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Bootcut jeans for men are one of the most popular garments in the fashion world and can be super combined. They are characterised by their special boot cut, which is narrower at the thigh and gets wider from the knee downwards. The flared jeans make the leg look narrower and longer and are also called flared jeans.

The selection of men’s bootcut jeans is gigantic. They come in a wide variety of styles, so there is something for every taste and every figure. With the right styling, you can always find the right bootcut jeans for different occasions. Bootcut jeans for men are therefore not only an eye-catcher, but also a real all-round talent.

The Best Mens Bootcut Jeans: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men’s bootcut jeans

There is a suitable pair of men’s bootcut jeans for every taste and every requirement. To help you find the perfect model, you can compare the different offers based on a few aspects.

You can look out for the following buying criteria to find the right pair of men’s bootcut jeans:

  • Material
  • Body height
  • Closure
  • Pockets
  • Wash

In the following, we will explain to you what the individual features essentially depend on.


When talking about men’s bootcut jeans, the main component of the trousers is already relatively clear. Many bootcut jeans for men are made of a material mixture consisting of cotton, polyester, viscose, elastane and elastomultiester.

To be called a pair of jeans, they have to be made mostly of cotton. If it is the typical blue cotton, the fabric is also called denim. However, the cotton can of course be dyed in different colours.

Polyester and viscose are often mixed with cotton. Viscose is easier to care for than cotton and is pleasant on the skin. The fabric is also very absorbent and therefore easy to dye. Polyester is characterised by its shape and colour stability and is therefore very durable. In addition, it is very breathable.

Elastane and elastomultiester are used to make men’s bootcut jeans more elastic and thus easier to put on and take off. A stretch content can also make them more comfortable to wear, as it gives you some freedom of movement.

The material composition of men’s bootcut jeans can vary. In most cases, the jeans are made of about 95% cotton and the remaining 5% is then polyester or viscose and stretch fabric. However, there are also models that are made of 100% cotton.

Waist height

The waist height, also known as the waistband height, can be an important buying criterion for men’s bootcut jeans. You can choose between a low, medium and high waist, which are also called low, medium and high waist.

  • High Waist: The waistband of men’s bootcut jeans with a high waistline is cut quite high. It goes down to the waist and usually even covers the belly button. The high waistband can visually stretch your legs.
  • Middle Waist: Men’s bootcut jeans in the middle waist style sit about a few centimetres below the belly button. These styles suit every figure type and every look. Therefore, middle waist styles are the most popular among bootcut jeans for men.
  • Low Waist: The waistband of bootcut jeans for men with a low waist sits directly on the hips. Low waist models are especially suitable for taller men, as short legs can often be compressed by this cut.

You should choose the waistband height of a pair of bootcut jeans for men primarily according to which option you feel most comfortable wearing and which waistband height you like the most visually.


The fastening of bootcut jeans for men is also a decisive feature and often affects the quality and functionality of the jeans. A distinction is made between button and zip closures.

The classic men’s bootcut jeans have a pure button closure. This is a strip of four to five buttons. In some models, the buttons are visible and in other variants, the button placket is covered by a piece of fabric.

More and more bootcut jeans for men are equipped with a concealed zip, also called a zip fly. This is always additionally equipped with a button that sits above the zip on the waistband. The button offers additional protection against unwanted unzipping of the jeans.

Which fastener you should choose for your men’s bootcut jeans depends on your personal preferences. Zips are a little less complicated than button fastenings, although these are not exactly cumbersome either. A visible button placket can add a special look to men’s bootcut jeans.


Pockets can play an important role when choosing a pair of bootcut jeans for men. They are very practical for storing smaller items such as your smartphone, wallet or keys.

Generally, there are many different types of pockets. In bootcut jeans for men, one type of pocket is used almost without exception, namely welt pockets.

In most cases, a pair of bootcut jeans for men is equipped with five welt pockets. This is also called five-pocket style. The men’s bootcut jeans then have two front side pockets, a small coin pocket that lies over one of the two side pockets and two back pockets.

