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The weather is once again showing its sunny side and you can hardly wait to get on your bike? But possible painful spots are worrying you? With your cycling shorts for men, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. After all, when it comes to cycling, the right pair of men’s cycling shorts is the crucial piece of clothing.

If you sit on the saddle for a long time, you quickly risk sore spots. Men’s cycling shorts can remedy this, provided the shorts and seat pad offer optimal comfort. The breathable materials of the cycling shorts transport perspiration to the outside and thus prevent chafing. However, men’s cycling shorts must not only provide comfort, they must also meet your respective functional requirements. There are men’s cycling shorts for different sports, such as mountain biking or road cycling. Make sure you buy special cycling shorts for men, they are adapted to the male anatomy in terms of cut and padding.


  • Men’s cycling shorts provide optimal comfort but they also meet your respective functional requirements.
  • Men’s cycling shorts are available in different lengths, you need to make sure you buy the best fit for you.
  • Cycling shorts help with the risk of getting scratched in the legs and also to provide comfort during the different season.

The Best Mens Cycling Shorts: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men’s cycling trousers

Whether you ride a men’s bike a lot or are more of a recreational biker, at some point owning a pair of men’s cycling shorts is essential. In terms of comfort, they are one of the most important pieces of clothing when you want to get on your bike. When buying them, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Those criteria that can help you find the right cycling shorts for men are:

  • Size
  • Length
  • Colour
  • Padding
  • Season

In the coming paragraphs, you can read about what is important in each of the criteria.


Not only does a cycling shirt or jersey for men have to be the right size, but also the men’s cycling shorts. It is especially important to find the perfect size so that the trousers do not slip and cause sores.

As a rule of thumb, the men’s cycling shorts and possible straps should fit snugly, but should neither pinch nor be uncomfortable. The seat pad of the cycling shorts for men must also fit snugly while riding.

If you buy the men’s cycling shorts in a shop, it is best to get advice and try them on. There are often size charts with measurements on the internet that you should use. Men’s cycling trousers are also available in plus sizes.

Some online shops offer the option to order some samples of the product in different sizes to make it easier for you to find the right size.


Men’s cycling shorts are available in different lengths. While long trousers are especially popular in the cold season, short cycling trousers are more suitable for warmer temperatures.

There are also cycling shorts for men in three-quarter or seven-eighths length, so there is something for every temperature and weather. In addition to these variations, there is also a very special variant: the 2-in-1 model.

These men’s cycling trousers can be converted from long trousers to shorts with the help of a zip. This model is especially worthwhile on days with changeable weather.


Men’s cycling shorts are available in many different colours, whether blue, grey, red, colourful or classic black, there is a suitable colour for every taste. There is a special reason why the majority of men’s cycling shorts are black.

The black colour absorbs sunlight, which means that sweaty or wet trousers can dry faster. This has another advantage, namely that the black trousers heat up when exposed to sunlight, which in turn supports the muscles. In addition, any dirt, for example after a repair, or even (resin) stains on darker material are not as noticeable as on lighter coloured men’s cycling trousers.

In the dark, cycling shorts with reflective details are a good choice to make you more visible.


For a long time, men’s cycling shorts were still made of wool, but now they are made of functional microfibre fabrics such as mesh or nylon.

They can often be found with padding made of foam or gel. The thickness of the padding has a significant influence on comfort – the thicker the padding, the greater the wearing comfort.

However, there are also sports where thicker padding tends to inhibit comfort, which is the case in triathlon, for example. Men’s cycling shorts can be left on when running or swimming, but only if the seat padding is thin enough.


You should adapt your cycling shorts for men to the temperatures. In spring and autumn, for example, shorts are a good choice, which you can combine with men’s leg or knee warmers on cooler days. However, you must also make sure that they are the right size, otherwise they can cut into the thigh. In summer, especially in the height of summer, shorts are a good choice.

In winter, you need long cycling shorts for men, preferably made of weather-resistant material. As with short men’s cycling shorts, there is also a choice between shorts with and without straps.

In winter, men’s cycling shorts with straps have the advantage, apart from their function of providing better support, that the back is still partially protected from the cold. There are also special thermal winter cycling shorts that provide optimal warmth.

