Last updated: 16/10/2022

As soon as the temperatures start to rise in spring and the warm months are upon us, traditional jeans are indeed too heavy to wear and impractical for work. That’s why chinos for men were developed in the 19th century. However, chinos for men were first used only as a uniform item for British and French soldiers and later they asserted themselves not only as workwear but also as leisurewear.

In the next sections, we will tell you everything you need to know about this special type of trousers. So that we can support you in your decision and purchase of a men’s chino, we will soon answer the most important questions about this item of clothing.

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Chino for men: The most important questions answered

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about chinos for men. We have picked out the questions for you and answered them shortly. After reading through the guide, you will know all the essential background about chinos for men.

In which styles are chino trousers for men available?

You can buy chinos for men in different colours and styles. In the next sections, we have listed some men’s chino styles for you so that you can find the most suitable and best trouser style for you.

Skinny chinos: Men’s skinny chinos, as the name suggests are slightly narrower and tend to fit snugly around the thighs and hips. These chinos prevent freedom of movement, sew more like leggings and thus lose their elegance.
Classic chinos: The classic chinos for men, on the other hand, are more elegant and chic than the skinny. Moreover, these trousers are also more modern thanks to their slim fit.

What is the difference between chinos for men and jeans?

The material is the main difference between men’s chinos and jeans. Men’s chinos are made of twill fabric that is produced in China, which is why they are also called chinos. This material is airier and wider than jeans, which are heavier and thicker. Men’s chinos are especially suitable for men who cannot do without long trousers even in the warm months, but who want to move freely and not sweat.

In addition, chinos for men are more colourful and available in more colours than jeans, which can be found in either blue or black and grey. For this reason, men’s chinos have become more and more common and they have asserted themselves not only as workwear but also as casual wear.

How do I care for and clean my chinos for men?

Men’s chinos are easy to care for, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Before washing, sort the trousers by colour, close all buttons and zips and turn them inside out. Sorting by colour prevents discolouration. After you have done everything, you can start the wash cycle.

You should use the detergent, whether powder or liquid, sparingly so that the chinos for men do not shrink and leave damaging residues in the material. It is best to use a colour detergent and wash the men’s chinos on the colour wash programme at 40 degrees. After the wash cycle, let the chinos dry naturally, although men’s chinos may also be tumble dried. If you decide to tumble dry, choose a low temperature between 60 and 65 degrees.

What shoes go with men’s chinos?

As a rule, men’s chinos go with any outfit, so you can’t go wrong. However, there are shoes that go best with chinos for men. If you are going for a relaxed and casual style, it is best to wear sneakers but if you want to be a bit more formal, then pair with chinos leather shoes or loafers. However, you should never combine or wear men’s chinos with flip-flops. Shoes are the crucial complement to your outfit to distinguish between formal and informal style.

Styling tips for men’s chino trousers: How to achieve the perfect leather look

Men’s chinos are versatile and combinable but to create the perfect outfit, you should stick to some rules that will make your figure stand out.

  • When it comes to length, there should always be a small gap between the end of the trousers and the shorts, called a break in fashion language. However, shorter men should avoid a break, as it makes the legs look even shorter.
  • Men’s chinos can be rolled up to taste, but only a maximum of two or three times, so that the trousers end just above the neck, otherwise everything else looks like high-water trousers.
  • The chinos for men that fit perfectly at the waist are those that can be worn without a belt without slipping.
  • You can wear chinos for men with almost anything. Narrow chinos for men go very well with a linen shirt, for example, as well as with a polo shirt or a T-shirt for everyday wear.


Men’s chinos are the best choice if you want to look elegant and fashionable at the same time. Men’s chinos are also suitable for almost any situation, whether formal or informal, and can be combined or worn with almost anything. Except flip-flops, of course! Cleaning and care are also very easy, you just have to take care of a few little things.

So the chinos for men are a must for all men who can’t do without long trousers in summer but at the same time don’t want to sweat and want to have more freedom of movement. Men’s chinos are simply the perfect leisure and work outfit, because you can’t go wrong with them.

Image source: Photo by Caleb Woods