Pockets can enhance the look of a pair of men’s bootcut jeans. Very few men’s bootcut jeans deviate from the five-pocket style and have fewer pockets or a different type of pocket, such as decorative pockets.


The wash of a pair of bootcut jeans for men influences the look that the jeans will have in the end. There are many different washes, so you can find a pair of men’s bootcut jeans to suit any style.

Classic men’s bootcut jeans have only a very light wash or almost no wash at all. This makes the jeans fabric appear very even, so that such models can be combined with almost anything and go with any look.

Other models are moderately to very heavily washed. The wash can vary. For example, there are men’s bootcut jeans that are only washed on the thighs or some where the entire jeans are washed to different degrees.

Bootcut jeans for men with a heavy wash are more daring than the regular models. However, washed-out men’s bootcut jeans can be eye-catching and really spice up an outfit.

Bootcut jeans for men: The most important questions answered

Since there are a variety of different bootcut jeans for men, you may still have some questions about this topic. To clear up any potential confusion, we have answered the most important questions about men’s bootcut jeans in this section.

What types of men’s bootcut jeans are there?

Bootcut jeans for men come in a wide variety of styles and with different features. However, there are three types of men’s bootcut jeans, namely ankle-length, regular-length and extra-long men’s bootcut jeans.

  • Ankle-length bootcut jeans: Men’s bootcut jeans that only reach the ankle are also called cropped bootcut jeans. The cropped jeans will leave parts of the lower leg exposed. Ankle-length bootcut jeans are relatively rare, but can be combined with cool socks and shoes, for example, as these are more visible than with other models due to the cut.
  • Normal length bootcut jeans: Most bootcut jeans for men are normal length. A normal length means jeans that reach right down to the foot, so they don’t hit the ground and just let the shoe show through. You can’t go wrong with a pair of men’s regular length bootcut jeans. They have a timeless character and can be combined in any way you like.
  • Extra-long bootcut jeans: The extra-long men’s bootcut jeans are a little more daring. They reach down to the sole of the foot or are even longer. Such models crease at the trouser leg when worn and lie gathered on the shoes. You can also roll up the jeans to create a nice flare. An extra-long pair of men’s bootcut jeans can be a real eye-catcher.

Which pair of men’s bootcut jeans is right for you depends on your individual taste. A normal length model is always the right choice. Extra-long and cropped bootcut jeans for men, however, are very fashionable and unique. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Which bootcut jeans for men suit my figure?

It is not only women who are concerned about their figure. Men also want to hide small problem zones and flatter their figure. In this section we have put together some tips and tricks to help you find the ideal pair of men’s bootcut jeans.

  • Tall and sporty: Are you tall and sporty? Then you won’t have a hard time finding the right pair of men’s bootcut jeans. No matter what length, wash or body height the bootcut jeans for men have, you can easily wear any model thanks to your advantageous figure. Even cropped men’s bootcut jeans, which can visually compress your legs, won’t bother you because your legs are long enough.
  • Short legs: Since men’s bootcut jeans are cut narrower at the thighs and become wider towards the bottom, the legs already appear longer anyway. So they are ideal for short legs. To visually lengthen your legs even more, you can choose styles with a high waistband. You should steer clear of ankle-length men’s bootcut jeans and go for regular-length or extra-long options instead.
  • Strong build: Men’s bootcut jeans can make your legs look narrower. If you also want to conceal stronger thighs and a big bum, you can go for dark colours. Eye-catching washes should be avoided here. To conceal the belly area, you can choose a pair of high-waist men’s bootcut jeans.
  • Small buttocks: It’s not only women who can charm with their buttocks. A man’s bottom can also be quite attractive. Bootcut jeans for men with a low waist and in light colours can make your bottom look fuller. Models with large back pockets that are placed far to the outside of the trousers can also visually enlarge the butt.

