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Mate tea is now also on everyone’s lips in Europe. The super drink from South America is very promising, has many positive effects and also tastes totally delicious. Mate has a high positive status: the taste reminds some people of chocolate, it has an antioxidant effect like green tea and is invigorating due to the effect of caffeine.

With this article, we want to support you in your purchase decision and help you find the best mate tea for you. For this purpose, we have answered some questions and given you criteria that you should definitely consider when buying.


  • The positive effects of mate tea can be seen both internally and externally. From aiding digestion to external use for skin irritations.
  • Not all mate tea is the same. When buying, pay attention to the purchase criteria. The buying criteria are: Packaging, tea form, origin, ingredients, quality.
  • Mate is drunk in the traditional way, especially in Brazil. In a so-called bombilla and calabash. The bombilla is a drinking straw and the calabash is a traditional mate cup.

The Best Mate Tea: Our Picks

In the following, we have selected the best mate tea varieties for you, which we consider to be perfect:

Buying and rating criteria for mate tea

In the following, we have picked out the criteria for you which you should consider when buying mate tea:

Next, we have explained the buying criteria for you in a little more detail:


Mate tea is available in different packaging sizes depending on your needs. Some suppliers offer different types of mate tea, either individually as a 100 gram package or as a set with different varieties each as a 100 gram package.

Some manufacturers offer the tea in larger packages, for example in 1 kilogram packages. If you prefer a complete package, for example to give away as a tea gift set or to keep for yourself, some suppliers offer a set with different accessories.

Tea mould

Mate tea can be chopped, ground or powdered. The decision to buy here depends on personal taste and the production and preparation methods you find more convenient.


The best growing conditions for the mate bush are relatively constant average temperatures of 20 to 23 degrees Celsius. Moderate to high humidity allows the shrub to thrive as well as possible. The ideal altitude for the mate shrub is 400 to 800 metres.

All these conditions are found in the virgin forests of South America. The main growing areas of mate tea are Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Brazil is the highest producer due to its annual production of about 555,000 tons.


The ingredients vary depending on the type of super tea. The best known and strongest ingredient is caffeine. Fresh leaves contain about 0.35 to 1.7% caffeine. However, unlike caffeine from coffee beans, it is absorbed by the body more slowly and tolerably than in coffee.

Mate tea contains up to 16% tannin, which gives the tea its colour. Mate is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which have a positive effect on the body.


Probably the most promising seal is the organic seal, which stands for good quality. You can also look for the Fair Trade label, as these products are fairly traded and of great quality. The quality also differs from variety to variety. The biggest difference is the type of tea, which we explain in the guide.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about mate tea answered in detail

In the following, we have answered the most important questions about mate tea for you in detail:

What is mate tea?

Mate is a type of tea that can be drunk like any other tea. The tea is made from the mate tree or mate bush. Mate is not only an excellent refreshing drink, but also provides your body with many important vitamins, trace elements and minerals. Thanks to the caffeine, this tea invigorates the body. Mate can be consumed hot or cold.

What types of mate tea are there?

As a rule, a distinction is made between roasted and unroasted types of mate tea. Roasted mate is tea that is dried after harvesting, roasted and then crushed.

Mate tea is distinguished between roasted and unroasted tea. This difference is reflected in the taste. (Image source: Michał Warzecha/ Unsplash)

During the roasting process, the branches of the mate bush are briefly heated in a wood fire. The tea can additionally be ground into tea powder after roasting. This type of tea is reminiscent of black tea in taste.

In the case of unroasted mate, the leaves of the mate bush are also harvested, dried and then crushed. Here, only the roasting process is omitted, which is why this type of tea is reminiscent of green tea in taste.

How does mate tea work?

Mate tea has several positive effects on humans. Mate promotes digestion and urination. In addition, the caffeine stimulates the muscles and scars. This tea also promotes fat burning. The tea is even popular for external use on the skin for skin irritations.

What is the best way to prepare mate tea?

Even today in Brazil, the traditional method of preparing the tea is still used. The following accessories should not be missing when preparing the tea in the traditional way:

  • Calabash (mate cup)
  • Bombilla (drinking straw)

You can drink the tea without the accessories as usual from a cup, pot or tea maker. Ideally, you should add about 5 teaspoons of tea powder per litre of water. Depending on how strong you want to drink the tea, you can let it steep for three to five minutes.


Mate tea has its popularity for a reason. Many people in South America are convinced by its promising effects and the way it is prepared. Slowly, this hype is also spreading in Germany, which is why you should definitely try the tea.

When buying mate tea, you have to pay attention to the quality, packaging and origin so that you can find the ideal mate tea for you. Do you prefer black or green tea? When buying, be sure to pay attention to the type of roasting to find the perfect tea for you.

(Cover photo: Unsplash / Jorge Zapata)