Last updated: 16/10/2022

Many a child has probably heard the following sentence during the winter months: “Put on a cap, otherwise you’ll freeze.” While as a child we didn’t care at all what the beanie looked like on our head, in adulthood we place much more value on the look of our headwear. A men’s beanie cap is the perfect choice for those who want to keep warm during the colder months and look stylish at the same time.

In their oversized form, men’s beanies resemble bobble hats and sit rather loosely on the head. The trendy pieces are suitable for a wide range of occasions: they go with formal office wear as well as casual leisure looks and sporty streetwear outfits.

The Best Men’s Beanie: Our Picks

Beanie for men: The most important questions answered

The men’s beanie is a great accessory to enhance your outfit. However, before you go out and buy a new beanie, you should give some thought to the right model. With our tips, we would like to help you get through the winter stylishly and warmly.

Which beanie fits which face shape?

Good news first for all gentlemen who think hats or beanies don’t suit them. Beanies are very versatile accessories that any man can wear. However, it is worth thinking about which beanie is best for your face shape in advance.

  • Round or square face shape: A men’s beanie in a loose style and with ribbing visually stretches the face. The beanie should not be pulled over the ears. Also avoid beanies with reverse cuffs, as these make the head look smaller and squat.
  • Elongated face: If you want to shorten your face a little, go for a men’s model with an inverted cuff. Brave men can also opt for contrasting colours or even prints. However, make sure that the men’s beanie is cut tightly so that the face does not appear even longer. You should avoid loose-fitting models.

Men’s beanies come in a wide variety of styles, so there is a suitable model for every face shape.

Which material is best for beanies?

The men’s beanie has long been more than just a warming head covering for the winter. It is a fashion statement and as such many men want to be able to wear it all year round. You should consider the material of the beanie.

  • Spring, summer, autumn: If you are looking for a lightweight men’s beanie for the warmer months or just a stylish accessory, you can’t go wrong with a cotton beanie. The material is lightweight, breathable and does not retain heat under the beanie. Unlike synthetic fibres, cotton does not bind odours and keeps your head cool by simply wicking away moisture.
  • Winter: When temperatures drop, men’s beanies made of wool are recommended. Wool is naturally water-resistant, wicks moisture well and also insulates very well. It keeps your head warm and dry even in icy temperatures and snow. If you like it particularly soft, a beanie made of merino wool is a good choice.

Styling tips for men’s beanies: How to achieve the perfect look

A beanie for men is a real all-rounder and as such you want to be able to wear it with many different outfits. Here are our tips for getting your best look.

  • Go for discreet models: You can’t go wrong with a plain men’s beanie in muted colours like grey, black, brown or navy blue. These can be easily combined with a wide variety of outfits. Bolder men can also venture into patterns, but the more complex the pattern, the simpler the colour palette should be.
  • Style your hair: If you gel or blow-dry your hair upwards, for example, this may be seen even under a cap. In this case, do not pull the men’s beanie all the way into your face, but let your hair peek out of the front of the cap.
  • For curly hair or long hair: If you have thick or longer hair, avoid thin or tight men’s beanies. Instead, choose a wide longer cut beanie or a loose fit. This way, the cap won’t lie unevenly on your head and your curls won’t be flattened unnecessarily.
  • Dare to go for the hipster look: Here, the men’s beanie is worn as high as possible on the head and the upper part of the cap remains vertically in the air. This style has an overall casual and very youthful look.
  • Fisherman beanie: Fisherman or docker beanies for men are currently very trendy. This model is tight-fitting and ends directly above the ear. A fisherman beanie is a trendy accessory that goes particularly well with more robust men’s outfits in workwear style.


With a men’s beanie, you cut a good figure in every situation and outfit. It is suitable for any hair length and texture and is an excellent choice for all men who do not want to choose between style and comfort.

Remember that you can always defy avoidable styling rules if the occasion allows. Because for an authentic appearance, it is important that you stay true to yourself and feel comfortable in your look.

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