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Elegant and mysterious, the biker jacket for men is an all-rounder that can express different faces from the male personality. It has always been trendy to include the single character in the creation of outfits in order to preserve one’s authenticity. Excellent as a classic in the male wardrobe, biker jackets can be combined in many ways.

The large selection of different models with playful details can quickly turn your decision into agony of choice. Whether it’s fit, occasion, styling or colour combinations, you have to pay attention to many aspects to create the perfect look according to your taste.

The Best Mens Biker Jacket in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying biker jackets for men

The rapid development of the fashion industry leads to the fulfilment of versatile customer demands, but complicates the purchase decision enormously. Never before have there been so many jacket trends for men at the same time as today.

To ensure that your search for the perfect biker jacket for men does not turn into overwhelming demands, but is instead combined with pure fun, we present you with the most important buying criteria to guide you:

  • Colour
  • Material
  • Closure
  • Collar shape

Why it is important to pay attention to each of these criteria before making your purchase, you will find out in more detail in the following section.


Solid or bright – colours have a huge impact on the overall look and can either complement or completely change an outfit. Since the biker jacket is a timeless item of clothing in a man’s wardrobe, you should first think about which colour suits your taste and which colour can highlight the assets of any outfit.

Associated with elegance and self-confidence, black is the absolute classic in the category of biker jackets for men. A black biker jacket is versatile, so it can adapt to different looks and seasons. Another advantage of the colour black is the optical illusion it creates. A tight-fitting and black biker jacket can flatter the figure in a favourable way, for example by emphasising the muscular upper body of the gentleman.

Another colour that belongs to the earthy colour palette and adds a timeless touch to any outfit is brown. Chic and casual at the same time, this colour radiates warmth. A real classic is the brown biker jacket made of genuine leather – the biker jacket for men that should find a place in every wardrobe.


It is not only the colours that ensure diversity and timelessness in biker jackets for men, but also the different materials. The most common material for making biker jackets is leather. Whether the biker jacket is really made of leather can be seen relatively quickly from the price tag. The cheaper models have a leather look, but are mostly made of polyester.

Besides the price tag, there are many other differences between genuine and imitation leather, which will be examined here. Genuine leather is characterised by a strong but pleasant smell and a wrinkled but soft structure of the material. In contrast, imitation leather stands out with its perfectly finished structure and neutral smell.

The functionality of the material itself should also not be overlooked. The genuine leather is windproof and can keep you warm particularly well. Faux leather, on the other hand, is easier to care for than genuine leather.

Due to the change in attitudes towards the environment, the relevance of not only the quality of the respective material but also of its production is increasing nowadays. For this reason, it is recommended to choose the vegan options on the market, such as vegan leather. Many brands, even well-known ones, offer such sustainable models today, and with accessible prices as well.


As well as the material, the closure also plays an important role in the composition of the quality criteria of the biker jacket for men. That is why it is important to take a look at the workmanship of the fastener before buying a biker jacket. Good workmanship in general is a relevant point that contributes to the longevity of the biker jacket.

Possible closures in the case of the men’s biker jacket are asymmetrical closures, wide zips and adjustable waistbelt. Buttons are rather excluded at this point.

To avoid making a wrong purchase, you should pay special attention to the workmanship of the fastener by trying on the biker jacket and opening and closing the fasteners a few times. Pay attention to the noise, ease of use and appearance of the fastener.

Collar shape

Another important detail of the workmanship of the men’s biker jacket is the collar shape. The collar shape is a relevant part both when it comes to functionality and the design of the jacket. In other words, the collar shape of the biker jacket has an impact on the overall appearance of the wearer.

The stand-up collar is found among other things in biker jackets that have a symmetrical closure. Such collars can be worn open or closed.

The classic collar for men’s biker jackets is the lapel collar. This type of collar is usually combined with the asymmetrical closure. The advantage of the lapel collar is the optical lengthening of the proportions of the upper body. Biker jackets with this type of collar are recommended for creating a rock look.

Biker jacket for men: The most important questions answered

What questions usually arise during the search for the right men’s biker jacket, we will present to you below. If you still have question marks in your mind, here is where you can make a decision on which biker jacket best suits your needs.

In which styles are biker jackets for men available?

Whether classic and elegant or more sporty, your taste will take over the decision as to which style of biker jacket for men screams your name. The following table gives you an overview of the most popular styles of biker jackets in the men’s department.

  • Everyday biker jackets for men: The men’s biker jackets that provide a casual look are the wide-cut biker jackets. Regardless of the material, whether genuine or imitation leather, the cut of such biker jackets contributes to a cosy wearing comfort. The stand-up collar is the finishing touch that underlines the casualness and coolness of the biker jacket. These men’s biker jackets that are suitable for everyday wear are known for their ease of combination.
  • Men’s biker jackets in rock style: The most common association of men’s biker jackets is as part of motorbike fashion. To this day, biker jackets are associated with independence, a strong sense of freedom and a lot of self-confidence. For this reason, such jackets are the right garment if you are looking to complement your rock-chic look. The stud details can make your clothing style even more interesting.
  • Men’s biker jacketsfor elegant occasions: Men’s biker jackets can not only spice up playful and casual looks, but also add the finishing touch to an elegant outfit. Thanks to its classic appeal and timeless elegance, the biker jacket, whether in black or brown, can be perfectly combined with a shirt. A rather unusual but very stylish combination, also suitable for the modern office look.

