Last updated: 16/10/2022

For a long time, cowboy boots were considered an absolute fashion faux pas for men. Nowadays, however, cowboy ankle boots are all the rage! Whether eye-catching boots or plain boots, cowboy boots for men are the perfect companion for fashion-conscious cowboy fans who want to add an exotic touch to their outfit.

Whether in elegant black, classic cowboy brown, with fringes and spurs or with an eye-catching pattern – the western-style boots are available to buy in a variety of colours and designs. Decisive for the perfect look is both the right fit of the cowboy boot and the outfit that goes with it.


The Best Mens Cowboy Boots: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men’s cowboy boots

In the following, we will illustrate which aspects you should consider when buying cowboy boots for men, so that your decision will be easier.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Leather
  • Shaft
  • Comfortability
  • Cleaning

In the coming paragraphs, we will explain to them what is important in each of the criteria.


Leather Leather! Regardless of whether they are made of artificial or genuine leather, the unmistakable leather look is what distinguishes the cowboy boot. Especially the classic genuine leather variant enjoys great popularity. Whether crocodile leather, cowhide, snakeskin or ostrich leather, the choice of different leather variations knows no bounds. With genuine leather, a distinction is also made between rough and smooth leather.

Rough leather is the generic term for all types of leather with a velvety or fibrous surface. When it comes to men’s cowboy boots, nubuck leather is particularly interesting. Nubuck leather is a firm, lightly buffed cowhide or calfskin that is lightly buffed on the outer skin, giving it a soft and velvety surface. Waxed nubuck leather has the advantage that it is water-repellent for a very long time and is therefore also ideal for making rough boots.

Smooth leather, on the other hand, has a smooth and supple surface that is water and dirt repellent. Smooth leathers are often surface-dyed or open-pore and have different attributes depending on the thickness of the surface colouring. Aniline leathers, for example, feel nicer, but fade more easily and are very susceptible to stains. Surface-dyed leathers are much less sensitive to stains and discolouration, but do not feel as soft and warm.

In order to judge the quality of a leather boot, one can take various points of view into consideration:

  1. Appearance: Good leather looks very natural and has no breaks or cracks.
  2. Grain: The grain is also part of the leather look. High quality leather has a natural grain. Embossed grains often feel unnatural, but have a very even grain.
  3. Haptic: Every type of leather has a certain feel. But first and foremost, it should feel pleasant. Rough leather, for example, always feels velvety, while smooth leather tends to be cool and robust.
  4. Softness: In men’s cowboy boots, the leather should feel soft and natural against the skin.


The shaft is the distinguishing feature of a cowboy boot. It also provides stability throughout the leg. The shaft is also available in a wide range of sizes for men’s cowboy boots.

A long shaft wraps around more of the foot and thus provides better protection. A short shaft, on the other hand, makes the cowboy boot very easy to put on and take off. The width of the shaft is also important. The wider the shaft, the wider the trousers that can be worn with it.


Comfort is one of the most important criteria for men, especially if they wear cowboy boots every day. However, it has to be said that the boots fit very tightly, especially at the beginning, and you should therefore not be surprised if the comfort is not high at the beginning. However, this will improve with time and a pleasant wearing sensation should result.

Additional elements

With rivets. Buckles, fringes and many other details, the cowboy boot for men can be completely adapted to individual needs. Here, you should make sure that the additional elements are firmly attached to the shoe and do not fall off at the next opportunity.


Men’s cowboy boots: The most important questions answered

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about men’s cowboy boots. We have selected the most important questions for you and will answer them shortly. After reading the guide, you will know all the essential background information about cowboy boots for men.

What styles of men’s cowboy boots are available?

Cowboy boots for men come in a wide variety of styles and variations. We present the most important styles below:

  • Cowboy boots for everyday wear: If you want to integrate cowboy boots into your everyday life as a man, one thing above all applies : simplicity! The boots should be in a neutral colour like black or brown and have as simple a design as possible. With a pair of normal jeans and a denim jacket, they can be super integrated into your everyday outfit.
  • Cowboy boots for dressing up: For events and celebrations like carnival, it all comes down to the perfect disguise. For a cowboy outfit, the matching western shoes are of course a must! Here, eye-catching designs are recommended, with which you will be the eye-catcher at the next party. Moreover, it would be less worthwhile to buy expensive genuine leather boots for a one-off disguise. For such occasions, the imitation leather version will suffice.
  • Cowboy boots for work: Cowboy boots are extremely popular with men for work in the field or in the stable. Whether feeding pigs or growing crops, sturdy cowboy boots offer men a secure grip in many work areas. When it comes to cowboy boots, however, men should make sure that the genuine leather is relatively thick and thus will not break down even when exposed to external influences. Surface-dyed smooth leather or ingrown nubuck leather are the best choice here. Cowhide is particularly noteworthy for its durability.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating! If you are unsure which style of men’s cowboy boots suits you, you should simply try on different models and then see which one you feel most comfortable with.

