Last updated: 16/10/2022

Caps for men are versatile and enjoy general popularity. Despite their sports origins, they have become an everyday accessory. When American trends became increasingly popular in Germany in the 1970s, the hype about caps began here too.

Wearing a cap is beneficial for various reasons. Be it for protection from the sun or to keep your hair out of your face. However, caps are not just for protection from the weather, they are a hip extra and can effortlessly enhance an outfit. From a fashion perspective, a cap is a must-have for men!


  • To find a suitable cap, you should know your cap size. The best way to measure the circumference of your head is with a tape measure.
  • Caps with patterns and color combinations can make an outfit look completely different.
  • To avoid the risk of damage, it is recommended to clean the cap by hand.

The Best Men’s Cap: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying caps for men

As leisure wear, evening wear or work wear: caps have long been more than just sportswear. Caps can be worn for every occasion and go with every outfit. When buying, you should consider a few things to find the right cap for every day.

Below you will find aspects that will help you make your decision. Criteria that can help you compare different caps include:

  • Shape
  • Material
  • Size
  • Colour

In the following paragraphs we explain the criteria mentioned in more detail.


Basically, every cap has the same shape. The upper part of the cap, which rests on the head, is called the crown. This consists of five or six triangular parts, so-called panels. These are sewn together at the long sides to create a round shape.

At the top of the panels, i.e. at the highest point of the cap, a button is attached, which is covered with fabric. A hole is punched in each panel. In the past, these eyelets were used by baseball players to ventilate their heads. In the meantime, they are added mainly for optical reasons.

A visor is attached to the front of the crown. This is stiffened by cardboard or plastic and is only slightly flexible. In some caps, the front part of the crown is also reinforced. This makes it easier for the cap to keep its shape. It also makes logos or emblems easier to recognise.


Caps for men are made of many different materials. Most caps are made of cotton or polyester. However, you will also find caps made of other materials. Wool, linen, spandex or leather are also popular materials for caps.

Due to the variety of materials and individual advantages and disadvantages, many caps have material blends. By processing several materials, a higher quality and better functionality can be achieved.

The use of elastic materials, for example, can ensure greater flexibility and thus a more pleasant wearing comfort.

Inside the cap, a kind of sweatband is usually sewn into the lower edge. This also increases the wearing comfort. On the one hand, sweat can be absorbed and on the other hand, pressure points are reduced and the fit is improved.

In some caps, the front of the crown and the peak are supported by cardboard or plastic to give the cap more stability. Due to the cardboard, the caps require more effort when cleaning, as cardboard is very sensitive to water. Therefore, only hand washing is possible.


To find a suitable cap, you should know your cap size. This is measured in centimetres based on the circumference of the head and usually converted into the American unit inches.

Not every cap requires an exact size. Some caps are offered in one-size-fits-all and can be varied by means of a fastener at the back. However, these caps are often still roughly subdivided. The sizes are S-M and M-L.

The best way to measure the circumference of your head is with a tape measure. Hold the tape measure just above the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead. Then put the tape around your head once. Approximately at the point where you want to wear the cap later.

If you do not have a tape measure, you can easily measure the circumference of your head with a simple tape or a cloth. You will also need a ruler or folding rule. To measure, place the tape or scarf around the head in a similar way to the tape measure. Fix the point where the head is rounded with your finger and place it next to the ruler and read off the measurements.

Now compare the circumference of the head with the size chart of the respective cap and you will know which size you need. If your measurement is between two sizes, it is recommended to take the larger size, as this offers better wearing comfort in the long run.


Caps for men can be found in any colour. Caps in plain colours and without a print in black, grey, brown or white look elegant. They are considered an all-rounder among caps and can be combined with any look.

But colours like a strong red, bright blue or rich green can also be found in many collections. These colours look great, are eye-catching and thus enhance the outfit. Especially in summer, a coloured cap can be combined well.

In addition to colours, patterns determine the effect of a cap. Different patterns and colour combinations can make an outfit look completely different. Caps with patterns are wonderful for giving simple looks that little bit extra.

Men’s cap: The most important questions answered

There is a wide range of caps for men and the choice is not always easy. In the following paragraphs we answer the most important questions in brief.

What types of caps are there for men?

Depending on the style and occasion, a cap for men should have different features. In the following, we present the most important types of caps and their special features.