The deciding factor in finding the perfect men’s biker jacket is your own style. The biker jacket should be adapted to your own taste so that you can exude even more confidence when wearing it. This way, you invest in timeless clothing.

How do I know if my biker jacket for men fits well?

The fit of the men’s biker jacket is the factor that determines whether the jacket deserves a place in your wardrobe. Even the high quality of the biker jacket can take a back seat if it doesn’t fit properly. The formula for the wow effect is first the right fit and then the quality of the biker jacket.

Finding the right size among the wide range of different biker jackets for men makes for more comfort. In most cases, manufacturers of men’s biker jackets use the American sizes from S to sometimes 5XL. Another option is to divide the sizes into categories according to certain criteria, such as slim sizes (88-114), regular sizes (40-78) and stocky sizes (extra sizes for small men).

Depending on the style and cut of the biker jacket, there are different fits. For men with an H-figure, i.e. hips and shoulders are equally wide, it is recommended to choose the regular fit. This ensures maximum freedom of movement. For the V figure – wide shoulders, narrow hips – you should go for the slim-fit biker jackets to emphasise the muscular upper body. The last type of figure is the so-called A-figure. Here it is recommended to choose the wide cut jackets.

A clear indicator of whether the men’s biker jacket fits you well is the length of the shoulder seam of the jacket. The rule is that the shoulder seam of the biker jacket does not have to extend beyond your own shoulder.

How do I care for and clean my men’s biker jacket?

The topic of washing your men’s biker jacket can be a chore for the majority, but it is essential to taking care of your jacket. The following are basic rules for washing synthetic and genuine leather biker jackets.

When it comes to soiling in the case of a genuine leather biker jacket, you usually have two options in front of you. The first option is to clean it by hand. If lukewarm water cannot provide the necessary help, it is recommended to use detergent. Special tools are not necessary. The other option for cleaning the biker jacket is professional leather cleaning. Depending on where you take your biker jacket, the prices of the cleaning can vary. You can be sure that there will be no damage to the leather.

Unlike real leather, biker jackets made of imitation leather can be washed in a washing machine. It is important to follow the care instructions on the label of your jacket. Do not use fabric softener and avoid spinning. To avoid damage with other clothes, you should wash the biker jacket separately.

When and how should I impregnate my biker jacket for men?

Impregnation is the treatment that protects your biker jacket from moisture and heavy soiling. Thanks to this treatment, no moisture can penetrate through the biker jacket. The impregnation of the men’s biker jacket is especially important if the jacket is made of genuine leather. This is because imitation leather is more waterproof than real leather.

Durability and better water resistance are advantages of impregnation worth mentioning here. This part of the care routine can either be done at home with the help of suitable products or optionally by a professional leather cleaner. Waterproofing is the final step in the jacket care routine.

Styling tips for men’s biker jackets: How to achieve the perfect biker jacket look

The combination of elegance and classic chic with a touch of coolness not only reigns in the fashion world for women, but also occupies an important place in the realm of timeless trends for men’s fashion. With the help of the classic men’s biker jacket, a single outfit can exude different styles.

Nowadays, the fashion industry is hardly influenced by strict styling rules. Nevertheless, there are a few ever-trending styling tips that can spice up your biker jacket look.

  1. The classic: Often associated with bad boy style, the biker jacket is a true icon that every man should have in his wardrobe. Because of its unique character, you can combine the biker jacket quite simply with, for example, a white T-shirt and jeans trousers and still attract all the attention. Putting the accent on the biker jacket not only turns it into an eye-catcher, but also into a key piece for your wardrobe.
  2. All-Black Outfit: Confident, strong and seductive – this is how the interplay of the colour black together with the men’s biker jacket can work. The all-black outfit not only looks elegant and high-class, but also adds a cool touch to your look.
  3. The modern office look: How can you integrate the biker jacket into the office look? As already mentioned, the men’s biker jacket offers many possible combinations. To create a modern office look, we can suggest styling a brown biker jacket with a white shirt, chinos and brown or dark red leather shoes. To complete the look, you can optionally combine it with a tie and leather bag.

These styling tips are meant to spark enthusiasm around the interesting and diverse character of men’s biker jackets. Be brave to experiment, but don’t forget to stay true to your own style.


Biker jackets for men are the epitome of timeless elegance that will always have a place on the latest fashion magazine covers. Comfortable and casual, but also elegant and chic at the same time – biker jackets for men are the perfect all-rounder and clearly a must-have for every male wardrobe.

Pleasant wearing comfort, the right fit and high-quality workmanship should be priorities in the search for the perfect biker jacket for men.

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