Last updated: 16/10/2022

[kb_intro] Unlike women, most men don’t pay much attention to their clothes. Moreover, most men probably don’t have nearly as many clothes, bags or shoes as women do. However, there is one thing that can always be found in a man’s wardrobe and that is men’s boots.

Men’s boots are indispensable for most men. This is mainly because they are versatile and can be combined with a wide variety of outfits. So it is not without reason that they are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. For the perfect look, the right outfit combination is crucial.

The Best Men’s Boots: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men’s boots

Finding the right boots for men is not easy. Especially since there is a very large selection to choose from. To find the right boots, you should pay special attention to some buying criteria. The following buying criteria will help you to find out which men’s boots are best for you:

  • Intended use
  • Material
  • Shaft height
  • Design

In the following section, the criteria mentioned are explained in more detail.

Intended use

When buying boots, you should be aware in advance of the purpose for which the shoes are to be used. Various factors play a role here: Depending on the place of use and weather conditions, there is a wide range of boots to choose from. There are also suitable boots for different sports such as riding and hiking.

Depending on this, the boots have different features to provide sufficient comfort and protection. For example, in winter or when hiking, it is important that the boots are waterproof and slip-resistant. Since boots are created differently depending on the intended use, it is essential to inform yourself sufficiently about the required properties. This is especially important for sports.


Since there are different types of boots for each purpose, they also differ in their material properties. The most common materials for men’s boots are leather, rubber, patent and synthetic. Not only the weather conditions, but also your own preferences influence the choice of material. For example, boots made of leather make sense for winter or backpacking tours.

Leather ensures a healthy foot climate, as they are breathable and moisturising. In addition, the leather adapts to the foot, making the boot very comfortable to wear and thus ideally suited for long distances. The choice of material thus depends on the desired style and the individual needs of the wearer.

Shaft height

The shaft height is also an important criterion when buying boots. On the one hand, it is decisive for the style of the boot, on the other hand, it is an important aspect for boots that are used for certain sports. A sufficiently high shaft can not only look good, but is in some cases even a prerequisite for safe protection and sufficient comfort.

For example, riding boots, for both men and women, should have a high shaft. These boots need a length that should be below the wearer’s kneecap when bent. Boots that have a high shaft are also advantageous in winter, as they keep the legs warmer. Men’s boots that are not intended for specific sports and are worn for everyday wear usually have a low shaft. These include the popular ankle boots, which are ankle-length.


Just as with any type of shoe, there are different designs for boots. For men’s boots, the colours black and brown are particularly popular, as they are easy to combine with other clothes and are therefore versatile. Of course, men’s boots can be found in a wide variety of colours. The fastening of the boots also determines the style of the shoe.

Most men’s boots are tied together with laces. These are a very modern and popular variation. There are also some that have a zip to close them. However, this variant is less common. Furthermore, men’s boots can have a heel. This is especially the case with ankle boots. Depending on your preferences, everyone will be able to find the right pair of boots for them.

Men’s boots: The most important questions answered

Since there is a very large selection of men’s boots, we would like to help you make the buying decision as easy as possible. To do this, we have summarised the most important questions and their answers for you on this topic.

What styles of men’s boots are available?

Men’s boots can be differentiated just like women’s boots by their shaft height. In addition, men’s boots are differentiated in particular according to their intended use. There are boots that are primarily purchased for fashion reasons, but there are also boots that are suitable for certain activities.

  • Ankle boots: Ankle boots or Chelsea boots have a low shaft height and reach down to the ankle. However, some ankle boots can also have a shaft that goes slightly higher than the ankle. These types of boots are very popular with men and can be worn with different outfits and in different seasons.
  • Cowboy or western boots: Cowboy or western boots have a higher shaft than ankle boots. They are very robust shoes, which is why practical use is the main focus here. They usually have a heel that is about 4 cm high.
  • Rubber boots: Rubber boots usually have a medium-high shaft or reach below the knees. These protect the feet from wetness and keep them warm. Rubber boots for men also offer a lot of freedom of movement and elasticity. For men, the main focus is on the intended use of rubber boots.
  • Biker or motorbike boots: As the name suggests, these boots are designed for motorcycling. They offer sufficient protection for the foot due to their robustness and durability. These boots have a low to medium height shaft. They also have abrasion-resistant soles for safe riding.
  • Riding boots: Riding boots are available for both men and women. These are, as the name suggests, suitable for riding. Thus, with this type of boot, too, the focus is not on the appearance, but on the purpose of the shoes. Riding boots also have a high shaft height that reaches below the knee.

