Last updated: 16/10/2022

A men’s brief is a short and tight-fitting version of men’s underwear. A man’s brief is usually rather unpopular as an undergarment. However, it is a classic and has its own advantages and applications. The name briefs comes from the ease of putting on the underwear, as the wearer practically slips into the men’s briefs and has little difficulty doing so.

Despite their simple cut, men’s briefs come in a variety of shapes and colours. They are an ideal everyday model for every figure type. Here we help you to make the right decision for you. With frequent questions and their answers, we explain the essential facts to you. So you have a clear overview.

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Men’s briefs: The most important questions answered

Many questions arise before and after buying a men’s brief. Here we have collected and answered the most important questions for you.

What types of men’s briefs are available?

Men’s briefs are relatively tight-fitting, usually have an elasticated waistband and are cut without a prominent leg. They come in different shapes.

  • classic briefs: Simple cut often with a built-in opening. However, there are models without an opening.
  • Shaped or sports briefs: These briefs particularly emphasise the contours of the wearer and, with a short leg insert, are ideal for all sporting activities. They are usually without an opening and have a waistband that ends below the waistline.
  • Incontinence briefs: This type is suitable for all ages and is particularly useful for bladder infections. Alternatively, incontinence pads can be inserted into the other types of men’s briefs.

Another type of brief for men is the posing brief, which is mainly worn during bodybuilding competitions. However, this is unsuitable for everyday wear because it is too tight.

How do I choose the right men’s briefs?

It always depends on what you want. The feeling has to be right. Do you like it tighter or not? More or less legroom? For which activities do you want to wear the men’s briefs? What colour should the briefs be or do you not care? You can ask yourself questions like these and quickly narrow down the large selection.

If you have rather muscular thighs and often do sports, a version with a slight leg attachment is recommended. This way, the beginning of the musculature is covered and not pinched during sports. In addition, it emphasises the muscles of the thighs. A brief for men can also be used only for sporting activities, independent of everyday life.

How do I care for and clean my men’s briefs?

Men’s briefs should be changed and cleaned regularly. Depending on your daily routine, some may need to change their underwear more often than others. Ideally, you should change your men’s briefs every morning after your first shower. If you exercise regularly or sweat a lot in your daily life, you should change your underwear in the following shower.

If you are not sure how to properly wash your men’s briefs, we have a little tip. Most garments have the recommended washing procedure written on a small slip or label. You will find this on the inside back of the men’s briefs. If you have already removed it, you can enter the brand and model into an internet search engine to find out the appropriate washing method.

Can I sleep, swim or exercise in men’s briefs without any problems?

If you plan to sleep in a pair of men’s briefs, make sure the material is made of a breathable fabric, such as cotton. This reduces the risk of overheating. Especially in warm weather, you should change your men’s briefs immediately before or after sleeping.

In the swimming hall, outdoor pool or other bathing facilities, it is usually undesirable to wear any street clothes, including underwear, near the bathing water. Wearing clothes such as men’s briefs or boxer shorts underneath your swimwear is also frowned upon. At a lake, it is up to you unless there are rules against it.

If you move around a lot during a workout or sports in general, sports or formal briefs are recommended because they keep everything in the right place. This way you can relax and keep your attention on the sport or your workout without it getting too breezy in your shorts.


A brief for men comes in different cuts and colours. They are plain, easy to put on and a simple classic among men’s underwear. If you do a lot of sport or have particularly accentuated thigh muscles, you can’t go wrong with sports or formal briefs.

Of course, it is also an excellent variant of underwear for men in other ways and scores points with every figure type in everyday life. For sleeping, it’s worth opting for a pair of men’s briefs made from breathable fabric such as cotton. Always wash them as described on the attached label.

(Image source: Alora Griffiths / unsplash)