Men’s cycling shorts: The most important questions answered

Choosing the right cycling shorts for men is not always easy. Therefore, we have compiled and answered the most important questions about men’s cycling shorts for you.

Why do I need men’s cycling shorts?

When cycling, the buttocks are the part of the body that is exposed to the greatest stress. Untrained riders in particular quickly notice this, so painful spots are not uncommon. If you want to avoid these spots, a pair of men’s cycling shorts is the right choice. A pair of cycling shorts offers greater comfort on a bike ride thanks to sewn-in padding. Due to the saddle shape, they are indispensable especially for mountain bikes and road bikes. Especially on long distances, cycling shorts for men with seat padding thus become an absolute must.

Men’s cycling shorts reduce the pressure and friction of your bike saddle due to the larger and softer seat area, allowing you to ride longer without pain. In winter, they also retain warmth for longer, which makes cycling trips in the cold season much more pleasant. If you do a lot of sporty riding, it is worth getting men’s cycling shorts with straps, as these provide a better fit. In addition, the waistband of these shorts is cut higher, so they cut in less in the abdominal area, which is particularly advantageous when sitting in a bent-over position. In addition, there are often pockets on the back of the cycling shorts for men in which you can store your mobile phone, for example, which is particularly useful when touring on a road bike.

When do my cycling shorts for men fit?

When it comes to the fit of your men’s cycling shorts, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you sit comfortably even on long tours. It is important that the padding of the cycling shorts sits exactly where it should. For this reason, the cycling shorts for men should not be too big; they fit perfectly when they neither pinch nor wrinkle. The comfort of the shorts can also be increased by applying a long-lasting cream, such as Vaseline, to the seat area.

In addition, cycling shorts for men should generate little pressure and friction. For this reason, the fewer seams in the padding, the better. Furthermore, the men’s cycling shorts should have direct contact with the skin when worn, because only then can they provide optimal cushioning and breathability.

How long should my cycling shorts for men be?

Depending on the season and the weather, different lengths of men’s cycling shorts come into question for your bike ride:

  • Summer: In mild temperatures or especially in high summer, a pair of men’s cycling shorts or a three-quarter length is the right choice.
  • Winter: In winter but also already in a cooler autumn, a long and warming pair of men’s cycling shorts is perfect.
  • Rain: In rain showers or even in strong winds, depending on the temperature, it is worth carrying an additional pair of long cycling shorts for men or combining your existing cycling shorts with a pair of overtrousers.

Of course, your personal preferences also play a role. If you generally prefer to wear short men’s cycling shorts, there is nothing to stop you wearing shorts even when it rains.

How do I clean my men’s cycling shorts?

Men’s cycling shorts should be cleaned regularly to avoid odours and to preserve the special materials. However, to ensure that your cycling shorts have a long lifespan, you should keep a few basic things in mind when cleaning and caring for them. Below we have compiled four tips for the proper care of your men’s cycling shorts.

  • Detergent: You should use special sports detergent for the functional fabrics of your cycling shorts for men.
  • Temperature: Breathable fabrics can usually be washed at 30°C in the washing machine.
  • Tumbledryer: Functional fabrics do not cope well with high temperatures, so they should only be tumble dried on the gentle programme. However, men’s cycling trousers dry best on the washing line.
  • Wet seat pad: If you go for a bike ride in the rain, it can happen that the seat pad gets soaked with water. In this case, you should not wring it out, but carefully squeeze it out or wrap it in a towel and let it dry.

Besides all these tips, however, it is most important to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.


Before buying your cycling shorts for men, you should be sure for what purpose you want to use the cycling shorts. After all, a pair of men’s cycling shorts for mountain biking has different requirements than a pair of cycling shorts for road cycling. The optimal fit of the cycling shorts is the most important aspect when buying, but the season and the weather should also play a role in your purchase decision.

Comfort is another crucial aspect. Whether you choose men’s cycling shorts with or without padding depends on your personal preference. And men’s cycling shorts also offer a decisive advantage in everyday life, because on the one hand they are gentle on your everyday clothes and on the other hand they offer increased seating comfort. You can either pull your everyday shorts under your men’s cycling shorts or stow them in a bike bag.

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