For most men’s boots, the focus is not on the appearance, but on the intended use and the various features of the shoe. If you are looking for men’s boots that can be combined with a variety of outfits, you won’t go wrong with ankle boots.

How do I clean my men’s boots?

For the right outfit, it is not only the choice of boots that is decisive. Of course, the appearance or care of the shoes is also important. It is important to take the material properties into consideration. Ankle boots, which are a very popular shoe choice among men, are often made of leather. We will briefly list the different types of leather and their recommended cleaning:

  • Real leather: Shoes made of leather should be cleaned every 2 weeks if worn regularly. To do this, first remove the dirt with a soft brush. For stubborn dirt, a damp cotton cloth should be used for rubbing. Never place the boots on or under the heating to dry them. This will cause the leather to become brittle. After drying, a shoe polish can be used for polishing.
  • Suede: Boots made of suede should be washed with warm water and a soft brush. Soap should not be used here, as this makes the leather material look brittle. Suede sprays and suede erasers can also be used.
  • Imitation leather: For imitation leather boots, it is recommended to first wipe off the dirt with a sponge or soft brush. The remaining dirt is simply rubbed off with a damp cloth.

Leather boots should also be stretched with a shoe tree to maintain their shape. Such a storage method is particularly advantageous for genuine leather boots. Cleaning agents from the shoe shop can also be used for cleaning. However, it is best to seek advice on this locally to avoid stains and other undesirable results on the boots.

How can I widen my boots?

If your boots are too tight for you, there is the option of having them widened by a cobbler. However, you can easily do this yourself. There are several ways to do this.

  • Thick socks: If the boots are too tight on your feet and painful blisters appear when wearing them, it helps to put on thick socks and break in the boots with them for about an hour. This will widen the boots a little and prevent blisters from developing. If the boots have not widened enough after an hour, the process can simply be repeated.
  • Freezer bag: A freezer bag can also be used to widen the boots. This is first filled with water and then placed in the boot. The bag should not contain any air. Then place the boots in the freezer until the water freezes. When this happens, the boots are taken out and the bag removed.
  • Moistening: Dampening the boot with water is another option. The added moisture softens the leather, making them easier to shape. If the boots are then broken in with thick socks, they can be easily stretched.
  • Stretching spray: Probably the easiest option is to use stretching spray. The spray is applied to the affected areas. The boots then need to be broken in so that they can be stretched. The longer the boots are worn after spraying, the greater the stretching effect.

However, for professional and reliable widening, you should contact a cobbler. Especially for expensive boots, this is the safest and most sensible option.

What can I do about smelly boots?

To get rid of odours from boots or shoes, you can simply resort to various home remedies. Sprinkling baking soda or baking powder on the boots will neutralise the smell. The powder is soaked overnight and removed in the morning, e.g. with a hoover.

Soaking citrus peels for a few hours can also eliminate unwanted odours. The simplest and quickest option is shoe deodorants. These neutralise the smell of sweat in the shoe and can sometimes also be used as a foot spray.

Styling tips for men’s boots: How to achieve the perfect boot look

Men’s boots are indispensable for every man. Not only do they look good, they are also very comfortable to wear. The biggest advantage, however, is that they can be combined very well. Below we have put together some helpful styling tips for you.

  • Casual: Men’s boots are particularly suitable for an everyday look. Ankle boots can easily be combined with jeans and a pullover or a T-shirt. Black and brown ankle boots in particular go with any outfit. This casual look can be worn with a watch and other accessories.
  • Business: For a stylish business look, leather ankle boots can be worn with a turtleneck jumper and a long coat. Pleated trousers are an ideal match. A matching wristwatch completes the look.
  • Elegant: Boots can also be worn for special occasions, such as wedding parties or in classy restaurants. Leather ankle boots in particular make the outfit look elegant and modern. These can be perfectly combined with a suit. For an elegant look, black leather boots are best.

Of course, these styling tips are only for inspiration. How you want to combine men’s boots is entirely up to you.


It is impossible to imagine men without men’s boots. They are not only comfortable to wear, but also very easy to combine. They can not only complete the everyday look, but also elegant outfits. The diverse combinations that can be created with them are also the reason why they are so popular. It is important to keep the purpose of the boots in mind.

Men’s boots are not only purchased for their looks, but also for sporting activities. It is therefore important to pay attention to the required characteristics when buying men’s boots.

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