How does a cowboy boot fit properly on the foot?

All men’s cowboy boots should fit very snugly when you first try them on. Men’s cowboy boots are made of leather and will widen over time. Your feet should not slip in the boot.

In cowboy boots with a toe, also called a “snip toe”, the boot narrows increasingly towards the toe. The ball of your foot should therefore sit at the widest point of the boot so that you cannot slip forward when walking. Cowboy boots with a wide toe, also called a “broad square toe”, usually have more space and are therefore ideal for wider feet.

Nevertheless, these models should also fit very tightly on the foot when trying them on. Many men’s cowboy boots also have size instructions that should be followed before making a purchase.

What should you do if the cowboy boots for men are too tight?

Often cowboy boots become too tight and no longer fit if you haven’t worn them for a while.

This can have two reasons:

1. The leather has become dry and hard. In this case, you can clean the boot with alcohol and lots of water and leave it overnight in warmth. This allows the moisture to soak into the leather and it becomes more elastic again. There are also leather conditioners and leather stretching sprays to widen the leather.

2. Your own calves have become thicker. However, you don’t have to throw away your cowboy boots just because of this. If the leather is in good condition, a shoemaker can still widen the shafts of the boots by several millimetres. If this is not enough, the only thing that can help is a zip. A zip can add between 1.5 and 2 cm to the circumference.

You should not panic if the cowboy boots fit very tightly at the beginning. The leather will continue to widen as it is broken in and will become more comfortable to wear over time.

What is the best way to put on and take off men’s cowboy boots?

When putting on men’s cowboy boots, you can make it easier with the following aids :

  • Boot pullers: Boot pullers are specially shaped hooks with handles on them that provide a good grip. Leather riding boots have two loops on the inside of the shaft. The boot pullers can be hooked into these loops. With these boot pullers you have a good grip and can hold on tightly while slipping into the boots.
  • Talcum powder: Talcum powder lets you slip into the boot better. The powder absorbs excess moisture and makes the leather smoother. Sprinkle the talcum powder into the boots before putting them on and spread it generously on the leather on the inside of the shaft. It is enough to powder the men’s cowboy boots every third or fourth time.

When taking off the cowboy boots, the man should pay attention to the following things :

  • Be careful: Do not step on the back of the boot you want to take off with the other foot. Because this will bend the heel cap and break it.
  • Boot puller: A boot puller works better. The best models are those with a rubber lip attached to the edge. This holds the boot better in the boot remover and prevents the leather from being scratched.

There are numerous aids that make it easier to put on and take off cowboy boots. If you have permanent problems, however, you should consider visiting a shoemaker or buying a new pair of men’s cowboy boots.

How do I care for and clean my men’s cowboy boots?

The leather of cowboy boots is particularly demanding and has to withstand a lot. Therefore, a man should care for his cowboy boots as follows:

Make sure to impregnate the cowboy boot before wearing it for the first time. This closes the leather pores and repels water or dirt. With suede leather, the outside of the boot should be worked up with a special brush before impregnation. Always clean the cowboy boots first and then impregnate them, otherwise the dirt will become trapped in the pores and it will be almost impossible to remove the stains.

After cleaning, the leather should be gently dried and greased. However, never leave the boots to dry in the heating or sun! To prevent the development of mould, cowboy boots should never be hung up in the cupboard when damp or wrapped in plastic.

Styling tips for men’s cowboy boots: How to achieve the perfect cowboy look

Men’s cowboy boots are an absolute must for any western fan! No matter what look you prefer or what occasion you wanted to go out to, a cowboy boot for men can be effortlessly combined with anything. We have put together a few styling tips for you below:

  1. Fancy look: For more unusual men, there are extravagant cowboy boots in eye-catching colours and patterns, e.g. in an exotic reptile look. Match them with a gaudy top with an eye-catching print and you’ll be the eye-catcher at the next party.
  2. Western look: A western shirt or a shirt with a print of your favourite band is the basis for your cowboy look. Fancy belts and cowboy hats are suitable to complete the look.
  3. Everyday look: Flannel shirt, leather or denim jacket make your western outfit even more everyday and modern. Washed-out “denim jeans” and brown or black cowboy boots round off the modern everyday man’s look.

Of course, these styling tips are just for inspiration for your next outfit. Which cowboy boots you want to combine and how, you can of course decide according to your personal taste.


Men’s cowboy boots are by no means just for the annual carnival costume, they are one of the most popular items of clothing for a fashion-conscious man and are an absolute all-rounder. Whether at a meeting with work colleagues, at a carnival party or in the field. Men’s cowboy boots can be worn for any occasion thanks to the numerous variations.

All kinds of looks can be created with a men’s cowboy boot. It all comes down to the right combination and the right styling. However, a good fit and a comfortable feel should always be the top priorities for men’s cowboy boots.

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