Last updated: 16/10/2022

The right footwear is not only important in winter, but also in summer. Especially when it is very hot, it is pleasant in light and airy canvas shoes, because the feet do not sweat as quickly as in leather shoes. Moreover, canvas shoes for men are more sustainable and environmentally friendly than conventional shoes.

Just slip them on and experience a summery, carefree walking feeling, while feeling sporty, casual or business-like dressed? Who doesn’t wish for that? With canvas shoes, you can implement modern men’s styling in summer and we show you how.

The Best Mens Canvas Shoes: Our Picks


Before we get to the styling tips for men’s canvas shoes, let’s address some frequently asked questions.

In which styles are canvas shoes for men available?

Men’s canvas shoes come in elegant loafers or sporty sneakers. Ankle-high models for a firmer hold are also available. Some cuts make the feet look narrower. Spanish espadrilles made of cotton or linen bring holiday flair. You can slip them on in a flash and start your summer day. A typical feature is their high grass soles.

There are different fasteners for men’s canvas shoes: for slipping on without a fastener, with a lace, with a lace without tying or with a Velcro fastener.

What kind of soles do canvas shoes for men have?

Men’s canvas shoes usually have a white or natural-coloured sole, which underlines the summery look of the outfit. Dark fabric shoes for men, on the other hand, can also have a black sole. The only drawback with rubber soles: the sole sometimes squeaks under the heel.

Knotted bast soles are typical of espadrilles, the Spanish canvas shoes for men. The sustainable bast fibres of the slightly raised platform sole are made from hemp or flax.

How do I care for men’s canvas shoes properly?

Men’s canvas shoes are not as weatherproof as leather shoes. Therefore, they should also be impregnated with an appropriate spray in unstable weather conditions. Light-coloured canvas shoes in particular need to be well cared for. It is best to always remove the superficial dust with a shoe brush. This prevents the dirt from penetrating the fabric in the first place.

If it’s already too late and the shoes have become wet and dirty or foul odours have formed after sport, it’s not such a tragedy. Simply soak them with cleaning foam and go over them with a brush or wash them at 30 °C in the washing machine. It’s a good idea to use a special hygiene rinse so that the odour-causing bacteria are also killed.

Commercially available canvas shoes can withstand up to 600 revolutions during the spin cycle. If the shoe has a leather application, it is better not to wash it in the machine.

What colours are linen shoes for men available in?

Linen shoes for men are available in all colours, although light beige or cream tones predominate. You can also find models in muted colours like olive, brown, grey or dark red. Black tends to be a little unfavourable in summer because of the dust.

How sustainable are canvas shoes for men?

Compared to conventional leather shoes, the environmental balance of men’s canvas shoes is much better, as no toxic tanning substances are used. The main ingredient of linen shoes is a renewable raw material that can also be obtained from organically grown crops. This makes these men’s shoes sustainable and environmentally friendly.

For the conscious shoe buyer, there are also canvas shoes for men that have been produced completely vegan or that have been produced under fair production conditions and without child labour. You can recognise ecologically and ethically acceptable canvas shoes by seals such as Oeko-Tex 100, Made in Green, the Blue Angel or Fairtrade.

Styling tips for trendy men’s canvas shoes: How to achieve the perfect look

Due to the variety of men’s models, there are numerous occasions in summer when men can wear trendy canvas shoes.

  • Sport & Chill: Sneakers Canvas shoes or ankle-high fabric shoes are suitable for sporty activities with friends. Quickly grab your skateboard and off you go. What are you waiting for?
  • Casual outfit: An evening out with friends at your favourite restaurant is on the cards. You’ve already reserved a seat in the beer garden, slip into casual summer trousers and light-coloured canvas shoes to go with it. Just laugh and relax.
  • Business: You have a long day at the office with lots of meetings ahead of you? Slip-on linen shoes for men are perfect on a hot summer day. They look elegant and business-like with a jacket, but let your feet breathe.
  • Holiday: To really get into the holiday mood, we recommend espadrilles for men for a trip to the beach, because they go perfectly with swim shorts or wide linen trousers. If you often spend the day in a business look in everyday life, it’s all the more relaxing to break free from it on holiday. Have the courage to discover your Spanish soul!


On hot days, an airy lightweight men’s shoe is especially important. A canvas shoe is a good choice and is right on trend. Cloth shoes are available for men as loafers, sneakers, ankle-high shoes and espadrilles. So there is a suitable shoe for every occasion.

Because of these different models and fashion styles, canvas shoes for men are a recommendable alternative to sandals in summer. In addition to beach holidays, they are suitable for sporty outfits, casual leisure looks or for the office. So nothing stands in the way of a long summer day. On, isn’t it?

Image source: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels