Last updated: 16/10/2022

Bomber jackets are probably one of the most popular transitional jackets for men. They are an absolute all-rounder and versatile. Whether on a cool summer evening or an autumn walk, the bomber jacket is always the right choice. They come in many different colours. There are hardly any limits to fashion creativity with bomber jackets.

The most common use for the men’s bomber jacket is as a transitional jacket in spring or autumn. It is classically combined with jeans and a T-shirt. Since the bomber jacket model is so popular, it is now also available with fur and can even be worn in winter. There is something for every figure and every taste. For the perfect look, the colour and styling of men’s bomber jackets are very important.

The Best Men’s Bomber Jacket: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men’s bomber jackets

With the current huge selection of bomber jackets, it is easy to lose track of what you are looking for. We have worked out the most important buying criteria for you so that you don’t lose track of the perfect men’s bomber jacket.

You can use these criteria to find out which bomber jacket suits you best:

  • Colour
  • Style
  • Material
  • Care / Cleaning

In the following sections, we will go into more detail on the individual buying criteria for you and show you what essentially matters.


The bomber jacket for men comes in different colours. The most popular colours are black and forest green, better known as khaki. These colours also combine best with classic jeans, which is probably why they are so widespread.

If you are looking for a men’s bomber jacket for everyday use that you want to combine with many different outfits, you should go for one of the classic colours.

If you are looking for a specific colour, there are no limits to your wishes. The trend is going in different directions.

Men’s bomber jackets are predominantly monochrome. Our tip to you: forgo playful patterns and choose a monochrome model. This way, you can use your bomber jacket not only for special outfits and occasions, but also incorporate it perfectly into your everyday life.


The bomber jacket got its original style from pilots. This is where the other name of the bomber jacket, pilot jacket, comes from. The special features of the bomber jacket are the elastic cuffs at the neck, sleeves and hem. This also gives the original men’s bomber jacket its slightly puffed-up shape.

There are now different styles and trends. The original bomber jacket ends just above the bottom. Since fashion is always evolving, you can also buy and wear the men’s bomber jacket in an oversized look.

With the zip closed, you are optimally protected against wind and light cold in spring and autumn. A bomber jacket does not have a hood. Normally, the bomber jacket is comfortable to wear because it is not skin-tight but offers enough freedom of movement.

You should go for an original model. With an original shaped men’s bomber jacket, you are always right on trend and do not break any fashion taboos.


Before buying your bomber jacket, you should be aware of the different materials men’s bomber jackets can be made of. We give you a little insight into the most commonly used materials for bomber jackets.

The traditional bomber jacket is made of nylon. Some newer variants are also made of polyester or blended fabric. We will briefly show you the individual properties of the different materials. This way you can pick out the perfect variant for you and adapt it to your personal needs.

  • Nylon: Nylon has the property of being particularly robust in its shape. This means that clothing is better protected against creases and wrinkles. Nylon is also water-repellent, which makes bomber jackets particularly suitable for the transitional seasons in spring and autumn.
  • Polyester: Polyester is considered particularly easy to care for and its light weight gives bomber jackets a big advantage. A small drawback of polyester is that it has an insulating warming effect. For men’s bomber jackets, this usually means that it is not very breathable. Especially in transition with changing temperatures, this can often be a disadvantage for everyday wear.
  • Blended fabric: Fabrics made of blended fabric have the property of being very durable in shape and colour. Blended fabrics are also boil-resistant, which makes men’s bomber jackets made of blended fabrics very easy to care for.

You now know the different materials that bomber jackets can be made of. Decide which material best suits your individual requirements.

Care / Cleaning

To ensure that your bomber jacket lasts as long as possible, you should attach great importance to the correct care and cleaning of your jacket. We would like to provide you with the most important tips. Please note that these are only tips. Always pay attention to the cleaning instructions on the label of your bomber jacket.

When washing your men’s bomber jacket, the best way to protect your jacket is to wash it at 40 degrees at the highest. Washing too hot can damage the material and in the worst case, shrink your bomber jacket.

To prevent the colour of your bomber jacket from fading in the long run, turn your men’s bomber jacket inside out before washing it in the washing machine. This way, fabric softeners will come into less contact with the dyed material. Your bomber jacket will still be clean and hygienic.

Bomber jackets are considered particularly durable and long-lasting. Not least thanks to the wonderful properties of the materials from which men’s bomber jackets are predominantly made. If you handle your jacket properly and wash it regularly, you are always on the safe side.

