Last updated: 16/10/2022

The coat is a popular garment that is worn by men in autumn and winter thanks to its stylish look and warmth. The coat should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. It comes in many styles and materials. Thanks to the different colours, you can combine your coat with many pieces of clothing.

In addition, a men’s coat also offers practical functions. For example, if you need a hood on rainy days, a coat with a detachable hood is worthwhile. When the weather is nice, the hood can simply be removed again. On cold days in winter, a down coat is worthwhile because the material keeps you very warm. In the following sections we show you what you need to consider when buying a men’s coat. We also answer the most important questions about men’s coats and show you how to create the perfect trench coat look.

The Best Men’s Coat: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying men’s coats

There is a wide range of coats for men. Besides different styles, there are many other criteria you need to consider when buying a men’s coat. The criteria will help you make your purchase easier.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Colour
  • Length
  • Practical functions
  • Season

In the next sections we will show you what to look for in each criterion. This way you will make sure to find an optimal men’s coat according to your wishes.


The men’s coat offers a wide variety of materials. Besides the visual effect, there are also differences in the warmth of a fabric.

Sheep’s wool is often used for a men’s coat. A wool coat is breathable and helps regulate body temperature. Wool is known for its insulating properties and softness. So, the wool coat is suitable for cold and warm. It also feels comfortable against the skin.

Cashmere is another material used in men’s coats. A coat made of cashmere is very soft and silky. Compared to sheep’s wool, cashmere is a little more expensive and harder to care for. However, it gives the coat a special elegance and is usually warmer.

Mohair wool is also suitable for a men’s coat. The material is curly and offers a special look for a coat. In addition, wool has a good durability and keeps you warm in winter. Cotton, on the other hand, is suitable for casual wear but does not warm as well.

Tweed is made from a mixture of different types of wool. The fabric gives a men’s coat a timeless look. The fabric is robust and durable. A coat made of down offers the most warmth compared to the other materials. However, it is not water-repellent. Visually, a down coat offers a unique look.

When buying, you should pay attention to the material used. The available materials offer different looks and keep you warm differently.


Men’s coats offer a wide range of colours in addition to materials. A black coat offers a classic style that is worn very often. It looks elegant and can be worn in many situations. A dark blue coat also offers a timeless design. Both colours are suitable for work as well as for leisure.

A men’s coat in camel offers an exceptional elegance. Camel offers a shade ranging from a light cream tone to brownish hues. The colour lends itself very well to an autumn coat.

If you are a little more colourful, a coat in yellow and green, for example, is a good choice. The colours are more striking and can be a real eye-catcher.

Besides colours, there are also patterns that can appear on coats. A popular pattern is the herringbone pattern. However, most elegant coats do not have a pattern.

The men’s coat offers a suitable choice for every taste in colour.


When buying a men’s coat, you need to pay attention to your height. The coat should not be too long, nor too short. When trying on a coat, make sure that the coat ends slightly above your knees.

If you have a slightly smaller stature, a shorter coat is the best choice. This will give you a good balance of proportions. If you choose a shorter coat, make sure that your top does not peek out. For example, if a jacket peeks out from under a coat, it doesn’t look as good visually.

In this case, a longer coat should be chosen. A men’s coat with more length offers a more formal look compared to shorter coats. As a rule, a long coat should cover ¾ of the body height.

Practical functions

In addition to looks, a men’s coat offers a selection of practical features. The following features can be useful:

  • Detachable hood: A coat with a detachable hood will keep you dry on rainy days. On nicer days, you can simply remove the hood again.
  • Interior pockets: In addition to the outer pockets, some coats also offer inside pockets. This gives you more space for your items, such as your wallet and smartphone.
  • 2-wayzip: Coats with 2-way zips offer two separate slides. The coat can be opened from above and below. This means you can also open your coat easily while sitting down.

If the weather changes frequently, a coat with a detachable hood is worthwhile. The hood is then only used on bad days. The pockets inside are worthwhile if you always have a lot with you. A 2-way zip makes the coat easier to open.


When choosing a men’s coat, you should consider which season you want to wear your coat.

A sheep’s wool coat is water repellent. Thanks to this property, the material is suitable for somewhat rainy and snowy days. Thus, a wool coat is suitable for autumn and winter.

Thanks to their warmth, down coats are very suitable for winter. However, as the material is not water-repellent, a different garment should be worn on rainy days. A coat made of polyester is more suitable here.

In autumn, trench coats and parkas are a good choice. Cotton is a suitable material here. Since wool is somewhat airier, it is better not to wear it in winter.

Men’s coats: The most important questions answered

When buying a men’s coat, many questions arise. In these sections we have answered the most important questions for you.

In which styles are men’s coats available?

A men’s coat comes in different styles. We have summarised and described the most important styles here.

  • Trench coat: The trench coat is made of light cotton and is suitable as a mackintosh without a hood. A special feature is the belt. It also has many pockets, epaulettes and adjustable cuffs.
  • Parka: A parka is a medium-length coat. It always has a hood. The hood usually has fur or fake fur on the edge. The parka also has a warming lining.
  • Caban coat: The caban was traditionally used in the navy. Nowadays it is often worn as a transitional jacket in autumn. It is made of tightly woven virgin wool. The caban has many buttons that serve as closures.
  • Duffle coat: The duffle coat has a sporty cut and is made of woollen fabric. It usually has a hood and a toggle fastening.
  • Mackintosh: The mackintosh provides special protection against wetness. Rubber or waxed cotton make for a water-repellent coat. It usually has a long cut and a high collar or hood.
  • Crombie Coat: The crombie coat is a classic English city coat. It is made of thick wool fabric and has a concealed button placket.

Thanks to the wide range of types, the men’s coat is suitable for any aesthetic. You just have to decide which features appeal to you the most.

How do I know if my men’s coat fits well?

When buying a men’s coat, you need to make sure that the garment fits properly. In this section we explain how to find a comfortable men’s coat.

The first thing you should do is measure your height and chest circumference with a tape measure. This will help you choose the right size. Ideally, the coat should end slightly above the knee. This guideline ensures the right length of the coat.

If you move slightly in the coat, you should not feel any pressure on your shoulders and arms. Otherwise it means the coat is too tight. The fabric should be loose at the back. With a coat, you can often just take a size bigger to make the coat fit more comfortably.

How do I care for and clean my men’s coat?

To care for your men’s coat, you should always use and store the coat carefully. A sturdy hanger will ensure that the shoulder areas of the coat are not deformed. Brushing from the collar to the hem also ensures good care.

If there are stains on the coat, take a little detergent and rub it in with your finger in a circular motion. Then put the coat in the bathtub and let it soak for 30 minutes. Dry the coat with a towel. Let it dry on the towel for 2 to 3 days and turn it regularly.

Styling tips for men’s coats: How to achieve the perfect trench coat look

Below we have a few tips on how to wear your trench coat in style.

  1. Combine your trench coat with suit trousers in beige.
  2. A round-neck jumper in beige also goes well with it.
  3. Wear it with dark brown leather shoes.
  4. The outfit can be completed with a brown scarf.

This combination creates an elegant trench coat look.


The coat can be worn with everything in autumn and winter. Especially for men, the garment is a must-have in the two seasons. The variety of materials and fabrics lend themselves to different looks. A coat made of tweed, for example, offers a timeless look. The length of the coat also contributes to the look.

A short coat is best suited for casual wear. However, a longer coat can also be part of a more formal look. Practical features can make wearing a coat even more comfortable. For example, if you always carry a lot with you, a coat with inside pockets is worthwhile.

Image source: Unsplash / Ante Samarzija