  • Basecap: The basecap is the origin of all types and models of caps. It is also known as a baseball cap / cappy or baseball cap. The crown consists of six panels and the peak is slightly curved. The peak as well as the front part of the crown are stiffened, which gives the cap a high stability. The caps are available with an adjustable closure as well as closed.
  • Snapback: The snapback version is one of the most popular caps. It is usually sold in one size and has an adjustable closure at the back. The peak and the front panels are also fixed. However, the peak is straight. At the back of the cap there is a large opening above the closure. This allows the air in the cap to circulate better, which means you don’t sweat as quickly.
  • Truckercap: Trucker caps are conspicuous because of the mesh on the back. The back panels are not sewn with a solid fabric, but have a plastic mesh. This makes them particularly breathable and comfortable. These caps also have an adjustable closure on the back. The peak is reinforced and can be straight or curved.
  • Dadcap: Dadcaps are constructed very much like baseball caps and look very similar to them. The visor is also stiffened and curved. Unlike the baseball cap, the front of the crown is rather flat and not stiffened. As a result, this cap adapts very well to the shape of the head.
  • Fitted cap: The most important characteristic of fitted caps is that they are not adjustable. Therefore, you absolutely need the right size for these caps. The caps are available with both straight and curved visors and with or without reinforcement in the crown.

There is a cap to suit every taste. With the help of the features of the different caps, you can find the ideal cap for you.

Which cap suits me?

Which cap suits you is not only dependent on the size. There are different features that allow you to find the right cap for your face shape. You can find out which cap suits you in the following list.

  • Round face: A cap with a high crown is recommended for a round face. To show this off better, the crown should be stiffened in the front area. This gives the face more contour and visually reduces the width of the face.
  • Oval face: People with an elongated, oval face are recommended to wear a cap with a flat crown. Caps with a reinforcement can also give the face more contour.
  • Angular face: Using a cap with a large crown makes the face look less angular. A cap with a slightly curved peak is also recommended.
  • Heart-shaped face: With a heart-shaped face you have a wide choice. All caps can be worn well with this. However, if the lower part of the face is very narrow, a cap with a flat crown is recommended so that the cap does not look too powerful.

The cap should not only match your outfit and the occasion, but also your head and face shape. Therefore, think carefully about which cap might be suitable for you.

How do I care for and clean my cap?

To protect the material and colour of a cap, it is beneficial to store them in bags. This protects them from dust and UV radiation. This way, the caps require less care and stay beautiful for longer. Care must be taken to keep the caps in shape when storing them.

Caps can be washed in the washing machine or dishwasher. The advantages of the dishwasher are that it does not spin and the cap cannot be deformed by other laundry. When washing in the washing machine, wash at low temperatures and without a spin cycle.

Especially caps with a reinforced crown can easily deform in the washing machine. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to use so-called cap buddies when washing in the washing machine. The cap can be placed in them and is protected from deformation.

Caps must not be put in the dryer. They should always be left to air dry. It is also advisable to leave the cap in the cap buddy while drying.

If caps are reinforced with cardboard, they are not suitable for washing in the washing machine, as the cardboard would dissolve. However, most caps produced today are reinforced with plastic.

Besides washing, brushes or cleaning sprays are also suitable to get rid of dust, lint and light dirt. To avoid the risk of damage, it is recommended to clean the cap by hand. Be sure to wash out the cleaning agent thoroughly so that no residue remains on the cap.

Why are there stickers on some caps?

On many caps you will find stickers that are not removed by some people even after purchase. The main reason for these stickers is to prove the originality. With the help of the sticker, it is recognised that it is an original. This is especially interesting for people who collect caps and want to resell them.

Whether the stickers may be removed or not is a big topic of debate in the cap community. However, in addition to the sticker, each cap also has a sewn-in label that proves its originality. Whether the stickers stay on or are removed is therefore up to each individual to decide.


A cap can be combined with any outfit: whether casual in everyday life, for sports or elegant in combination with evening wear. A cap can create a completely different look.

Caps for men come in many different styles, colours and patterns. There are many different materials to choose from, so they can be used all year round and can also protect you from the weather. In our opinion, a cap is a must-have in your wardrobe!

Image source: Kilyan Sockalingum / Unsplash