Bomber jackets for men: The most important questions answered

With such a large selection of men’s bomber jackets, it may be difficult for you to find your way around. We have therefore compiled the most important questions about bomber jackets and answered them for you. In this way, we would like to make your buying decision easier.

What is the best way to style a men’s bomber jacket?

The best way to match your bomber jacket to your outfit essentially depends on the occasion. We would like to give you some suggestions on which occasion you can specifically combine your bomber jacket to make a visually good impression.

  • Autumn walk: A bomber jacket is particularly suitable for a cosy autumn walk. For this, it is best to choose autumnal colours such as khaki. Combine it with blue jeans and dark boots. Alternatively, white sneakers are also suitable for your outfit.
  • Going out in the evening: For example, for dinner with friends or your partner. Combine a universal colour of your men’s bomber jacket with black trousers and a smart shirt in white or black. Your choice of shoes will depend somewhat on the restaurant or bar you are going to. For fancier restaurants, dark lace-up shoes are recommended. In a casual setting, choose sneakers to go with your bomber jacket.
  • Dinner with friends: For a cool and casual night out with your friends, choose a casual t-shirt with a pair of light coloured jeans and cool white sneakers. Wear a casual bomber jacket with it. The colour is up to you, let your creativity run wild.

You now know in which looks and outfits you can combine your bomber jacket. Of course, there are countless other ways you can wear your men’s bomber jacket. With our styling tips you are well prepared for the time being.

Wear men’s bomber jackets in winter too?

The classic bomber jacket for men is more of a transitional jacket and therefore better suited for seasons like spring or autumn. However, because the bomber jacket has been so well received by men, variants have already been made with which you are also equipped for colder temperatures in winter.

There are definitely brands that offer bomber jackets that are lined. These bomber jackets often have fur inside the jacket and are therefore also suitable for colder temperatures. However, this can often be recognised visually and the bomber jackets sometimes look very puffy and pumped up.

We would recommend that you go for a classic bomber jacket and use it for transitional seasons. In winter, you should take care of your health and choose thick winter jackets and coats.

Are men’s bomber jackets suitable for transition?

Bomber jackets are not only suitable for the transition, rather they were created for it. Both visually and in terms of comfort, they are a real all-rounder for transitional seasons.

The different weather and temperatures often make the right outfit choice in spring or autumn difficult. Either you dress too cool or you start sweating during the day because you are already wearing your winter jacket.

With the men’s bomber jacket, you can put an end to this once and for all. Thanks to the unique materials of the bomber jackets with their perfect properties, you are equipped for different weather conditions. Should it get fresh, you can simply close your bomber jacket with the zip and are thus protected from fresh wind and rain.

We can give the modern man an absolute buy recommendation. With the bomber jacket you are not only well prepared for the transitional temperatures, but also always cut a fashionable figure.

Styling tips for men’s bomber jackets: How to achieve the perfect bomber jacket look

In our opinion, bomber jackets are indispensable for every fashionable man. We will briefly show you which bomber jacket variants are available and how you can best combine them.

  • Classic look: The original, classic bomber jacket is forest green, also called khaki. It is made of nylon and can be closed with a zip. The best way to combine your men’s bomber jacket is with blue jeans and a white or black T-shirt.
  • Fur look: A warmer version of the classic bomber jacket, with which men do not have to do without their beloved bomber jacket even in winter. The fur is usually found on the collar, so your neck is well protected from cold wind in winter. The men’s bomber jacket with fur is thickly lined. You can combine it best with jeans and warm boots. Since the bomber jacket does not have a hood, a cap is a wonderful addition to this outfit.
  • Print look: Newly interpreted men’s bomber jackets feature eye-catching motifs. Perfectly suited for men who like to stand out with their look. Since the bomber jacket looks very playful, it is best worn with dark trousers and modern sneakers. Underneath the bomber jacket, you should wear a plain-coloured T-shirt that does not distract from your bomber jacket.

Of course, these styling tips only serve as inspiration for your bomber jacket look. You can, of course, design your outfits according to your personal taste.


In our opinion, bomber jackets belong in every wardrobe. They are a real all-round solution for men, especially for transitional seasons. It is not for nothing that they are among the most popular jackets. Whether for a walk out or an invitation to a friend’s house. The men’s bomber jacket is a real all-rounder.

You can create many different looks with your bomber jacket. Essentially, it comes down to the right combination and selected styling. Think carefully about the colour of your bomber jacket. This way, it can also be perfectly integrated into your everyday life and you are fashionably equipped for every situation.

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