Last updated: 16/10/2022

Men’s backpacks are practical and stylish. In their various designs, they are perfect for everyday use, a business trip or for hiking days. Men’s backpacks literally enrich the world of bags.

Are you looking for a men’s backpack that suits you? Then you have come to the right place. In the following, we have compiled the most important information on the topic of men’s backpacks and you will find out what you need to pay attention to before making your purchase.

The best Men’s Backpack: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying men’s backpacks

This paragraph deals with the buying criteria that you should take a closer look at before buying a men’s backpack. These will support you in your purchase decision and give you a certain orientation on which aspects you can judge men’s backpacks. These are the following buying criteria:

  • Purpose
  • Size
  • Material


An essential point that you should consider carefully before making your purchase is the intended use of your men’s backpack. This criterion essentially determines which type of men’s backpack is suitable for you.

However, the basic purpose of all types of men’s backpacks is clearly the transport of things. However, in different situations, a different men’s backpack may be necessary in order to optimally fulfil the corresponding transport criteria.

For example, a smaller men’s daypack is usually suitable for a city trip, whereas a much larger men’s backpack with many more inside and outside pockets is advantageous for hiking trips.

At this point, it must also be said that it depends very much on one’s own preferences which men’s backpack is suitable for which purpose.

Accordingly, you should be aware of exactly what you need a men’s backpack for and what your personal requirements are for such a backpack before you buy.


As far as the optimal size of your men’s backpack is concerned, this depends primarily on the purpose and your personal preferences.

For special types of men’s backpacks, there is usually already a predefined average size. However, many manufacturers now offer several sizes for almost every type of backpack in order to meet the different requirements of their customers.

Generally, the size of backpacks is specified in litres according to their capacity. The sizes of men’s backpacks range from a minimum of 10 litres up to 80 litres.


Another important purchase criterion is the material of a men’s backpack. A distinction is made between four different materials:

  • Polyester: The most commonly used material for all types of men’s backpacks is polyester. Its popularity is due in particular to its tear resistance, abrasion resistance, elasticity and UV resistance. Accordingly, men’s backpacks made of polyester are particularly suitable for everyday and outdoor activities. However, it must also be mentioned that they are relatively susceptible to dirt, although this also depends greatly on the colour of the backpack.
  • Leather: Another popular material in the manufacture of men’s backpacks is leather. Due to their robustness, durability and timelessness, leather backpacks are particularly suitable for everyday use, such as for work. They also have a very classic and elegant style. The disadvantages are their weight and the fact that they require a lot of care. Leather is relatively heavy compared to other materials and to keep it beautiful for a long time, thorough care is also required.
  • Fabric: Men’s backpacks made of fabric are particularly suitable for everyday use where not much has to be carried. This material is characterised in particular by its lightness and favourable texture. However, men’s backpacks made of fabric are much more susceptible to dirt, whereby the colour of the backpack also plays a significant role here. Another disadvantage is that their quality is generally inferior to that of leather backpacks.
  • Nylon: Nylon is a special material for men’s backpacks. This is basically an extremely light polyamide and such backpacks are accordingly characterised by extreme lightness, abrasion resistance and a very high and good quality. Consequently, nylon men’s backpacks are particularly suitable for sports and outdoor activities where every gram of weight counts. However, this can also quickly become a disadvantage. Consequently, nylon backpacks are not suitable for every purpose, as they have a limited load-bearing capacity.

The optimal material for your men’s backpack thus depends on the type of backpack and your personal preferences.

Men’s backpacks: The most important questions answered

In the following section, we would like to answer the most important questions about men’s backpacks. We have selected the questions and answered them briefly.

What types of men’s backpacks are there?

In the following, we would like to take a closer look at the individual types of men’s backpacks.

  • Daypack: Daypacks are also called daypacks and, as their name suggests, are characterised by their suitability for everyday use. They usually have a capacity of 20 to 30 litres. They are now available in a wide variety of designs and styles. They range from light and sporty to chic and elegant.
  • Leisure backpack: Similar to the daypack, but different, is the classic leisure backpack for men. These come in a wide range of sizes from 10 to 70 litres, depending on the intended use and personal preferences. However, leisure backpacks are usually made of fabric or light materials and focus on carrying comfort.
  • Laptop backpack: A special type of men’s backpack is the laptop backpack. Here, the focus is on the safe and comfortable transport of your laptop. Depending on the size of the laptop, the size of the backpack also differs considerably here. What all backpacks of this type have in common, however, is the special laptop compartment, which in the best case is also padded.
  • Travel backpack: If you travel a lot, a travel backpack is perfect for your needs. This usually has a size of 20 to 80 litres and is characterised by a lot of storage space as well as several inside and outside pockets. This way you can stow your luggage optimally and also find everything again faster.
  • Hiking backpack: Another special type of men’s backpack is the hiking backpack. These are specially designed for adventurous, long and short hiking days. The size varies accordingly here too, to suit personal preferences. What is special about these backpacks is that they also offer several, different pockets and storage spaces and mainly work with different closures to make the hiking experience correspondingly easy.

Which type of men’s backpack suits me?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. The first starting points to answer this question for yourself are the intended use and your personal preferences in relation to the men’s backpack.

Accordingly, different types of men’s backpacks will come into question for you, but in order to make a final decision, you should also think about what other requirements must be met. For example, another important approach is what basically has to fit into your men’s backpack.

If you have to take a large folder and your laptop with you every day, you will probably opt for the larger and more robust alternative. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a men’s backpack that is intended for leisure trips and where only the most essential personal items are to be stowed, then this model will also suffice.

How big should my men’s backpack be?

The size of your men’s backpack is, as already described, an essential purchase criterion. This means that this aspect should be well considered before a final decision is made, i.e. before the purchase.

Here, too, the right choice depends on the intended use and your personal ideas.

Accordingly, you should not choose a model that is too large or too small, depending on the intended use. Since people’s perception of size varies greatly from person to person, you should listen to your gut feeling and your own assessment.

What material should my men’s backpack be made of?

Just like the size, the material of your men’s backpack is also an important purchase criterion.

Here, too, your decision should be based primarily on use and your personal preferences. This is the only way to ensure an optimal purchase decision.

To be precise, you should think about where you want to take your men’s backpack before you buy it – should it only be a model for strolling around town and going to work, or should it also be able to withstand a day of hiking in the forest? If this is the case, a men’s leather backpack is not necessarily recommended, as the material could be damaged during a hiking trip.

How do I clean and care for my men’s backpack?

How to properly clean and care for your men’s backpack depends largely on the material.

For example, men’s backpacks made of leather generally require more care, as this is a relatively sensitive material. To keep it durable and beautiful for a long time, special leather care products are necessary and must be applied regularly.

The situation is different with men’s backpacks made of fabric or similar materials. These are usually much easier to care for. If they get dirty, they can usually be cleaned lightly by hand; in more stubborn cases, they can also be washed lightly in the washing machine.

At this point, however, it should also be mentioned that regardless of the material of your men’s backpack, those in light colours always require more care, as they get dirty more quickly.


A men’s backpack is the perfect companion for a variety of occasions. In its various designs, it is suitable for everyday use as well as for adventurous hiking days. What makes men’s backpacks so stylish is the material. Here, too, there is a great variety where different tastes meet.

Men’s backpacks are now available in many different designs. Your purchase decision should be based on the intended use and your personal preferences.

Sources: unsplash / Lina Verovaya