The special boot cut of men’s bootcut jeans already flatters the figure. With these tips, you can additionally find the perfect model for your figure type. In general, of course, you can wear any men’s bootcut jeans you like. The most important thing is that you feel completely comfortable.

How can I tell if my men’s bootcut jeans fit well?

You will most likely be able to tell whether your men’s bootcut jeans fit perfectly by the way they feel when worn. However, there are some universal signs that you can directly determine whether the chosen model really fits well.

The most important thing about men’s bootcut jeans is that they offer you enough freedom of movement. Even if the denim fabric is a little firmer and the jeans are tight around the thighs, they should not restrict your movement. A pair of men’s bootcut jeans with a high stretch content gives you enough room to move.

The waistband should also not restrict your freedom of movement. Men’s bootcut jeans that are too tight at the top will constrict and squeeze uncomfortably and take away your breathing space. In addition, your belly may unintentionally protrude above the waistband.

On the other hand, the waistband should not be too loose either. With men’s bootcut jeans that are too big, the waistband will keep slipping down and you will have to keep pulling it back up. A belt can be a solution, but only to a certain extent.

Another feature that can tell you that your men’s bootcut jeans are not fitting well is unwanted creases. These can be noticeable at the front and back in the crotch area or at the thighs. This is both visually unattractive and uncomfortable to wear.

How do I care for and clean my bootcut jeans for men?

Careful cleaning is important to keep your men’s bootcut jeans looking their best. The right care also ensures that you will enjoy the garments for a long time.

Most men’s bootcut jeans are suitable for machine washing at 30°C or 40°C. You can choose between the cotton and cotton programmes. You can choose between the cotton and gentle wash programmes. Only a few models need to be hand washed.

If possible, you should always let your men’s bootcut jeans air-dry. Some models are suitable for the dryer, but too high temperatures can shrink the jeans. Never bleach your bootcut jeans, as this will irrevocably alter the colour and wash.

Before you put on your men’s bootcut jeans, you should iron them to remove unwanted creases and wrinkles and to unleash their full visual potential.

Of course, you should follow the care and cleaning instructions that are specifically recommended for your men’s bootcut jeans by the manufacturer.

Styling tips for men’s bootcut jeans: How to achieve the perfect look

Bootcut jeans for men come in different styles and can be combined very well. So you can wear this garment with many different looks. We have put together a few styling tips for you below.

  • Casual, casual: If you want to integrate your men’s bootcut jeans into your everyday look, you have many options. You can’t go wrong with a basic long-sleeved shirt or cardigan. Matching boots or sneakers round off the outfit. With this practical, yet fashionable look, you can tackle your everyday tasks with skill.
  • Sporty, casual: When going for a walk or cycling, it’s okay to be sportier. A casual outfit is also appropriate when shopping or having a cosy breakfast in a café. You can combine your men’s bootcut jeans with a cosy hoodie or sweatshirt. A cap and stylish sneakers make the outfit look even more casual.
  • Stylish, elegant: For dressier occasions, such as a visit to the theatre or dinner at a fancy restaurant, your outfit should be stylish. To create an elegant outfit, you can combine your men’s bootcut jeans with a smart shirt. A jacket is not a must, but you can of course wear it with them. Ankle boots or smart lace-up shoes complete the look.

You are of course free to decide what you want to wear with your men’s bootcut jeans according to your taste. You can use these styling tips as inspiration for your next look. The most important thing is that you personally like your outfit.


Bootcut jeans for men are firmly anchored in the fashion world and should not be missing from any man’s wardrobe. They come in different styles so that every individual taste can be catered for. To find the right model for you, you can compare the offers based on certain buying criteria.

Men’s bootcut jeans are also easy to combine. Therefore, you can wear them for many different occasions. The special bootcut makes your legs look longer and narrower. There are a few tips and tricks you can follow when choosing a pair of men’s bootcut jeans to flatter your figure.

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