns for men. Cotton coats are widely used and loved for their fluffy properties.
  • Coats made of fleece: They are rather rare and hardly ever worn. However, they insulate very well due to their close-meshed structure.
  • Hooded coats: They are rather functional and especially suitable for children. They protect against wet hair and are often worn after a shower to dry the hair as well.
  • Coats with buttons: Those who prefer timeless elegance will go for a dressing gown with classic buttons. They offer another design element and underline the pattern of the dressing gown with additional colours.
  • Dressing gowns with zips: Dressing gowns for men with zips are very stable and above all practical to use.
  • English style dressing gowns: The English style of men’s dressing gown usually has a check or quilted pattern and is made of soft fabrics such as cotton or fleece.
  • Asian style dressing gowns: Traditionally, they can be recognised by a floral pattern, e.g. lotus, and very colourful colour designs. A well-known variation is the kimono with its V-cut and tight fit for tying.

Now you have a rough overview of the variety of dressing gowns for men.

Why do people wear a men’s dressing gown?

Dressing gowns give you the feeling of being at home and are a symbol for the perfect start into the day. From terry to silk, there is a huge range of colours and patterns to suit all tastes.If you have just come out of the shower or want to warm up on a cold morning, a wool or fleece dressing gown is the best choice. In summer, dressing gowns for men are more of a design object than considered functional. Combine them with stylish loafers and elegant underwear to make a stylish entrance at every breakfast.

How do I clean a men’s dressing gown?

Dressing gowns for men can be washed in the washing machine without any problems. Only silk and cashmere fabrics should be washed by hand and hung to dry so that the valuable fabrics are not damaged. Also pay attention to the choice of fabric softener. It is advisable to use fabric softener only on soft materials such as cotton.

What is the difference to bathrobes?

Bathrobes for men are made of an absorbent material such as terry cloth or cotton, which absorbs moisture very easily and dries again quickly. They offer a soft, comfortable feeling on the skin and are usually used after a shower, bath or sauna.
Dressing gowns for men, on the other hand, are a more elegant way to dress in the morning. Depending on the season, you can choose between silk or cotton and start your perfect day with a unique garment.

Styling tips for men – dressing gowns: How to achieve the perfect look in the morning

  • In spring , the nights are still very cold and so temperatures can still be chilly in the morning. A men’s morning coat made of fleece is recommended here, as it insulates well and keeps out cold winds. Combined with matching fleece slippers, they are perfectly equipped for breakfast.
  • The hot temperatures in summer are perfect for men’s morning coats made of silk or satin, as both are lightweight fabrics with lots of air permeability and made of thin material. Silk in particular is extremely skin-flattering and leaves a cooling effect on the skin.
  • Autumn is characterised by frequent rainfall. Therefore, a men’s dressing gown made of fleece or cotton is perfect here, as it absorbs moisture and gives off pleasant warmth, especially after showering. Look for particularly soft materials that do not scratch the skin.
  • In the cold winter , nothing is as warming as a woollen or terry cloth coat. Enjoy your coffee and breakfast by the fire and snuggle up in your soft, fluffy dressing gown when it has already started snowing outside.

As you can see, there is a suitable men’s morning coat for every season and every occasion. However, these styling tips are only meant to inspire your imagination, because there are no limits to your creativity. Combine your dressing gown according to your taste.


Dressing gowns for men are timeless and are not only appreciated by women. Depending on the mood and season, they are the perfect companion in the morning and complete breakfast at home or anywhere in the world with a homely feeling of warmth and security.

They offer a variety of patterns and styles that have become popular in all cultures from England to Asia and have thus also become part of traditions. So don’t hesitate to find your perfect men’s dressing gown and pay attention not only to the design, but also to the choice of fabric, as it is crucial for a comfortable feeling. Then nothing will stand in the way of your perfect morning.

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