Last updated: 16/10/2022

For a long time, blazers for men were reserved for elegant occasions with a formal character. But this is no longer the case. Jackets, as the straight sporty version of this men’s garment is also called, can nowadays also be worn with simpler outfits. In doing so, they enhance the look and add flair.

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Blazers for men: The most important questions answered

If you are overwhelmed with the immense choice of blazers for men or have been wanting to know more about the subject for a while, we have compiled the most important questions in this area and their answers for you here.

In which styles are blazers for men available?

There are basically two different styles of blazers for men:

  • Formal: Men’s formal blazers are usually designed to match suit trousers in the same material and colour. Accordingly, they are usually made of a smooth and unstructured outer fabric.
  • Sporty: The men’s sports jacket or sporty blazer is usually made of a coarser outer fabric material than their formal counterparts. They also come in a wide range of materials so that they can be perfectly adapted to the weather, temperatures and tastes. We recommend men’s jackets in jersey or linen in summer, while in winter we tend to go for warmer fabrics like tweed.

Before you buy one of the two styles of men’s blazers, you should think about the purpose for which you want to use the blazer and decide which style to buy based on that.

What are the fits for men’s blazers?

Men’s blazers are also divided into two categories when it comes to fit:

  • Regular Fit: Men’s blazers with the Regular Fit are cut straighter than the second category of Slim Fit. This blazer is much more classic and is particularly well suited to powerfully built gentlemen.
  • Slim Fit: Blazers or shirts in Slim Fit are strongly waisted and also cut rather slim in other respects. This means they fit perfectly to the contours of your body. This cut is particularly suitable for men who have a slim or athletic figure.

If you cannot decide between the fits, it is advisable to try on both in a men’s specialist shop and get advice from a specialist if necessary.

How should a men’s jacket fit so that it really fits?

You can tell from the shoulder area and the waist whether the blazer you have chosen really fits you. The men’s blazer should be flush with your shoulders, and the lapels and back should not wrinkle, i.e. they should lie smoothly. In addition, the jacket should close easily in the front and in this position it should also follow your body contour perfectly. If one of these things is not right, the men’s blazer does not have the right width.

Another important point is the sleeve length. Ideally, the shirt cuff for men should protrude one to two centimetres from the blazer sleeve.

Styling tips for men’s blazers: How to achieve the perfect blazer look

  1. You can make a stylish entrance with a well-fitting men’s blazer and matching trousers. For this, compare our tips on how to tell that a blazer fits well.
  2. If you want to be stylish, you should avoid the colour black except at a funeral or with a tailcoat. If you like it discreet despite this restriction, go for anthracite, grey or blue for your men’s blazer.
  3. The sporty blazer for men can be perfectly combined with classic blue jeans or beige chino trousers and is a perfect companion for everyday life and leisure when things don’t have to be quite so chic.
  4. Each blazer can be transformed into an absolute eye-catcher with accessories such as a pin, and depending on the pin, affiliations or preferences can also be communicated to the person opposite.

You can hardly go wrong with your blazer outfit with these tips. Just follow them and you’ll be perfectly prepared for any occasion.


Blazers can be worn by men for any occasion and that makes them a must-have in every wardrobe! For particularly festive occasions, an elegant men’s blazer with matching suit trousers is recommended.

If, on the other hand, the event is more sporty and elegant, try a sporty jacket and jeans or chino trousers. If that’s too boring for you, spice up your look with small men’s accessories.

(Image source: Chi Lok TSANG / Unsplash)